Ervin Laszlo and Deepak Chopra Talk Consciousness- Proving Icke Right (Uknowingly)


Ervin Laszlo, a Hungarian philosopher, and Deepak Chopra discuss reality and what it really is. “It’s a little bit like working with a computer…” (holy crap, this is dead-on to David Icke’s explanation, only this guy  hangs out with Deepak Chopra so maybe they won’t label him insane)  Events around us are real, but he describes why atoms interact the way they do. He says it is from “software” with an intelligent logic embedded in it. Spiritually speaking, it is like a cosmic consciousness. He is discovering that the universe is complex and in tune with itself and the strange phenomenon that there is coherence based on fine tuning of all elements of the system. Non-locality; things that happen here in our system, happen elsewhere in another system. He says we forget that we are coherent as part of this system at times (this is the “system” playing on our reptilian brains and forcing us to focus on non-communal, self destructive activities- e.g. superficial things like your clothes, Facebook, lust, etc.). This living cosmic world needs to work together in this underlying information field, which is a deep element, a “field” of intelligence. They discuss this “Akaschic” field and also entanglement. He likens it to a hologram where information is everywhere at all points (again-another David Icke-ism). Deepak says, “If it’s here it’s everywhere, if it’s not here it’s not anywhere.” They discuss how instead of being an individual drop of water, we are to experience life as a part of the ocean and forget our old, selfish ways. Our consciousness is an immortal part of this field and will always be a part of this field. Information and energy can’t be destroyed, information can be created though, and the whole universe accumulates this information.

They’re discussing Ervin Laszlo’s book and website,


Also, a physicist at the Fermilab particle physics lab in Illinois-Craig Hogan; says he might have found evidence for the theory that the universe is a hologram. He says a gravitational wave detector found the limit of space-time. This is important because the forces in the quantum world don’t reconcile with the gravitational force of space-time. This is why scientists are having a hard time determining what constitutes black holes.


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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