ACTA Signed by EU


The EU signed off on the treaty Thursday, and now ACTA only needs to pass the Europe’s Parliament before becoming official. Kader Arif, the monitor for ACTA, resigned after the signing ceremony due to:

“the whole process which led to the signature of this agreement: no consultation of the civil society, lack of transparency since the beginning of negotiations, repeated delays of the signature of the text without any explanation give, reject of Parliament’s recommendations as given in several resolutions of our assembly.”


The article goes into all of the red flags with this ACTA censorship, even Republican Darell Issa acknowledges it as being more dangerous than SOPA. There is still argument about whether or not President Obama’s signing of approval for the ACTA will ultimately effect USA and its Intellectual Property, since the treaty didn’t pass through the House or Senate.


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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