A brief history of Alex Jones and comparison to Bill Hicks

Alex Jones is all over the internet with his recent tirade about guns on Piers Morgan. I found a couple of good articles that are worth checking into if you’d like more information about him.

The first one is an article titled ‘A peek inside the paranoid, hyperactive, gun-loving mind of conspiracy theorist Alex Jones,’ which you can pretty much tell from the title what it’ll cover. It goes over Jones’ history and origins from the Wace siege.

Koresh and his followers, Jones believed, were harmless innocents who’d been murdered by Attorney General Janet Reno and cynical ATF agents looking to boost their agency’s profile. “I remember watching the TV screen and seeing that famous footage of the ATF loading their video cameras before going in,” Jones told me. “They were going to lose their funding. This was [a] PR stunt. They were about to be abolished. That’s why they did it.”


It goes on to cover his other theories, ranging from McVeigh to 9/11. The author is definitely not a conspiracy theorist, so he is skeptical of all of this, but it’s a decent background look into Jones.



The second article is from a blogger who talks about Bill Hicks versus Alex Jones. I guess some people were at one time theorizing it was the same person and Hicks faked his death. They look similar, hold somewhat similar beliefs, and are both from Texas. Hicks died in 1994, right around the time Jones started to find his way in the conspiracy theory world. The blogger correctly states the key difference between the two is Hicks’ belief in the superiority of love over hate, where Jones is much more of a fear-monger.



Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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