2016 MTV VMAs: Rihanna’s Illuminati and Occult Symbolism

Hello and welcome back to IlluminatiWatcher.com! I just completed watching the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards and couldn’t help but notice one particular performance that was inundated with Illuminati symbolism…

The performance in question was from Rihanna (who had several performances that night). Her song Bitch Better Have My Money incorporated a couple of things I’d like to cover briefly. Of course, this isn’t too shocking since I detailed the Goddess-Kali symbolism behind her music video for the same song already…


Rihanna BBHMM Bloody

Here’s a video of my narration on the Rihanna VMAs:



Dark Forces: Alchemical Transformation

First, lets consider the fact that she came out in all black which is important to the high profile ritual in that she is representing the black magician- utilizing forces from the dark side. This will make more sense when this analysis is complete, but first understand the history of the use of ceremonial magick goes back to the secret mystery schools of ancient Egypt- which is also why we see the Egyptian ankh necklace in her outfit:

Rihanna 2016 MTV VMAs ankh cross

I’ve demonstrated the symbolism behind Rihanna’s ANTI visual album and its conveyance of her transition into the alchemical blackening as a new initiate, so this is a continuation of that.

Rihanna ANTI Diary Compilation


We saw the imagery of the dark sorcerers in the other high profile ritual known as the Super Bowl Halftime Show when Madonna and Ceelo Green performed as well…

2012 Super Bowl Madonna Ceelo Green Black robes


…which also employed the usage of ancient Egyptian symbolism of Isis:

2012 Super Bowl Madonna Isis


This concept of showing us the alchemical transformation of these initiates is nothing new. The high profile ritual is explained in further detail in my Super Bowl analysis article.


Lightning Flash of Lucifer

During Rihanna’s performance we saw the lightning bolts all throughout the background- which most already know as symbolism for the fallen angel: Lucifer…

Rihanna 2016 MTV VMAs Saturn Lightning


When you study the occult you’ll find that the “Illuminati” are typically Luciferians in one form or another. The archetype of the “rebel” or fallen angel is symbolized through the Prometheus character or Lucifer.

They worship Lucifer because they believe he was the one trying to help mankind. He tricked Adam and Eve to eat from the Tree of Knowledge, indicating he is the one that gives mankind technology such as fire (that’s the Prometheus version).

Lightning symbolizes Lucifer because the Bible claims he “fell like lightning” so we see this symbol buried in our entertainment, such as Taylor Swift’s Style video:

IlluminatiwatcherDotCom Taylor Swift Style Mark of the Beast X lightning


Saturn: The Occult God

The other symbol on the stage is that of the flattened cube- shown as a hexagon:


Rihanna 2016 MTV VMAs Saturn Lightning


This symbolizes Saturn- which is a representation of dark, occult forces.

Dave Navarro and I talked about this concept on his Dark Matter radio show, and we agreed that ancient cultures worshipped the planet because at one time it was the outer most planet. This made it furthest from the sun and the darkest planet; therefore the representation of dark forces.

We see the Saturn cube symbolizes the three dimensional, material world because they believe that Saturn’s forces gave weights and measures to our world. It introduced concepts that reinforce this material realm, which is why Saturn is referred to as Satan- who uses our world as his domain…

Saturn Cube Compilation

The All Seeing Eye Watches All…

The final symbol we need to discuss was that of the All Seeing Eye:

Rihanna 2016 MTV VMAs All Seeing Eye Lightning


On the same stage we saw the Saturn and Lucifer symbolism, we see the All Seeing Eye on the screen. This symbol is one of the most classic signs of Illuminati symbolism– and for good reason.

While this could represent many things, I believe it ties nicely into the symbolism of the All Seeing Eye of Horus. If you consider the deeper meaning behind this Eye, you’ll find that it represents the opening up of the pineal gland; or the third eye. This could be accomplished by those who successfully navigate through the initiatory exercises (like the Alchemical process spoke of earlier).

It could also be symbolism for Saturn, if you consider that NASA’s Voyager missions revealed a hexagon as well as an All Seeing Eye on the poles of Saturn:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Saturn7

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Saturn13

In Conclusion: The High Profile Ritual

The reason we were subjected to all of this was due to the High Profile Ritual that the Illuminati uses to instill their message and speak to our subconscious. If you consider the award given out at the MTV VMAs you can already see the seeds of deception since it is based on one of the most infamous conspiracy events of all time: Apollo 11…

MTV VMA Moonman

The alchemical transformation of mankind began with the moon landings, and the next step was to program mankind through entertainment.

In fact, they directly told us about this already. From MTV’s article on the Moon Man’s origins:

“We thought, ‘We’re like the guys landing on the moon and claiming it. We claim this land for music,’” Gorman said. “The thing about music is, there’s always something happening that’s the next thing. There’s always something new. MTV was claiming that. The Moonman claims all of that: what has happened and what will become in music.

When you read further into the occult you’ll find that artists such as Rihanna are used by the Illuminati to channel spirits, entities, gods and goddesses. The Illuminati use rituals with high viewership such as the MTV VMAs to channel energy from the viewer and into the artists; who could very well be channeling these other worldly entities for these Illuminati occultists.

I know it sounds preposterous but you really must understand the entire scope of this insidious agenda to understand how it all works. I’ve laid out how the music industry (particularly hip hop) is being used in a coordinated scheme to support this occult agenda and usher in a new world of occultism in a project I called SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC, so please read that if you want to further understand what is going on in our world and entertainment.

Thanks for reading!



Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Its the Jews, Synagogue of Satan. Google it. Jesus called the pharasees OUT! “Ye Serpents, Ye Generation of Vipers.” -Jesus. Google Texe Marrs utube videos about who the Jews REALLY are and ALWAYS have been for 6 thousands years. They are the enemy of ALL men on earth who want to reach heaven. They are Lucifer’s agents on earth. They use masonic gentile GOATS in every country who want success and money to destroy humanity. Google “Holy Serpent of the Jews” Also, The Jews and Their Lies – Antichrist Religion of the Jews – Synagogue of Satan https://youtu.be/4rlmNung7gk

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  2. Any thoughts on the “symbol” Beyonce used to close her Lemonade performance? Most assume it’s the symbol for women, but I think an argument can be made for either a sun or eye symbol – Beyonce is the dot inside – and an upside down cross.

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    • I agree. My first thought was that it looked like an inverted cross, then I thought it was the symbol for women and/or Venus, but I remember thinking that the circle and the cross of the symbol appeared distant and separate from each other and that it didn’t truly accurately represent symbol Venus.

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  3. Well done Isaac.

    Rihanna’s song “This is what you came for” had the following lyrics (written by Taylor Swift actually!):

    Lightning strikes everytime she moves
    And everybody is watching her
    But she’s looking at you

    The song is actually written and represented in a way that it focuses only on her, when actually, the real attention is on something else, through energy as you said… Everything is just a distraction according to a plan.

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  4. Hi Isaac: Please look at Michael Phelp’s left eye. It looks rather slitty and reptile like to me!! Disappointing, as I really liked him. Can you please do a post on athletes-both Olympic, and professional like football players? Does anyone know anything about the Olympic athletes? Are they MK-ULTRA victims? https://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2016/08/29/02/37AB710300000578-0-image-a-2_1472435799179.jpgCould he be possessed as a result of mk-ultra abuse? Sorry about the (not so good) link, but if you google Michael Phelps glitzy dauly mail you will find the picture-it is the third picture down. Cathy

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  5. Come on, u talked of Riri, but not of “great priestess” Beyonce?

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  6. please,give a post of the high priestess Beyonce, I thought her performance was haunting and many subliminal messages and also please take a look on the show ‘sleepy hollow’,I promise you won’t regret it,much love from Nigeria

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  7. Isaac how come I don get E-mail posts anymore, I had to search

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    • Not sure- check your spam folder?… They’ve been sending so I’m not sure what to tell you. I hope you can find them! -Isaac

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  8. I’m doing a report on Illuminati and I would like some really good examples of the Illuminati using popular media to control us. Can you please help me out?
    Love your stuff,
    Annabella Shocklee

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  9. I think the image at the end of Beyoncé lemonade performance was a rosary

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