2012 London Olympics Illuminati Connections Video

A youtuber posts this video that explains some symbolism and key players in the London Olympics. The architect firm who built the Olympic stadium is “Populous” from Kansas City. He goes over the stadium setup and the shapes which correspond to the US Dollar bill. They are obviously triangles that look like pyramids with illuminated apexes.


He goes over the swimming stadium and how it resembles a painting he has seen at Denver International Airport (this connection seems weak but I can see it sort of). Then at the end he discusses the gold medals they’ve designed and how there is an owl shape on it, which makes a little bit of sense.

The part of the video that he doesn’t go into detail on is who this mysterious CEO is of the designer of the Olympic stadium (Populous). I think that is because he couldn’t figure it out, because I looked around a little bit and it seemed that there are several CEOs or perhaps just a board of directors. Maybe someone can chime in and let us know what they’ve found because I’d like to know what makes him so dark and dangerous.

Also, here’s another website that posts some information about speculation of what will happen during this false-flag event that is supposed to happen:




Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. i am 100 percent certain it’s going to happen. i mean, look at the illuminati card game.. every card has either happened or has happened.

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