Alex Jones, Ted Nugent and Piers Morgan talk guns

Piers decided to broadcast live from a gun store in Texas and Alex Jones  decided to crash the party. You can hear Piers ask him about global banking but they don’t stay on subject too long, unfortunately.

Jones complained that Morgan had come to Texas to “quite frankly piss on us,” shielding his anti-gun agenda with rhetoric about “reasonable restrictions,” as protesters cheered and called on Morgan to leave America and go back to England.

Piers had gun-lovin’ Ted Nugent as a guest also:

During Morgan’s live interview with gun rights advocate Ted Nugent, CNN aired pre-recorded footage of the host firing a semi-automatic weapon, presumably in an effort to mirror Barack Obama’s stunt of having himself photographed skeet shooting.

“You won’t be able to accuse me of knowing nothing about how guns work after this,” tweeted Morgan.

Nugent accused Morgan of being “full of crap” and mistaking a “mad man problem” for a gun control problem, demanding that the CNN host “leave us the hell alone.”


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. To take away our simple right to bear arms (2A) is unconstitutional. Now if the president decides on what to do about gun control or taking away our rights he should think about taking away magazine sizes from the public. If gun control was to be passed taking away these huge magazines that can hold over 10 rounds (going off of shotgun ammo averages) massive murders such as the sandy hook elementary school the death toll that these AR’s could dramatically be reduced. According to The New York Times article “Pro-Gun Lawmakers are open to limits on size of magazines” Senator Christopher S. Murphy stated “We do know that historically in these instances, amateurs have trouble switching magazine” This quote that Senator Christopher stated means that these amateur citizens don’t know how to properly shoot a firearm. Taking away at least this part of our right I think could better our Country since many Americans are so keen on taking away gun rights (2A).

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  3. People like ted work for the Illuminati being a poster child for a lunatic fringe are the gun people instead of freedom loving Americans expressing their freedoms. Do not help me ted your lord is dead death Satan worshipper.
    How do I know ted works for the kissers of Satan’s ass… Because he’s ted not dead.

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