4th of July and American flags in the Illuminati-run music industry

In honor of the 4th of July holiday, I thought I’d do up a post to highlight the amount of American flag symbolism we see by some of the most popular musicians who just happen to be known for giving us an abundant amount of Illuminati symbolism as well. Does this necessarily correlate to mean anything? Not really. Could it though? Maybe. Perhaps it shows us that they are either in cahoots with a shadow government who secretly run the nation, and use the musicians as tools to push symbols that speak with our ‘third eye’ pineal gland, which influence on a subconscious level. I break all of the symbolism stuff down in my book A Grand Unified Conspiracy Theory: The Illuminati, Ancient Aliens and Pop Culture.

The flag is a symbol for a country to show its purpose, identity, and future direction. The American flag in particular shows us the unification of a nation with the 50 states as the stars, and 13 stripes to represent the original 13 British colonies. However, what is the purpose for the symbolism of stripes? Stripes are symbolism for prison bars, showing us that the Illuminati run things and we are in the “prison without bars” as David Icke puts it. You tell the people they are free so they don’t revolt; but in reality they are still subjected to slavery without knowing. That’s the easiest way to keep people as slaves; you just don’t let them know they are.




Here’s some stripes for you, courtesy of Quicksand Chronicles with a post talking about a similar concept:

US Flag Prison72

Here’s the 26th version of the flag, peep the Pentagram:


The stars are forms of the Pentagram, which has satanic roots:


Red, White, and Blue are one of the most commonly used color themes for flags, and these colors used in conjunction represent a revolution, taken from the French flag, and I can argue that this “revolution” is one of Illuminati takeover through a New World Order disguised as patriotism (e.g. disrespecting the flag is frowned upon, using the term “desecrating” whenever this flag touches the ground which sounds religious of sorts). The Great Seal of the US has the phrase ‘Novus ordo seclorum’ which is Latin for “New order of the ages”, which is obviously a call for a New World Order:


Here’s an image from EnchantedLearning of multiple flags:

illuminati flag

The star itself has questionable roots and purpose. The star is found on most all of the military superpowers’ uniforms, equipment, flags, etc. The star is symbolism for the planet Venus, or the morning star. The morning star is also known as Lucifer, the light bearer, aka Satan. The Illuminati are the “illuminated ones,” bearing the light of esoteric occult knowledge. So why do we fill the flags with stars? Why not circles? Why not squares? It’s because it is a show of power, a symbolism for the dark, evil nature of who runs the joint.

Lil Wayne was recently in the news for dancing on the American flag:



flag lil wayne

One of the biggest offenders of using the American flag in photos and videos is Ke$ha:

 flag kesha


flag kesha2


flag kesha three


flag kesha 4


flag kesha 5


flag kesha 6


flag kesha 7

Here’s a two-fer; with the highlight on one eye, giving us the Illuminati all seeing eye symbolism. Notice the rays that emanate; almost like the Statue of Liberty, which is another Illuminati symbol as an homage to an ancient Sumerian/Babylonian goddess with her ‘illuminated’ torch:

flag kesha 8

Ancient Goddess Semiramis:





flag kesha 9

Here she is drinking blood on stage with the American flag colors:

flag kesha blood

This is a shot from her video for Crazy Kids that shows the American flag disrespected by placing it backwards on the fridge (I also demonstrate how the flag should be placed in that article):


Ke$ha on the left, and Beebs on the right with his American flag Snuggie:

flag kesha beebs

Here’s Lana Del Ray (see her Born to Die video symbolism for another glimpse of the flag), again giving us one all seeing eye juxtaposed against the flag:

flag lana del ray

We know JT loves the Illuminati:

flag Justin Timberlake

Michael Jackson is the original Illuminati music slave:

flag MJ

Lady Gaga is another classic:

flag gaga

Chris Brown is another one (see For the Road):

flag chris brown

Britney Spears is America’s sweetheart that was MK ULTRA’d, as is evident by her melt down and head shaving short circuiting (see David Icke’s music industry podcast):

flag britney

Bono from U2 is always down for some high level government involvement:

flag bono

A$AP Rocky is a newer musician, we saw his anti-religion angle in Long Live A$AP:

flag asap

Of course Beyonce made the list as well, with a husband like Jay-Z who wouldn’t assume she’s down to push Illuminati agenda. This image is eerily similar to Heath Ledger’s Joker character:

flag beyonce

Could Heath Ledger be a victim of the Illuminati? He’s got the red white and blue as well:


Here’s a piece of artwork by Pam Glew that is entitled Hero that has an image of Heath Ledger with the colors over the one eye:


And of course the ultimate is Lady Gaga and Beyonce giving us the flag stuff AND the all seeing eye WITH the ‘666’ hand gesture:

beyonce gaga illuminati

Check out my post on the Illuminati in the Music Industry for more on the Illuminati influences.




Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  2. The flag has 666 encoded into its design if you didn’t catch it.There are 6 stars in a horizontal row,there are 6 white stripes and 6 long stripes as well.

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