AirAsia Flight QZ8501: The Black Hand of the Illuminati & other conspiracy theories

It appears that we’ve got another unfortunate event in the news with missing aircraft surrounding Malaysia. This time we’ve got an AirAsia Flight QZ8501 that was en route from Indonesia to Singapore, Malaysia. Let’s take a look at what possibilities exist for the loss of yet another Malaysian-related airline (unless you want to take the “official” word that we can’t locate another gigantic aircraft)…


External controls brought it down…

Unlike MH370, we don’t have the occult numerology behind the aircraft model since the AirAsia flight was on an Airbus 320-200 (MH370 was a Boeing 777- a key number in occult rituals). However, we do have the link that both of these aircraft are fly-by-wires, meaning they have an electronic flight control system that can override the manual controls of the pilot. In fact, the Airbus 320 was the first aircraft to be equipped with such a system.


This means that flight controls can be programmed and/or perhaps controlled remotely. This supports the conspiracy theory that the flight was taken down by some form of nefarious group (whether it be the Illuminati, terrorists, etc.). Some people claim that the 9/11, MH370, and MH17 flights were taken out in this same manner. There are also claims that Aaliyah was taken out in the same way; a concept I highlight in my hip hop conspiracy book- SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC:

Some theorists claim that the aircraft was controlled remotely (a common conspiracy among theorists-citing 9/11 and the assassination of a Panamanian General as evidence). Her last piece of work to be released was a film called Queen of the Damned where she had a lead role as a vampire named Akasha, who ends up getting her blood drained and consumed by other vampires. Could this be a fitting analogy of her passing?



North Korea, James Franco, & Katy Perry did it…

The North Koreans are upset about the release of The Interview, which featured occultist James Franco killing their leader Kim-Jong-il. They were fingered as suspects during MH370 because they were test-firing rockets and narrowly missed a Chinese flight, so who’s to say they weren’t ‘flexing’ their power since this film managed to get out regardless of their threats?

I compared The Interview’s movie poster with the occult-Baphomet image

The Interview Baphomet



…and after watching the film I was not surprised to see an entire sequence of Franco doing the witch hex of the Mano Cornuto for several shots (from inside a tank with Kim Jong-il):

James Franco Moloch The Interview


You’ll also notice in that sequence they feature discussion about a Katy Perry song. Without spoiling some of the film’s joke about it, I’ll just say that this is purposefully placed there. Katy Perry is featured to be the next Illuminati Super Bowl Halftime goddess in just a few short weeks, and I’ve proposed that we’ll see some kind of alien symbolism during the show:


Black Hand

Reddit has a thread going that suggests someone was placing threats on this flight up to two weeks prior on a Chinese forum under the user name of “Landlord.” Strangely enough, when you translate the forum page it shows a post date of December 15th, 2014 and says the following:

 International Black Hand and the Malaysia Airlines MH370 Malaysia Airlines MH17 after the hijacking and shot down, as the world’s sixth-largest airline Ma Hangji this collapse, in a lethargic state now, the big black hand again targeted in AirAsia, as always, you must destroy the AirAsia as part of Malaysia’s AirAsia also in view of the Black Hand forces too powerful, too vicious heart, suggested that the Chinese passenger travel, away from AirAsia, do not become a victim of another MH370

This “Black Hand” group is akin to “The Illuminati” in that it’s some secretive elite group that seeks to shape the world according to their wills and desires. It’s odd that the user name is “Landlord”, suggesting that they are the lords of the land; the Archon (a word that means “lords” or “rulers”). The Archons are the name given to the Illuminati shape shifting reptiles by theorists like David Icke and Jay Weidner. The idea is that an evil spiritual entity is trying to take over and they use human bodies as puppets.

In the forum you’ll see lots of mocking and Landlord sticks to his/her guns, and then on 28DEC (the day the flight went missing) the forum starts blowing up with responses (far too many for me to read through). If you want to scour them for more messages, knock yourself out; here’s the LINK. Let me know if you find any.

Note- “Black Hand” was also a secret society in Serbia, so take that for what it’s worth.


Miss Vietnam knows the truth…

A woman by the name of Duong Yen Ngoc is some kind of quasi-celeb in the Asian region because she won (or was runner-up) to Miss Vietnam. She also had these odd ties to being employed by the police forces, and allegedly had friends who were insiders who gave her tips on what was going on behind the scenes. In July 2014 she posted on her Facebook feed the following warning:


“A year ago I had received an intelligence source reminding yourself if you go abroad, avoid going 2 airline is Malaysia and one company anymore (I do not speak here for convenience involving a lot of people). Then you have to ask questions in Sao ? do not get the answer. They just say, the next will be more pain, he just helped me survive that day or days.

I pulled that info from a Vietnamese website which was difficult to translate so please correct me if I’m wrong.

duong yen ngoc cong an



Of course we can’t rule out aliens. We saw how there is a possibility that aliens zapped MH370 and spit it back out of a vortex as MH17 when I pointed out the predictive programming aspect of the television show The Event and its plotline:

Commenter ‘onlyme’ points out that the short-lived show The Event (cancelled in 2011 one year after the pilot aired) featured plots involving aliens and vortexes swallowing up commercial airlines, only to later spit them out and have them crash with no survivors.

Here’s a screenshot of the portal/vortex eating the airplane from the first episode, and a copy of the show from Hulu below it (it’s also on Netflix BTW):

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom The Event airplane portal MH370 MH17

In the second episode of the first season, they airplane comes out of the portal and crashes in Arizona. Upon further inspection, they find everyone is dead (although they aren’t really dead; it’s part of the plot). The point is, it’s eery predictive programming on the part of the entertainment industry if you want to believe the unbelievable conspiracy that this is in fact the same plane as MH370: 

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom The Event airplane portal MH370 MH17 landing



Dirty money…

Two days before the incident, MalaysianInsider posted an article on AirAsia’s CEO unloading tons of his airline’s insurance vehicle shares:

According to a filing with Bursa Malaysia, some 850,000 shares were sold on December 22 and an additional 94,800 shares the day after. All shares were sold at RM1.60 each.

Tune Insurance share price has been on a decline since early August, falling from RM2.50 to a low of RM1.56 two weeks ago. The stock jumped 11 sen, or 6.67%, to RM1.76 today with 1.08 million shares traded.

After the incident the CEO said the following on Twitter:

airasia tony fernandes tweet

A profitable nightmare it seems… This one seems the most telling of some kind of conspiracy unfolding.


The 8888 Numerology- Zombies and The Hunger Games (again)

Ok, maybe there is some numerology at play here. Watcher ‘seenb4in84’ commented below and had an interesting thought about the summing of the three strange flight incidents: 370+17+8501=8888. A strange number indeed, so upon further investigation we can see that there was a document released by the USSTRATCOM entitled “CONPLAN 8888-11 COUNTER ZOMBIE DOMINANCE“.

As you could guess, this was a plan for reacting to a zombie apocalypse. Whether or not it was a joke is besides the point. The document specifically addresses this and says that either way it’s a useful tool to have in case of a situation like this. I find it odd that the biggest stories of 2014 were missing planes and the Ebola virus, so perhaps they do share a link of programming…

What’s even stranger is that they have different characteristics of zombies, and that includes the Evil Magic Zombie:

EMZ’s are zombie life forms created via some form of occult experimentation in what might otherwise be referred to as “evil magic.”

This is a concept I continually harp on in my various examples of Illuminati symbolism found in music, film, television, etc. It’s all tied into occult magick (with a “k” as Aleister Crowley liked it). Some of the occult magick practitioners communicate with other worldly entities in the Typhonian OTO, and perhaps this is the “evil magic” referenced in the document. If all of this sounds strange to you, check out that book I mentioned earlier- SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC.

Another 8888 link is the ‘8888 Uprising’ that occurred in the nearby geographic region of Burma where government protesters demonstrated on August 8th, 1988 (8/8/88). This ties closely with another geographically-close region of Thailand, and the protests in which we see the Hunger Games predictive programming taking place:


Anti-coup protesters in Thailand

Elder Sign Hunger Games Illuminati occult symbol

That Hunger Games Illuminati symbolism article goes on to link into the missing Malaysian flights through HBO’s True Detective (yea- it gets that weird):

Take it to one more level and you can see there is a Malaysian government-owned luxury hotel called Carcosa Seri Negara (note that True Detective used the same exact word in the storyline; “Carcosa”). This was built by Sir Frank Swettenham, who named it after The King in Yellow. Could this be connected to the missing Malaysian flights?… Seems strange but damn, we just connected Hunger Games, True Detective, Aleister Crowley, and HP Lovecraft, so anything is possible.


I’ll add to this post the events unfold so stay tuned, and peace be with all of the family members and loved ones.




Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. That was quick lol. Great write up mate. Glad I could add in a line of investigation.

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  2. I’m Vietnamese. My English is not so good but I hope my translation can help. This is her entire Facebook post:

    “One year ago, I received a intelligent source reminding me if I went abroad then don’t travel by Malaysia’s Airlines and another airline (I can’t tell here because it involves a lot of people) At that time I asked why but didn’t have answer. They just said that the future would be more painful, and the reason is they wanted to help me survive through those days.
    This month I has been so upset. I want to share with you guys but I can’t. So don’t ask me why I got this information. Things often don’t happen by chance, just like death, sometimes you must accept it so as not to become more depressed. Because at war, death is God’s blessing.”

    Below that post, she commented that another airline was an Asian one, but not Vietnamese.

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    • Cehha: your English is just fine! Better than many Americans, in fact 😉

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  3. The crash happened in Indonesia.

    Singapore is another country nearby in Malaysia, it’s not within Malaysia.

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    • Please ignore my previous post. Here’s the correct updated post.

      The crash happened in Indonesia, another country.

      Singapore is another country nearby Malaysia, it’s not in Malaysia.

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    • but the crashed plane used Air Asia brand, an airline company based in Malaysia and owned by Malaysian, Tony Fernandez. He is the CEO for Air Asia Group which include airline services, hotels, football & etc…Air Asia is the most influential branding in SEA and Asian for low cost carrier and it really closed to Malaysian people….first introduced in Malaysia in 2002, they made us proud by providing low cost services and made an ordinary people can fly everywhere….so, if something happen to Air Asia & Malaysia Airlines, Malaysia will faced with economic catastrophe…

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  4. Landlord is not his username. It’s what you call OP in Chinese, that gets mistranslated by Google. There is no other meaning for Landlord. Please modify the article OP.

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    • @Jeff

      Interesting “OP” in netspeak is “Original Poster” its also “operator” in some IRC chat.

      @ watcher

      Im loving your persistence and dot connecting on the airline thing. To me this is the biggest conspiracy of 2014 and involves alot of sorcery and occulted elements. Ive been trying to figure out this Trident symbology that is suddenly everywhere as well! Keep up the good work and happy new year we made it another year man!

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      • Thanks Billy! Yea- the trident was also mentioned by Anton LaVey as a symbol of Satanic forces taking over. It’s all over…

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  5. Quite a funny read. Allow me to explain why.

    1. You do not understand what a fly by wire system is. It does not allow for external control.
    2. Numerology : By its very nature one can make up numbers to fit ones thesis in numerology.
    3. North Korea is not even remotely in the same geographic region as Malaysia. They are in completely different parts of Asia.
    4. While a B777 is a huge aircraft you forget that the ocean is way larger than a single 777.

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    • @watcher
      Thanks man. Ive been looking for the reference from LaVey on the trident but having trouble but it did re-inforce my research and I’ve found some more things that echo this symbol its pretty disturbing.

      @ Ryan

      When people such as yourself post do you actually think before you write or while you write? Or do you just write a bunch of foolishness and smash the submit button? I’m guessing the latter, because you sound like a fool especially the comment about #4. If you knew ANYTHING about commercial, municipal, private, or military plane tracking you wouldnt say something silly like that. I’m glad you did though since your criticism of Watcher marginalized itself!

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    • @Ryan

      I do want to say I kind of agree with #2 though. Im interested in numerology but i find a lot of conspiracy guys can make anything have numerlogical meeaning.

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  6. You said there wasn’t Occult numerology in the flight numbers ?! 322 Zeros don’t count (Cristine Lagarde made that clear didn’t she ? Airbus 320-200 There is usually more than one angle to look at right ? AirAsia Flight QZ8501 Q=17=8,Z=24=6,8,501=6 Repeating 86 That plane was 86ed

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  7. Isaac and all comments writers here — the key is not in the Aircrafts or Airlines. But “Who runs them?” Go back all the way to the week of September of 2001. See, where Mr. Tony Fernandez was back then? What did he do then? How did he buy the Malaysian Airline and revived it from almost deep-shit bankruptcy and then how he created his own, Air-Asia Airline? Your ANSWERS truly lie in his journey as the CEO of this company. It is CIA all over, again and again!

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  8. It’s truly very difficult in this active life to listen news
    on TV, therefore I only use world wide web for that reason, and take the hottest information.

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