2018 American Music Awards: Illuminati Symbolism of the Occult

The 2018 American Music Awards had Illuminati symbolism hidden in plain sight that we need to consider. The occult influences from Taylor Swift, Cardi B, Quavo, and other entertainers proved to be influencing the masses in this high profile ritual…

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Taylor Swift and the Witch Coven

Taylor Swift was the opening act with much hype prior to the event. She came out and started singing about witches while doing the Mano Cornuto hand (a witch hex):

Curiously enough this looks familiar…

Aleister Crowley- Occult Magick Superstar


She also has a very curious Twitter handle of @taylorswift13 with the focus on “13” since that is the number of witches in a coven.

I’ve picked on Taylor Swift for years now so it’s no surprise to see more ‘witchery’ from her since her Ready For It video analysis I did (*which got me suspended on YouTube from her own management company).

“They’re burning all the witches”


During the 2018 AMAs performance we saw her set fill with lightning; symbolism of the “Luciferian” enlightenment utilized by the Church of Satan for their highest ranking priest and in occult symbolism:


Her set ended with a giant snake rising up at the climax which is again symbolism of the temptation of evil (the serpent in the Garden of Eden):

The big picture here is that Taylor Swift must go through the alchemical process of converting from a “wholesome good girl” to the “bad girl.” This is why she is wearing black and doing all these edgy things. It’s some odd sort of ritual we see over and over again (e.g. Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, etc.).

The most insulting part of the evening was the programming at the beginning that “IF” Taylor Swift won three awards she’d be the first to accomplish such a feat (as if she wasn’t going to win all three, c’mon now). The reality was that she was meant to focus energy on voting, as is evident by her acceptance speech.


Tracee Ross: Pushing the Agenda

The host of the night started out wearing the Dapper Don robe with the bee symbolism on it. This is another symbol for magic when we consider the history of the bee (listen to my podcast about the Justice League film for more on the bee’s “magical” properties).

She later talked about Cardi B’s sudden popularity in the music industry while holding up the 666 hand; a symbol known to represent the ‘womb of the Illuminati.’

This ‘womb’ symbol harkens back to the sign of the yoni; a feminine reference to the magical properties of creation. Some claim it now represents the artist that is willing to sell their souls to be a child reborn into the occult practices of the Illuminati which would explain why she referenced Cardi B’s induction into their club.


Symbolism: Revelation of the Method

Of course we had a multitude of symbols that we’re familiar with such as the All Seeing Eye:

Quavo from the Migos flashed the 666 hands while Cardi B was performing…

…as well as the Moloch horns of rock ‘n’ roll:

The rapper Bugs Bunny (*jokes) showed us the All Seeing Eye on his forehead; indicating his third eye or pineal gland is open and awaken to the occult practice of the Illuminati:

And finally we saw a man in the crowd emulating the All Seeing Eye as well:

I found this quite curious since it proves the ‘Magnetic Chain’ argument I laid forth in The Dark Path  (more on that in the conclusion). When we also see the host doing the 666 hand it’s further pronounced.



In Conclusion

The Magnetic Chain proved strong tonight as we witnessed many of the esoteric symbols we’ve come to understand as part of the big agenda. As I detailed in The Dark Path, this is a component in the future new world order discussed in Eliphas Levi’s Transcendental Magic (*as well as Freeman Fly’s Weird Stuff):


The great work in practical magic, after the education of the will and the personal creation of the magus, is the formation of the magnetic chain, and this secret is truly that of priesthood and of royalty. To form the magnetic chain is to originate a current of ideas which produces faith and draws a large number of wills in a given circle of active manifestation. A well-formed chain is like a whirlpool which sucks down and absorbs all

The chain may be established in three ways by signs, by speech, and by contact. The first is by inducing opinion to adopt some sign as the representation of a force. Thus, all Christians communicate by the sign of the cross, masons by that of the square beneath the sun, the magi by that of the microcosm, made by extending the five fingers, etc. 

Once accepted and propagated, signs acquire force of themselves. In the early centuries of our era, the sight and imitation of the sign of the cross was enough to make proselytes to Christianity

So it seems the entertainment industry is living up to the conspiracy theories of occult influence when they continuously present these symbols to the masses.

We saw direct proof of the unsuspecting masses repeating the signs and symbols, giving them more energy and power. They are indeed “acquiring a force of themselves”…


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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  3. Through meditation, I found a sense of liberation, rising to a new vibration

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