Alex Jones Talks Kony 2012 Debunking


Jones says that U.N. and NATO troops are beginning the invasion of Africa through the George Soros backed Kony 2012 movement to protect civilians. The conspiracy is that these warlords are secretly supported to keep Africa in a third world state. Following the money leads to JP Morgan who’s been pulling the strings behind the scenes since the days of when he suppressed Tesla’s free energy movement (see It’s a secret eugenics program to reduce population while grabbing all of the gold, diamonds and natural resources.

I heard discussion about this Kony 2012 movement on Alex Bennett’s talk show yesterday, he referenced an interview with a victim of Kony’s who spoke out against this whole movement. I tried to find the exact interview he spoke of but instead I found a similar one here:

She said that the victims themselves should be the focus of the movement and not on the warlord. It is slightly ironic that this “Invisible Children” group wouldn’t already be focused on helping the children. Instead the push is leading to an invasion to find Kony, which supports Alex Jones’ theory.

UPDATE: Oh boy, Illuminati spokesperson Rihanna is on the Kony bandwagon now…



Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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