2017 Radio Disney Music Awards: Illuminati & Luciferian Symbolism

On Saturday, April 29th, 2017 we witnessed a mass ritual event known as the Radio Disney Music Awards. The most disturbing part was that not only were adults duped into partaking of this mind control event, but their children were front row.

Besides the significance of April 29th being during the Beltane sacrificial holiday of the ancient pagan occultists; this event contained symbolism worth pointing out so you can keep an eye open for Disney to further their agenda of Luciferian indoctrination of the masses…


(*Big ups to Lila for advising me to watch this show in the comments section- much appreciated. -IW)


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The show started out with the standard introductions to the entertainers that would be making their appearances. Since I don’t fit into the same fanbase as these children I can’t speak on the background of the people featured, but I did notice an interesting set of symbols attached to one “Sofia Carson” (*ironically the name “Sofia” comes from the Greek word for “wisdom”- sofia):


You’ll notice that this “archetype for wisdom” also shows us symbols of Lucifieran knowledge: the rings of Saturn, an inverted pentagram (Venus), and the lightning bolt (Lucifer fell “like lightning”).

The next phase of the show was the most disturbing. The children are intently watching the screen as the countdown starts from 10. I adjusted my eyes to ensure I knew what I was looking at because it appeared to show me an apple with the serpent wrapped around it!


Indeed, the apple and serpent are the symbols being used to focus the children’s attention. At a certain point the apple shows a bite taken out of it!


So what we saw was the partaking of the apple from the Bible’s story of the Garden of Eden. Adam and Eve obviously were tempted by the serpent (Luciferian spirit) to partake of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and they were told they’d be enlightened and be like gods in their own right. If there is another explanation for this symbolism I’d love to know what it is; but to me it appears to be a very direct reflection of the idea that the Luciferian serpent is one to be listened to…

And so it goes into the trailer for a show called Descendents 2, which is entirely about entertaining evil and being wicked; as per the “LONG LIVE EVIL” statements perpetuated on the show.


The show is obviously being advertised as a tale of Luciferianism and worship of the dark hero (a concept I covered in detail in 2014). What’s interesting is that Angelina Jolie spoke about the contact with the “other side” when speaking about the first installment of The Descendants:

For decades, Disney’s films and series have taught audiences that crime doesn’t pay. But now, the company is changing its tune.

Last week, Disney Channel announced a new original movie called Descendants, a live-action adventure-comedy about the teenage offspring of Disney’s classic villains, including 101 Dalmatians’ Cruella De Vil, Snow White’s Evil Queen and Aladdin’s Jafar. The film’s modern-day take will involve the kids questioning “the evil that’s always been in their hearts,” the network said.

Descendants is scheduled to air in early 2015, a year after Disney releases yet another fresh take on a memorable baddie: Maleficent, starring Angelina Jolie as the horn-tipped villainess from 1959’s Sleeping Beauty. The film, opening in May, re-imagines Maleficent’s backstory, in the same way the mega-successful Broadway musical Wicked (based on Gregory Maguire’s novel) offered a sympathetic take on The Wizard of Oz’s Wicked Witch of the West. “In general,” Jolie told Entertainment Weekly, “it’s a very good message to say, ‘Let’s look at something from the other side.’”

How curious that the “other side” (aka the Abyss, or the dark side to the Tree of Life) is a realm inhabited by HP Lovecraft’s Cthulhu, a creature with tentacles that is also shown on the Descendants 2 poster.



We’ve seen an increase in this idea the last few years with shows like Dexter that make us sympathize for the fallen angel, dark heroes and the “fallen gods” of the Qlippoth. Should you think these are mere coincidence I beg you to look at the past few years of my work on IlluminatiWatcher.com by signing up for the free email newsletter that will send you many more examples just like this one.

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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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