5 Reasons Why Kylie Jenner is in the Illuminati

Hello and welcome to IlluminatiWatcher.com! Many of you know that I often times veer from the typical articles about Illuminati symbolism found in film, television, and music videos and explore the ‘gossip girl’ side of me. Today I’ll be using this ‘TMZ-style’ journalism to explore the idea that Kylie Jenner is a member of the Illuminati…

Of course, I must preface this with the statement that I don’t believe she is in the Illuminati (or tied into the occult), but rather used by them to push certain symbols and messages into our subconscious. Over time, this bubbles up to the global consciousness level and ultimately lets the Antichrist become unleashed; but let’s take it one step at a time…



Time spent studying New Age cults

RadarOnline reported that Kylie was grouping up with Jaden & Willow Smith in an attempt to join an Orgonite Society that attempted to ‘balance Mother Gaia’s energy through the placement of pyramids and crystals.’ Apparently the Hannah Montana star Moises Arias turned them onto some guru named Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (aka Osho) and they were studying his books at one point.

Like any good guru-driven cult, he proceeded to load up with Rolls Royces (making him the largest single owner of R.R.s)  and campaign for open group sex, meditation, free love, and all of the typical New Age concepts which are always meant to deceive. He proceeded to warn of the impending apocalypse and asked many to join his Oregon-based commune as the “Noah’s Ark of Consciousness.”

It would all come crumbling down when allegations of his bioterror attack (releasing salmonella) upon politicians and citizens was confirmed; making him the first to commit an act of bio-terrorism in the USA. All of these things are typical in guru-New Age-cults where their true colors eventually shine through (you can always tell the intent of one’s deeds by the fruits of their works). They always seem to push concepts such as destruction of traditional values, religion, the nuclear family, and instead push ‘spirituality’ and doing what feels right. Osho had a keen interest in pushing science and spirituality- common threads in this world of Illuminati symbolism…


All Seeing Eye symbolism

Getting into the more easily digestible arguments; one can see that Kylie regularly pushes the symbolism of the All Seeing Eye:

Kylie jenner All Seeing Eye


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Kylie Jenner implants All Seeing Eye WO


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Kylie Jenner All Seeing Eye Tyga

If you had doubts of the purposeful All Seeing Eye symbolism– take a look at the Instagram shot with her sister, Kendall, in which you can see a very deliberate display of such:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Kylie Jenner All Seeing Eye


Chemtrails Sponsor

She shared a tweet on social media that warned of the dangers of chemtrails, which led me to believe that maybe she could be on the ‘right’ side of the conspiracy argument…

Kylie Jenner chemtrails Tweet

…but the problem with this statement is that it was followed up by a sexy photo of her by some chemtrails- blurring the lines a bit:

Kylie Jenner Sexy Chemtrails


Illuminati Sex Goddess

Do you remember when the Kardashians sent out their Illuminati Christmas card?… Well, if you zoom in Kylie you can see she is wearing a head piece that suggests she’s being portrayed as some kind of occult goddess:

Kylie Jenner Christmas Card Goddess

The reason I say this is because it is representative to the Egyptian deity of Isis- which many of you already know the significance of her role in pop culture and the occult:

Hathor and Isis horns solar disk

She is being placed into the role of ‘goddess’ and arguably being groomed into the more sexual nature, as is evident by images with Playboy bunny ears:


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Kylie Jenner bunny fault cover

Kylie and Kendall did a photo promo for PACSUN and are seen holding diamonds to their eye (more All Seeing Eye symbolism). This is supposedly indicative of “diamond programming”- which is the sexual slave role for high level dignitaries:

Kylie Jenner All Seeing Eye Diamond Program

There is another good example of this that I exposed in Charli XCX’s mind control and exposed vagina cover article:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Charli XCX Diamond Mind Control Eye WO


Dating Illuminati Rappers

Some of you may already know that she is dating the Young Money rapper Tyga. When she first started ‘officially’ dating him she was 17 and he was 25. Tyga took her across Europe on one of his tours, and TMZ made note that the age of legal consent is as low as 16 in most of the countries (while California is 18).

The issue at hand here is that she’s being groomed into dating Tyga- who has been featured on several articles here on IlluminatiWatcher.com for his Illuminati symbolism…

…like the All Seeing Eye…

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Tyga 1

…in his video for Senile he is wearing the Seal of Solomon (a sigil used to control demons):

Tyga Senile Seal of Solomon

…and to stay on the Egyptian deity worship (see Kylie’s Isis connections above)- he was pushing more of the same on his album artwork:

Tyga Egyptian 40MIL art

Here is Tyga showing us the Illuminati vow of silence symbol– showing us that he knows how to keep quiet of the occult secrets:

Tyga Vow of Silence

Finally, here you can see him drinking Illuminati-occult master Jay-Z’s ‘Ace of Spades’ liquor while wearing an All Seeing Eye of Horus hat:

Tyga Ace of Spades Eye of Horus Triangle hat

I’ve covered the secret occult purpose of blending of rap and pop culture in my hip hop conspiracy book SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC so please reference that if you want to understand why all of these things are related and important in pushing the Illuminati-occult agenda.


There you have it- five reasons to believe that Kylie Jenner is perhaps getting involved with Illuminati and occult systems of practice. What are your thoughts on it? Do you believe it? Am I just picking on her? Why do these celebs insist on pushing the symbols that beg for conspiracy theorists to make such allegations?…

Of course there also that whole Bruce Jenner Baphomet thing as well…



Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Even a blind can realize shes nothing but just another puppet. The whole family is if needed to say that.

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    • Of course she is.

      BTW you have a dick.

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      • Ure so sweet, I wish I had one. Can u make me have one, cast a spell or smth?

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    • I’m not sure that they (the celebs) know what they are doing when they cover their eyes or wear certain symbolic clothing. Having recently watched the Kardashians television program I can see how they are actually really very stupid and shallow, hardly a brain cell between them. They just do what they are told by someone else that’s all. They are all what we say here in UK totally thick. It’s sad really as they will probably all die quite young.

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  2. Could you make an article about Twenty One Pilots? Or do research on them please? You are amazing 🙂

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  3. She didn’t choose to be in the occult.
    She grew up like this, her mother sold her to hollyweird as sex slave.
    Of course she is starting to have sex kitten programming like paris hilton they grew up in a satanic family.
    And this is what happens after all this abuse. poor kylie she is going to end like lindsay lohan.

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  4. Am I the only one who noticed the chemtrails looks like a pentagram.

    I blame her scumager, she obviously wants more money and is fame obsessed, so would teach her daughter that’s how to make a living as opposed to doing something with her brains.

    I can’t help but feel someone who knows about chemtrails would therefore know about one eye etc.

    But you can’t just blame her, the number of fans and non fans in their thousands love her, and her sister.

    There is something more wrong in people who idolise celebrities, all of them indiscriminately.

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  5. That Osho guy is a friggin’ clown. I can’t believe people are still falling for his stupid schtick. I was at a bar b que awhile back where these hipsters were talking about him. I couldn’t believe they were taking him seriously. You’re better of becoming a Sub-Genius and worshipping Bob Dobbs. At least they’re up front about worshipping the salesman and only wanting your money.

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  6. Isaac, there are several things I am in disagreement with you. I have done and continue to do research on evil, satan, the Lord, Luciferians, illuminati, etc. What I believe, based on the bible, that because the devil is a liar, he whispers to people like Bruce Jenner, telling him he should be a woman. He was NOT born this way. This is also true of homosexuality. This is a lifestyle choice only, people were not born this way, it is a sin, God says it is a sin in the bible. He didn’t say, well there are some of you I created that can only be with a same sex person.

    Please research the Homosexual Agenda, which is now beginning all over the world, corrupting and eroding families and values. Soon, homosexual behavior will be the norm and being straight will be strange. So, haters hate, I understand the truth is painful.

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    • I can see your point, but some people genuinely seem to be born that way. Like it’s genetic; not demonic. Others perhaps may be under demonic influence, so who knows.

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      • God knows. It is sin. God said it is sin and that finishes it. Not genetic. If it were, then God would be lying. That doesn’t happen.

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        • You’re an ignorant idiot. The bible also states that masturbation is a sin and you more than likely do that. The bible says wearing jewelry is a sin but people do it. The bible says eating pork is a sin but i can bet you also do that. Gossiping is a sin. Eating too much is a sin. Wearing ripped clothing is a sin. Youre a fucking dumb ass if you still follow everything the bible claims. The bible was written so long ago that it is entirely outdated now and should only be used as a general guideline, “dont do bad things and you wont go to hell”. You’re an asshole scum of the earth if you think youre a better person than everyone else for being so closed off from reality that you still delve into an outdated book, not even written by god by the way. Do your research, do something about your ignorance for the sake of yourself and everyone else around you.

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          • I agree with your points Shannon, but there is no need to be so rude and insulting.

            Dan was polite and respectful, he has a right to his opinion. I don’t agree with it either, but there is no need for nastiness.

            Its funny how so many people who follow the Bible, conveniently only follow *parts* of it. The Bible also says that sex outside of marriage should be treated with extreme violence, and that women who are menstruating are unclean and ‘sinners’. Eating shellfish is also a ‘sin’.

            Being human is a ‘sin’ according to Christians (you are born a ‘sinner’ and need saving, no matter what you do), so may as well enjoy yourself.

            If you are not hurting or harming another, do whatever you want. Don’t judge others for doing what they want. The Bible creates this judgement duality (right and wrong), full of contradictions and unspiritual truths (eg “I am a jealous god’- in other words, God is ruled by ego and jealousy.. not the type of God I want around.

            Just my opinion.

          • I just got wood.

      • It doesn’t really matter if it’s demonic or genetic. No reason to argue semantics. Kylie was the only Kardashian who seemed to go against the illuminati agenda, but every time she posted something public, she “disappeared”. She could only be doing this crap in an attempt to stay alive. That said, can you research the band In This Moment?

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  7. when we come to the things of homosexual, we talk about nature,came on guy there is no any normal human person with a clear conscious, acting in a normal standard of mind, who can just decide to oppose and fight his/her natural gene does it really make sense on what you’re sayin.

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  8. I still don’t understand this whole “i choose to be gay” deal that people keep bringing up. I am straight because I am, not because I choose to be. Just because you don’t understand what this whole “I am in the wrong body” thing it doesn’t mean it is not legitimate. Maybe it is some thing whispering in the ear but don’t blame the person. Who knows, you all may be correct but that is why you guys exist, ready to combat evil. But I think this is all mumbo jumbo.

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    • And following that same logic, you are either male or female….because you just are. You can’t choose your gender. And for the record, I don’t blame the person but the agenda. It is very real.

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    • And a God who punishes someone for all eternity for simply following their true self (not hurting another mind you), and not pretending to be something that they are not… again, not my cup of tea.

      Have you ever thought that people who (for whatever reason) feel that they are a different sexuality or gender; and GO AGAINST this, forcing themselves to conform (fear of punishment- again, not a God I want around- my God is loving and forgiving… anyway)… those who force themselves to be different (in fear of punishment), will create miserable lives for everyone around them as well as themselves. Is it a ‘sin’ to be happy and free?

      Christians think it is…

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    • Yeah, after a long spiritual journey along with some First hand mystical experience, I have come to Realize the truth of reincarnation, as innumerable ancient cultures as well as early Christians believed. Knowing that, I wonder if there is a link between one’s last incarnation In the idea of being in the wrong body. I have heard that, over time, you may flip genders if your soul expresses more of the masculine or feminine aspects, you may flip and the first incarnation in a new gender may cause such feelings in a human being. Just my 2 cents

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  9. Check out Kylie’s Instagram. Bath tub Photoshoot?? Something to ponder about a that . Recently shot .

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  10. The Kardashian family goes way back with OJ Simpson family and Rob Kardashian and his then wife(Kris) knew Nicole. As of now, Lomar from what I understand is doing better(Khloe’s husband) From what I understand, Lomar was a deceit guy before being involved with the K’s. In fact, it seems a lot of men do have a tendency to go down after K involvement. Not just Bruce Jenner. Kris’s first husband, the lawyer died also. The woman whom was married to Rob K when he died(Ellen Kardashian) claims that Rob told her that Kris was abusive to their children and never a nice person. Ever since, we have ever heard of “Keeping up with the Kardashians” I have always wondered how this family managed to reach such levels of fame?

    Also, author and expert David McGowan published a book on serial killers. He suggests that there are multiple satanic ritual killings going on and they are being covered up with sensationalism, such as the OJ case and Scott Peterson. I don’t know about Peterson, but the K’s are starting to make me wonder about OJ. I always felt he was probably guilty. But you just have to wander how this K family has got to where they are today? They(all the Kardashian women) all look like witches to me! I do feel sorry for the youngest ones(BJ’s daughters due to their young age and it is not their fault on how their mother probably pre-determined their lives) And that so-called christmas card they had was something else!

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  11. God says you are known by the company you keep – if you are associated with evil then you are too .And have you ever seen all through the manipulations, and the biggest part of it, is to take two truths and put the deception/lie in the middle – known as the Manipulation Sandwich.
    That is how most deceptions and lies have been made into a truth, because i’ts been wrapped in truths, so you will digest ALL of it, including the lie. Then as the deception is accepted – more lies and deceptions are added until you accept anything you are told. It is rather a fast process but the public falls for it every time ! The DC media does its job well !

    But the way it SHOULD go, is to recognize the lie snuck into the sandwich and then doubt ANYTHING ELSE FROM THAT SOURCE !
    IT’s called THINKING FOR YOURSELF ! Discernment ! Wisdom !


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    • That goes totally against what Jesus said. Jesus was full of tolerance, compassion, mercy and forgiveness. He did not judge people who society thought were bad, he saw their soul.

      According to your God, that makes Jesus a bad person and sinner.

      See the contradictions!

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  12. i agree with u to a certain degree…. firstly tyga represents the black boule which consist of black elite and these symbols yes have been used through the Europeans for evil but in the black culture these symbols are nothing more than our heritage< our culture, our ancestry….tyga also represents doctrine believing we are all God< the horus eye not being bad because we all have a 3rd eye which is the horus eye when u open the brain you shall see this same shaped eye. representing being awoke, enlightened…. horus was not the devil nor evil but yes the Europeans taught you other wise because if they didn't teach u these things consist of evil there would be a lot of people upset about who they really are… I do believe in the evil man is creating through media and social media and the influence it has on the mind especially the young minded and yes they are ruining your 3rd eye with these things which is kinda to late because they have been doing this since you were born. please as an African American on behalf of my people I ask that insteaqd of just warning them of the evil the Europeans have turned our history into teach them that these very same symbols are not bad and they also represent you and i.

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    • I agree. Not all occult and symbols are evil, its the Saturn worshippers who try to give them that meaning.

      The Third Eye, Infinity etc, can have very positive meanings.

      After all, symbols are really neutral until we give them meaning.

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  13. There’s a picture of Kylie with Tyga and she has her finger to her lips giving the Vow of Silence. And Tyga has one eye closed and his tongue sticking way out.

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  14. Where do they go to get sex kitten training ie mind controled? Is it part of the freemasons? I guess Kris is okay with Kylie going to this place. Kris is in darkness. The tile on her floor are black and white checkered. And there’s a lot of those patterns displayed through all their homes. They all wear black clothes at group photo shoots/ or some where black and others wear white. Always the black and white.

    Do they go to meetings and are told to give those signs when photographed. Like the 666, devils horns, one,eye closed, tongue sticking out, finger over mouth. Where do they go to be told they must do these things? They all do it and don’t talk about it, or they lie about it.

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  15. Kris Jenner is a Narcissist- its so obvious.

    And by that, I mean the true definition- abusive, incapable of love/empathy/compassion, severe personality disorder which is the basis of most abuse in the world. She is literally capable of anything (and will do it), because she is has no soul. You would be surprised how common this is in general society.

    I feel sorry for her daughters. They continue on the abuse dynamic by then hooking into abusive men or those not capable of real relationships (eg Kayne West. Scott D), perpetuating the abuse cycle.

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    • I agree. It’s the cycle of violence.

      The scary thing is that people have become so obsessed with them that they have begun to act just like them.

      It’s setting the standard of what is now acceptable in society.

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  16. As a fellow conspiracy theorist, I fully agree with most points in this article. However, Egyptian deities are not equivalent to Satan worship. That’s asinine. And thats the eye of Ra, not Horus. I love reading these sites but I take offense to Egyptian culture being seen as evil.

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  17. Check out the new video of her saying “I don’t even know who kylie jenner is” she looked like she was actually bring like a real person having cracked from the pressure. She was talking about the reason that she doesn’the open up and talk on snap chat is because”you get vulnerable”but it sounds like they don’t let her or something just check it out it just happened

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  18. I only came here because I watched Shane Dawson’s video about Conspiracy Theories, but this is really interesting stuff but sometimes it’s scary, like the KKK, and the holograms and all that stuff 🙂

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  19. I bet the chemtrails r dumping stuff that will make the holographs in sky visible like a projection. The towers everywhere r probably for broadcasting with satelights and sound, voices in our heads (old CIA technolgy they’ve had for a long time)

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  20. I read about Bhagwan Shree (a term of veneration for Hindu deities) Rajneesh, his sex cult and the act of bioterror. I actually think that that was part of her grooming process.

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  21. what about her sister , who seems to have it together…..

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  22. In the first chem trail pic what jumped out at me was an incomplete pentacle(could be upside down) made by the trails in the sky.

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  23. The entire Kar-Jenner clan profits from the Illuminati. The Illuminati takes from others and gives to those who submit to them.

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  24. Chemtrails: The Annunaki spray gold into their atmosphere, what are we spraying into ours.

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