2012 Conscious Life Expo Review

I’ve been wanting to find any kind of review that I can on this years CLE, and finally PopMatters posted a decent article.

The expo featured a film festival, 200 exhibit booths, live music and a diverse array of speakers on a variety of metaphysical topics. These topics included the Mayan calendar, UFOs, ancient aliens, past lives, hidden history, psychic powers, astrology, shamanism and more. The workshop speakers were the main draw, with some of the biggest names in the metaphysical community appearing throughout the weekend.


Discussion includes the “Physics of 2012” panel hosted by George Noory, where the consensus seemed to be that 2012 will bring about a shift in consciousness; not so much apocalyptic.

Laura Eisenhower-great granddaughter to President Dwight Eisenhower, hosted an interesting panel also.


Laura Eisenhower drew a standing room only crowd to her workshop, perhaps aided by her engaging presence on Facebook, where she frequently posts about her research into a variety of metaphysical topics. She’s an intriguing personality to say the least, claiming that her bloodline led to her being recruited by secret agents a few years back for a survival colony on Mars.

She briefly touched on the hidden agenda of “Alternative 3”, the conspiracy theory that the world government has had a base on Mars since the early ‘60s, a project supposedly begun under Dwight Eisenhower’s administration.

There’s more talk on Richard Dolan and a couple of the other speakers and exhibits that could have been found at the expo later on in the article.





Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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