Aaron Hernandez and the Illuminati Blood Sacrifice Conspiracy

Hi everyone- welcome back to IlluminatiWatcher.com! Typically I focus on the “Illuminati” infiltration of music, film, or other ideas in pop culture; but today we veer slightly off course to make a quick note about the death of former NFL player Aaron Hernandez…


*UPDATE* Check out the video for this article:



TMZ reported some very strange oddities surrounding his death while in his prison cell:

Aaron Hernandez did not have any trace of illegal drugs in his system at the time he committed suicide … this according to a new report.

WCBV is reporting the toxicology tests show there was no trace of synthetic marijuana in Hernandez’s system when died  … despite previous reports that claimed there was.

Even more strange — the outlet says Hernandez allegedly drew an unfinished pyramid similar to what’s on the back of U.S. dollar bills on the wall IN BLOOD and wrote “Illuminati” below it in all caps.

As we previously reported, Aaron left behind 3 suicide notes for his fiance, his daughter and his attorney. According to WCBV, in one of those letters he wrote he was entering a “timeless realm” and would see them in heaven.

Let’s take a look at each of these ideas individually…

The Unfinished Pyramid

Just like TMZ stated, the pyramid in question is the one we’re all familiar with on the Great Seal:

This symbol is detailed in my Decoding Illuminati Symbolism: Triangles, Pyramids and the Sun article:

Naturally, the triangle has the same meaning in symbolism as the three dimensional version; the pyramid. In its three dimensional form it is meant to symbolize the world’s axis, with the highest point representing the enlightenment, or the highest point of attainment one can get to (presumably in the Illuminati).


These are seen on the Great Seal of the dollar bill; again, mentioned in the Decoding Illuminati Symbolism: All Seeing Eye:

The US dollar bill has the Great Seal on its reverse which was designed by Pierre-Eugene du Simitiere in 1776, who also included the Latin phrase E pluribus unum (“Out of many, one”). Pierre was a member of the American Philosophical Society along with Benjamin Franklin. This social club included many of the American founders who all supported this theme of liberty, freedom, and justice for all.

To see Hernandez speaking about it means that he believes this same group of “enlightened” individuals is involved with his death.


All Seeing Eye

In a separate news outlet (WCVB), they claim he actually drew the All Seeing Eye with the rays emitting from it above the pyramid.

This All Seeing Eye is yet again another symbol for being awakened or enlightened into the ways of the Illuminati.

We’ve seen this in countless works of entertainment, so perhaps this is one more consideration…




Blood Sacrifice

If the “Illuminati” are involved, then it lends itself to the idea that this was part of a blood sacrifice. These blood sacrifices are part of a pact (or the “Faustian bargain”) that people find themselves involved with when they make it to a certain level.

I detailed how this plays out in the music industry in Sacrifice: Magic Behind the Mic which plays into the same ancient energetic sacrifice:

Sacrifices to the gods were performed in order to appease them and potentially allow the God’s blessings to come upon the family of the victim or perhaps the entire tribe/village. The most famous sacrifice in recorded history was the Bible story of Abraham and Isaac. Abraham was instructed by God to sacrifice his son, only to have an angel of the Lord provide a ram as a substitute in the last moments. He was promised many descendants and prosperity, and he got just that because the three major Abrahamic faiths (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) share beliefs in this event in common with one another.

The Phoenicians sacrificed infants to an idol of Cronus (aka Saturn), Hawaiians held sacrifices in temples called luakini, and Celtic Druids burned people in giant wicker men (like you’d see in the Burning Man festivals, or perhaps in the film with Nicholas Cage called The Wicker Man). The pagan Vikings of northern Europe were said to practice rituals called the “Blood Eagle” in which they’d take a warrior and sacrifice it to their chief God, Odin, who held similarities with the Greek God, Zeus. The ritual consisted of keeping the victim alert while carving an eagle design into his back and then tearing open his ribs and shoulder blade to form “eagle wings” before he died.

The Mesoamericans would also perform human sacrifices in order to prevent impending doom, often times during periods of disaster or drought with the thought that their gods could show mercy on them. The Mayan civilization collapsed and one theory behind their demise was that they were in the middle of a severe drought. To make the gods remove the drought they’d perform multiple human sacrifices. A high number of sacrifices were conducted towards the end of their existence, indicating that they were frantic to appease the gods and make the drought stop. The Moche of Peru also performed blood sacrifices at their Temple of the Moon (drawing analogies to the occult beliefs in the sacrifice of the moon goddess). During these rituals they would strike fear in the hearts of the victim before slicing their throat, and then the priests drank their blood in order to absorb their life force. Similar to the Mayan, they were believed to have met their demise due to weather forces; but not drought. Instead, they were believed to be victims of excessive rain during an El Nino, and during this time they desperately conducted sacrifices in order to make the gods stop.

As you can see, there is a LONG line of historical precedence for the blood sacrifice. To believe it no longer exists is naive since THEY are continuing to push ideas of paganism, occultism, and more (e.g. Drake’s Temple of Ba’al ritual).

The Hanged Man of Odin

So it seems that Hernandez was referring to an idea that he was being setup as the blood sacrifice for the Illuminati.

Indeed, he was found hanging in his prison cell which may be in the form of the Tarot hanging man- the sacrifice of the solar god in an attempt to manipulate the Kundalini energies hidden in man (*although I’m fairly confident he was hanging by his neck if he was dead):

The Hanged Man card is also used to represent the Norse god Odin who hanged himself in this manner in order to gain enlightenment. What’s curious here is that Hernandez was found guilty of murdering a man named Odin Lloyd. Is there a coincidence here? Is this part of some odd blood sacrifice connecting the names? We all know the power of a word when you consider magical incantations, secret magick names, etc., so that’s not so far out of the realm of possibilities.

Newsweek said that Hernandez had scrawled Biblical references in his final moments, which makes me wonder if he was combatting the forces of darkness with the light of Jesus Christ:

On April 19, sometime before 3 a.m., Aaron Hernandez, the former star New England Patriots tight end, scrawled three notes—one to his fiancée, the mother of his little girl, one to that daughter and a third to his close prison friend—and placed them next to a Bible in his solitary prison cell in the Souza Baranowski Correctional Center in Shirley, Massachusetts.

The Bible was opened to a section of the New Testament, John 3:16, “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son, that whosoever believes in him would not perish but have eternal life.” He had scrawled that verse on his forehead with red ink, and also made marks on his hands and feet with that red pen, as though mimicking the stigmata associated with the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

One of the insidious parts of this tale is that idea that the NFL may be part of a larger conspiracy of cover-up if you consider they’re trying to prevent an investigation into a possible traumatic brain injury:

A brief fight over Hernandez’s brain ended Thursday when the Worcester County District Attorney said his family’s wishes would be met and his brain would be studied by the vaunted CTE Center at Boston University, where scientists are researching the effects of concussions on the brains of athletes. Initially, the state medical examiner said that its pathologists wanted to study Hernandez’s brain, leading his attorney, Jose Baez, to claim this week that the ME was “illegally” holding onto the former NFL star’s brain, against the family’s wishes. After Baez’s press conference, held outside the ME’s office, Worcester County District Attorney Joseph Early released the brain.

Even more odd, Hernandez’ lawyer, Jose Baez, has claimed that his death is indeed NOT a suicide:

“There were no conversations or correspondence from Aaron to his family or legal team that would have indicated anything like this was possible.”

When you consider the arguments of CTE and TBEs in the NFL (as seen in Will Smith’s Concussion film), one has to wonder if Aaron Hernandez wasn’t affected by these brain injuries.

To give up on all the blessings he was handed is more than odd, so to me it seems that a brain injury is definitely NOT out of the question. The NFL has far too much money to lose to have this go public so don’t be surprised if the results of this study are handled “privately,” settled out of court, or refuted all together. We all know they play their part in pushing the Illuminati symbolism during the Half Time shows


The other path we could go down is if the Illuminati are truly behind this. In all of my research it seems that the Illuminati’s works are generally in disregard for morality or humanity in general so I wouldn’t be shocked to see their connections into all of this.

Let’s keep an eye on this mysterious death and see how it pans out…

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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Dudes with CTE usually off themselves not kill others. I know Hernandez got off on the two murders he was charged with and as far as I’m concerned he was involved just like he was with Odin Lloyd’s murder so it’s hard to empathize with his passing.

    It would NOT surprise me though if he were offed. People get “suicided” on a regular basis in this country, esp people who know too much about politicians and people who do evil deed$ on behalf of the #KILLuminati

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  2. I believe he was probably sacrificed because he was found not guilty of a drive by shooting that killed 2 men AND the shooting and maiming of Alexander Bradley, who was given immunity to testify against Aaron AND who was supposedly shot because he was going to rat on Aaron about the Odin Lloyd murder…and a few days later Aaron was found dead. Aaron had been trying to get appeals for the Odin Lloyd conviction, which is why he as in prison for life initially. I find it peculiar that Aaron denies killing him and shook his head no while they read the guilty verdict in court. Because he was found innocent in the other case, the chances of getting an appeal became ALOT better, which his attorney alluded to. COULD THIS BE WHY HE WAS OFFED?

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  3. Hey so I know this post is pretty old but Ive just watched the netflix doc on aaron and it really didn’t sit well with me so I started to research the whole thing. I find his suicide so bizarre! The fact that he was almost in tears when he was found not guilty for the double homicide, talking completely fine to his family and friends and sounding positive about his appeal and then he just decides to kill himself? It just doesn’t make sense. Also why wasn’t there a cell check at 2am that night? I can’t seem to find anything about that part, other than the officer being sent home on paid leave after they found his body. But did anyone ever release why there wasnt a check? And then the whole suicide itself, he was a big and tall guy… From the photos of his room how in the hell did he manage to hang himself high enough to cause the suffocation? And the suicide notes were weird, he literally said “Don’t shed one tear for I am with all of you and never wasn’t! do not go back to living while worshipping false idols in which I warned you about!” who are the false idols hes speaking about?! And isn’t that some of what the illuminati is about, people idolising famous people or celebs? Or am I wrong? So does that mean he wasn’t part of the illuminati? At the end of that note there’s apparently a drawing of a thin rope dangling from a noose. And then in his daughters note he says about going to the ‘timeless realm’ and then at the end of her letter he wrote names of books. One stuck out for me and its the Anuk Ausar “Metu Neter” which I googled and its about the kamitic initiation system, and on the cover you can see the little noose looking symbol which I think may have been what he drew on the letter to shay his fiance? Even though the books he listed were all about God and finding that spiritual power I just feel super confused, because then he drew illuminati on the wall but also believed in the bible passages. This whole thing is just off. I know I may be reading too much into things but ever since I watched the documentary I just feel really weird and I felt like he wasnt what he was portrayed to be and things don’t add up. I wonder if you had any more insight into his death now that it’s been a few years?

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    • Everyone doesn’t add up. The Odin Lloyd trial doesn’t add up and his suicide does not either. So many unanswered questions and the deeper I research, the more questions come up.

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