2012 Olympics Alien Invasion Conspiracy Theory


UPDATE: I’ve found an article that discusses the possibility of Nick Pope being a disinformation agent, take a look:


UFO expert Nick Pope has spent over twenty years in the Ministry of Defence (it’s British; so it’s not “Defense”) and has researched UFO sightings for the British government. He has predicted that there could be alien invasion during an event such as the London Olympics because the aliens would be attracted to the large crowd of humans. He began his work as a skeptic but has since changed views, so he must’ve seen something that was convincing in his time.

He hopes that the aliens come in peace, but if not, the MoD has plans in place to combat the aliens:


He said: ‘The government must – and has planned – for the worst-case scenario: alien attack and alien invasion.

‘Space shuttles, lasers and directed-energy weapons are all committed via the Alien Invasion War Plan to defence against any alien ships in orbit.

‘If UFOs came into our atmosphere, RAF jets such as the Eurofighter Typhoons, and missiles such as the Rapiers guarding the Olympic Games would be well equipped to enter the fray.

‘And if the aliens landed, in an unprecedented move, I am in doubt that the entire Army would be join the fight.

One thing that stands out clearly is the quote in the article that suggests that there is in fact a One World Order plot. When discussing this hypothetical alien attack:
‘The logical course is to unite the world against the alien threat, combining our military strength and fighting under the United Nations. But some countries might not fight.
William Cooper and other theorists say that the Illuminati will the use the presence of aliens in a coordinated attack in order to get the people to support a One World Order controlling government. This is just an example of an information privileged member of government spilling the beans with supporting data.

Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. first! ill be watching just in case…

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  2. I am aware of what is going on and what the new age means. the new age propaganda is to set up events that can ignite and establish the new world order that was planned since late 1900’s all that is happening is being fullfilled in the revelations and biblical sense. satan/lucifer is at it again with his nonsense threats against humanity. those who are not aware of the 2012 events and changes that are suppose to happen. learn all there is to know and put it all together. but remember all negative things are happening because of the illuminati. these galactic federation and other new agers will state good things will happen in positive perspective, but its a lie

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  3. Well…bet you all feel a little stupid now, eh???

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