Will.i.am and Britney ‘Scream and Shout’ Illuminati symbolism


This new music video has the standard pyramid symbolism and Will.i.am’s expected transhumanism images. You can also see the i-limb ultra hand, which is actually a cool modernized prosthetic hand, but it combines software with the body part, which is pretty much the definition of a cyborg (and therefore examples of transhumanism). Combine this with the other million images Will.i.am has for cyborgs and transhumanism stuff  and you’ll get the point. Pushing the subconscious to accept that we should combine electronics and machinery with our biology to improve ourselves makes us more comfortable with the idea that we can be our own gods. I’m not opposed to ALL of this, I’m happy that we’re getting the technology together to improve people’s lives, but we need to keep this in the back of our mind as we push towards Ray Kurzweil’s Singularity. The human being may indeed be revolutionized and become an extinct idea as the robot  and computer take over.

There’s also a three dimensional printing of Will.i.am’s head, make of that what you will. It  reminds me of the philosophical argument of the brain in a box where you can apply inputs to a brain (in a box, obviously; not a  dick though-lol) and it wouldn’t know whether it was a human being or not. It’s basically like The Matrix, which explores Rene Descartes philosophies or the ‘evil genius’ controlling us without our awareness.

Here’s an image with the triangle and this one has butterflies which is symbolism of the MKULTRA Project MONARCH experiments that allegedly used children to program for experimentation. The triangle is explained in the Decoding Illuminati Symbolism: Triangles, Pyramids, and the Sun post, so catch up on that one:



Here’s the 3-D head I was talking about:


And here’s the transhumanism-hand:


And here’s the video:

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  1. I noted of course the butterflies which are in the first clip, that one comes to expect when watching young female singers. This is to show who owns them, of course – Project Monarch.

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  2. Even though it’s not that great of a song it has some sort of addiction, to it. It could be the beat, the way the sing or something, but it could be some sort of brainwashing.

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  3. When he sings “You are now now rockin with will I am and Britney” You can see Britney is saying something else and not her Name…Anyone speaks tongue?

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    • She says “Briney, bitch”

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  4. This song is almost hypnotizing… it’s freaky and catchy at the same time. Sounds like something Illuminati would be behind of…

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  5. I have the I Limb Ultra that is featured in the video, its just like when Anikan Skywalker(Darth Vader) lost his right arm, its named ultra because that’s exactly what it is and can do! I’m soo lucky we have excellent car insurance here in Winnipeg Canada, the central city in Canada, and I believe im the only one in Winnipeg with one, an sooo lucky my insurance will pay for the next big thing they come out with for the rest of my life an im only 34, i fist had there I Limb Pulse which they stopped manufacturing because of the newly I Limb Pulse, but it’s built on the pulses technology with lots of upgrades and bug fixes and issues that needed to be addressed, and they sure did for a whopping price of $100,000!!!!

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  6. Well, this video may indeed promote that being a bitch is cool.
    And the pyramid is there in many videos of Will I Am. This could be indeed a signature.

    But i-limb is simply a product placement payed by touchbionics. It is simply advertizing. Interpreting something like us accepting robots or anything is too much of interpretation I believe.

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  7. Ive noticed they also used the power of suggestion like the line ” when you hear us in the club, your gonna turn this shit up”

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  8. Y’all retarded there is no such thing as the illuminati. I believe there’s people that worship the devil. But I don’t there is a cult called the illuminati tryn to take over the world.

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    • Google: Bavarian Illuminati. Was that so hard? There’s a lot more to it then just the typical, “Illuminati is trying to take over the world” the “Illuminati” is just a front name for a much more secretive organization. Seriously, if you had virtually unlimited money, what else would you try to do but control the world? When the thrill of nice houses and fast cars wears off (and it will wear off) what then? Maybe you should do some research first before calling all these people retarded, because I doubt the elite class of this world has our best interest at hand. And if you think otherwise than you are a brainwashed fool!

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  9. Yep josh Markus, ‘ retarded’ that’s what people who question things are, instead of believing everything they’re told is true, go drink your fluoridated water and eat your GMO food well see who’s ‘retarded’ in the future.

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  10. oh…my god i was so much disappointed to you britney……
    i haved been your fan for a long space of time..
    but now,,,,,NOT ANY MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ill try everthing i could,,,
    just to forget you…
    im going to burn up
    my collections of your albums, posters, pictures, and everything…
    that has connection to you….
    i know this is so much hard for me to do…
    but i have g0d who is more important than you!!!!!!!!!!………………..
    im not your britney army anymore…..
    bye bye………………

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  11. no one noticed the upper and lower white lights in 3 sets of 3 top and bottom? 666.

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  12. Its hard to tell what the butter fly’s represent.
    Personally I associate the butterflies with collecting.
    Perhaps a compulsive disorder or even the type of disorder associated with serial killing or mass murder (including contract killing by hit men or assassins).

    Remember the butterflies imagery in Silence of the Lambs. Why was the protagonist so interested in collecting them.. and is that where his collections stopped?…

    Butterflies here representing kills or memento collections
    Also perhaps could represent commodity fetishism (making big collections)

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    • That’s right! I haven’t seen that film in awhile (in its entirety). Good connection my friend.

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