2018 Olympics Opening Ceremony: Illuminati Symbolism

The 2018 South Korean Olympics were off to an interesting start as they aired their opening ceremony… The presentation was meant to show the past, present, and future of the Korean peninsula’s culture; but there were some symbols that held occult significance we really need to look at…

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Rising from the Ashes

The phoenix was on full display and this symbolizes a rebirth and “rising from the ashes.”



In terms of occultism, the phoenix represents the initiate or candidate going through the transformative process of alchemy. The birds depict the stages of enlightenment as the initiate goes through the crow, swan, pelican and finally- the phoenix.


The birds also represent the colors of the progression which start at the blackening or “nigredo” as the first stage (the crow).

Another curiosity was the man who resembled the “Alchemist” from Alejandro Jodorowsky’s occult film The Holy Mountain


The Alchemist from Jodorowsky’s film trains candidates in the ways of the occult and here he’s depicted between the duality of the black and white twin pillars (aka Boaz and Jachin). The announcers for the opening ceremony in fact conveyed the significance of duality in the culture of the South Koreans.

Jodorowsky’s Holy Mountain “Alchemist” with the opposing black and white duality pillars


Star of the Goddess

I couldn’t help but notice the 8-pointed star they formed which is also called the Star of Ishtar or Semiramis:



This star represents the goddess who gets worshipped by the pagan cultures (which are arguably the same ones in today’s “Illuminati”). We’ve seen it many times in pop culture so here’s another example.

Lady Gaga’s “GUY” video at Hearst Castle


The Fool Tarot card- note the 8-pointed Star of Ishtar


Lego Movie and the Star of Ishtar on the magician’s medallion


Star of Ishtar on wall of EYES WIDE SHUT


Transhuman Ends

The presentation shows children utilizing magick to initiate a sequence of technological divination. The children appear to be like the ritual magicians who seek to change the world by channeling energy through the cosmos using the Hermetic axiom “As Above So Below” (meaning the microcosm are connected to the macrocosm).


The portal opens which reminds us that technology is indistinguishable from magick at a certain level…


…and we see the future of the world with transhuman robotic cyborgs.


These augmented humans are the evolutionary step between human and the end game of the Illuminati…


Illuminati End Game

What is the end game?…

The end game is the conversion of mankind into a revolutionized creation of man in the form of digital consciousness. The announcers said that the Korean culture believe all things are connected and come from the same source, which is nearly identical to the religion to which Konstantin Tsiolkovsky followed- panpsychism.

Tsiolkovsky is important because he influenced every Ancient Alien theorist as well as Wernher von Braun and Jack Parsons (both occultists who seek to get man in contact with the cosmos).

And of course; ALL these things connect with entertainment and the progression of our society as the Illuminati implant ideas of seeking contact with aliens and putting us down their path…


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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. They’ll keep pushing these things, the symbols are everywhere and the olympics has been Illuminati propaganda for as long as I can remember.

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  2. “Another curiosity was the man who resembled the “Alchemist” from Alejandro Jodorowsky’s occult film The Holy Mountain…”

    Well, like it or not thats the traditional korean outfit for men

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    • Good point, but the double meaning is still there. And they LOVE double meanings. They’ll appropriate or borrow anything as long as it fits into their thing. Also one pant leg seems like it’s rolled up.

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  3. Isaac you really think you know their endgame?
    The endgame of the founders of Judaism, Christianity and Islam is the real endgame you are completely blind to. Wait and see.

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  4. The Koreans believe all is connected and comes from the same source…seems like a wise belief to me and one that can lead to us looking beyond our differences and seeing what we all have in common. Beware of those who claim to have exclusive access to the source, they want your power, your freedom and your money.

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