2012 MTV VMAs Illuminati Symbolism


Just finished watching the VMAs, couldn’t help but notice the over abundance of geometric symbolism. There were several pyramid shapes on the set. There is a youtube video of a screenshot of an odd geometric shape that was ever-so-subtlely placed in the background also. Symbolism seems silly and irrelevant, but there is much more power in it than one would think. Here’s a paraphrase of my thoughts on the subject from a separate post I made on the subject:

Symbols implant themselves into the human subconscious mind. These subliminal images have the potential to effect the outward behavior without the user knowing they’ve even been affected. The subconscious has an effect on the conscious mind. There is a lot of study that goes into marketing for this very reason.  The symbols are important to the Illuminati and they are the only ones who know why. I believe there is a purpose for this subconscious image implanting because you find it everywhere. Perhaps this is a way of forcing a synchronicity type event in our lives. For a practical example, let’s say you’re from another planet and you’ve never heard of Facebook. If you came to our planet today, you’d be bombarded with images of the Facebook logo, news stories, discussions, and so on to the point that in a short amount of time you’d have to investigate and probably join Facebook. It’s the same idea; if a corporation can throw their logo at you from every angle- billboards, radio ads, tell-lie-vision commercials, etc.; then you’re more apt to buy their product. The same principle goes for the Illuminati. If they can bombard us with images of negativity, superficial celebrities, etc. then it’s puts our collective subconscious “pool” of thoughts to focus on these negative, unimportant aspects of life. The more they can keep us from understanding the one collective consciousness, the more they are able to manipulate us through distraction. David Icke suggests that these negative feelings and thoughts are actually sustenance for the shape shifting reptiles, but explaining that would require a much longer post.

Here are the odd geometric shapes; which probably don’t mean anything at all, but one has to wonder if there’s something because of the abundance of Illuminati symbolism we’ve seen at award shows (and music videos):



Here you can see Kevin Hart with giant pyramids and triangles on the set behind him. I go into further detail on the importance of triangles, pyramids, and the sun in the Decoding Illuminati Symbolism: Triangles, Pyramids, and the Sun post:

The symbol of the triangle is commonly held to have a much deeper and esoteric meaning than the basic geometric shape we common-folk see. The symbolism, or meaning, of the triangle is usually viewed as one of spiritual importance. The Christian faith views the three sides of the triangle as the Holy Trinity; God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Ancient Egyptians believed the right sided triangle represented their form of the Trinity with the hypotenuse being the child god Horus, the upright side being the sacred feminine goddess Isis, and the base is the male Osiris. This concept was kept in a sort of ‘chain of custody’ when the Greek mathematician Pythagoras learned much from the ancient Egyptians and then applied it to geometry. He even went as far as to set up one of the first schools of mystery with a religious sect that practiced his philosophy, mathematics, and conferring of esoteric principles. In theory, the secret societies, cults, occultists, and other nefarious groups, collectively known as the Illuminati, maintain all of this knowledge and use it in a much different manner.

The main opening act of Rihanna had symbolism similar to the type found in her videos (Where Have You Been’s reptilian shape shift, her SNL performance, and American Idol). She has the reptilian cobra, all seeing eye, and Egyptian Ankhs around her neck. If you saw the performance you can see how odd she was acting when ‘We Found Love‘ started off. I don’t know how to explain it but it seemed like she was having a ‘moment’-almost religious when the music started. It was weird to say the least.


The latest boy band ‘One Direction’ finished their set by assembling around an eye:

Something else that I found interesting was the seating arrangement of Rihanna right next to Katy Perry and how chummy they appear to be. Katy Perry has an interview clip of her admitting her ‘selling her soul‘ to the devil, so her and Rihanna might both have this Illuminati relationship in common.


The final act was Taylor Swift and I couldn’t help but notice these damn ‘furries’ on set. I don’t get this, nor do I have a clue what the purpose or symbolism is behind it. All I could think is the anthropomorphic look they have that is similar to the Native American depictions of extraterrestrials (as seen on Ancient Aliens). It’s a weak connection, but I can’t think of anything else. Also, take a look at the three figures in the background, they resemble Stonehenge in the UK.

You can see more furries in the Lil Wayne/Big Sean ‘My Homies Still‘ and Kreayshawn ‘Go Hard‘ videos:

You can watch the entire VMAs for yourself through MTV’s website starting with the opening here:



And here’s another website- Conspirazzi; with some better images of the VMAs and analysis:


Conspirazzi (GoKill.com also posted these, I’m being told they had it first, I’m not choosing favorites, just posting links -smiley face-) caught this Satanic sign thrown up by Alicia Keys:


And Taylor Swift got in on the devil horns:





Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. I think it’s really great that everyone around the web is using the screen-shots that I took the time to make and giving credit to a sites that got them from me. The picture of alicia keys was taken before I got a chance to water mark it. Look at your taylor swift photo to see what I’m talking about.

    That loser at conspirazzidotcom couldn’t give an analysis if it ran over him with a truck…

    Just to know we (Gokill.com) were the first to break this story..

    All I’m asking for is a little credit for the late night I spent putting that piece together.


    Admin, Gokill.com

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