2019 Grammys Illuminati Symbolism: Cardi B Initiation and Drake Gets Bodied

2019 Grammys were one of the high profile rituals of the year for the “Illuminati” agenda. Find out why…

Cardi B’s Initiation

Cardi B is a subject of great focus for me due to the symbolism she’s given to us in the past (even before she blew up- see my article on it for more).


Tonight at the Grammys she gave us one of the darker suggestions when she did the crossing of the arms- the Illuminati Mark of the Beast.


This symbol represents the desire to call upon entities from another dimension (according to Kenneth Grant from the Typhonian OTO). In this example it seems more appropriate that we call it out as the symbol for transformation.

Texe Marrs’ Codex Magica reveals the Freemason roots of this symbol:

“Tresner goes on to suggest that the X, representing the Roman numeral 10, also symbolizes the 10 yods, or manifestations, of the Jewish Cabala’s Tree of Life (the Sephiroth). He notes that the candidate for this degree wears two cordons, one black in color, the other white, which symbolizes the duality of Masonic doctrine.

“The fact that they cross each other,” Tresner explains, “suggests the unions of opposites or equilibrium (Or do Ab Chao).”

“In crossing,” says Tresner, “they form an X shape.” X, he observes, “is an ancient symbol for transformation.” “This degree,” Tresner concludes, “provides a spiritual jolt or jump-start in preparation for the transformation, refinement, and redefinition to come.”

This all makes perfect sense when we consider that she does this right as she puts on the black wings- symbolic of the black bird or the first stage in the alchemy transmutation (the ‘nigredo’ or blackening).


We’ve seen this from other artists like Miley Cyrus in the past:


Miley Cyrus as the black bird


No wonder her pop- Billy Ray Zombie was eagerly watching…


Drake Gets Bodied by the All Seeing Eye

Drake (the one that got bodied by Pusha T- y’know, DRRRrrraaaaAAAAkkkKKKKeee) went up to receive the award for God’s Plan.

What was curious here was that he said some strange things like…

It’s like the first time in Grammys history where I actually am who I thought I was for a second.

We playing in an opinion based sport… this is a business where sometimes it’s up to a bunch of people who might not understand what a mixed race kid from Canada has to say… 

The Grammys then proceeded to shut him down with the last audible word being “But…

Why did they do this?…


Well, it seems they didn’t like his tone. Saying that a “bunch of people” decide who gets through the gatekeepers is a no-no. The all seeing eye of CBS was watching and they shut it down with the quickness.



In Conclusion

Another year, another mass ritual in the books. These artists are used in public displays for rituals used as throwbacks to ancient mystery schools and archaic symbolism that speaks on an energetic level.


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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Hi Isaac,
    I have learned a lot from your channel and hope you check out the following information.
    I have sent this information to you a few times before and not sure if you are getting it. I wanted to send it again, I think it is something you may be interested in to go along with the research you already do. It would add to your knowledge in getting the truth out and an understanding as to why things happen the way they do in the world.

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  2. Hey Isaac…I saw in the trailer for the new Mary Poppins film Emily Blunt as Mary Poppins saying simething like, ” Let’s go!” and she then disappears in a bath of water!!
    They are incredibly BLUNT now in their symbolism!!!

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  3. Whats left of Katy Perry:

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    • That was really creepy. If Katy Perry is not a robot, she should be. Wonder what she actually thinks about all of this…if she thinks…

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  4. Hey Isaac this is off topic but did you notice the number of people dead (6) and wounded (5) at the New Aurora mass shooting. They love that number 11. Also interesting Aorora is the Roman name of Eos, goddess of the dawn and mother of Phosphorus or Lucifer, the herald of the new dawn. And that is two Auroras associated with mass shootings.

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