2012 Olympics Symbolic Breakdown


I’ve heard conspiracy theorists say that there is an awakening occurring all over the world to the conspiracies around us and now I’m beginning to understand why they say it. I’ve been finding more and more quality material all over the internet covering various topics of music, religion, entertainment, Illuminati, etc.

Here’s yet another great post about the symbolism found in the 2012 London Olympics ceremony. I was unfortunately not able to catch this year’s opening ceremony (I dropped the ball on that one; I usually don’t care much about the Olympics but I should’ve had the foresight to know it would be full of symbolism).


I’ll post a couple of tantalizing quote and images, but please do hit the link for the entire article and much more information:

The opening ceremony of the Olympics was very symbolic. Although for those who lacked the eyes to see & understand it, it was a boring show compared to past opening ceremonies. This is typical of inducing & using the occult symbols within something like this. It’s there but it’s hidden. The baby that showed up in the stadium egg was the sun/son rebirth we’ve been talking about for weeks.  All after the ‘exorcism’ of the scary nightmares from the minds and imagination of the children…orphans being tended to by nurses and such…symbolic of the human species being abandoned by their ‘gods’ in the myths and stories of our ancient origins.

There are TWO birthing chambers………It’s an area of London that symbologically represents a “pregnant woman”—-What is in that area? The financial district. http://cosmicdoorways.net/CosmicDoorways/CD-CANARY_WHARF.html



Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Its very interesting to see that baby imagery, I missed that part of the ceremony but it looks hideous. I cant believe people can accept this as something good, it looks surreal and nasty; and that the olympics is good for Britain etc. For the majority of the country, for instance the North and where I am , Midlands, people like me couldnt even afford to get to London right now. While people are losing jobs, houses and gaining stress how we are all supposed to shout for TeamGB is total brainwash.

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