Top 10 Illuminati Watcher Video Games

If you’ve read my Top 10 T.V. Shows list, then you already know the drill as to why I’m not calling this the Top 10 “Illuminati” Video Games list. I basically created this list from a blend of my favorite games that entail different aspects of the various crap I spew about on this website.

I must point out that I am almost on the side of believing that video games could be hazardous to your health. I’m not saying I support all kinds of legislation to ban video games, but I do believe that it’s just one more form of manipulation to prevent us from experiencing this “one-consciousness” awareness that David Icke and others speak about. The violence in video games has a way of creating a knee jerk reaction if one was to play it for long enough. For example, if you’re playing a first person shooter for days on end and then someone in the real world were to bump into you, it MIGHT provoke a more aggressive reaction from you because you’ve been conditioned to have an instant and hostile response.

In the news recently, this Anders Breivik, (who is a psycho, and in NO way represents the typical video game player), confessed that he trained himself to kill by playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

Anders Behring Breivik, who admits killing 77 people in Norway last summer, used a video game as training for his shooting spree, he testified Thursday at his trial for homicide and terrorism.

He played the game “Modern Warfare 2” for practice, he said.

Breivik, who boasts of being an ultranationalist who killed his victims to fight multiculturalism in Norway, also went through a period of playing the game “World of Warcraft” up to 16 hours a day, he testified.

But that is just one point to highlight how video games can most definitely spill over into everyone’s lives if you don’t keep it in check. I feel that it mostly applies to people who might be susceptible to addiction, or that might already have a mental health issue and just need that little “nudge” but regardless, they are powerful tools for good AND bad.

So anyways, here goes:

10. Deus Ex

Truth be told, I’m not a huge gamer. I haven’t actually played this game, but I’ve read enough about it to the gist of it. I’ve actually posted about this in another article I wrote up specifically for transhumanism in video games. It has a storyline where in the future (2020’s-which is not so far off) augmenting the human body is common. The original Deus Ex game has what is termed “immersive simulation,” where they use a first person camera angle and character interaction to make it feel that there is very minimal “gaming” involved and it creates a more realistic feel. You are a character that has the ability to customize and upgrade your body with over 50 augmentations. The story line also features various conspiracy theory topics; The Majestic-12 scientists are working on self-replicating nanobots that will communicate with the human host’s brain. Later on in the story a few more years, the Majestic-12 defeat the Illuminati in a power struggle and the character JC Denton is successfully nano-augmented as one of their agents. Even later on in the story, nano-augmentation is widespread. The story line has several more turns and such, but you get the picture.

Illuminati symbolism found in Deus Ex:


9. Bionic Commando

This is another 80’s NES game that my dumb ass could never beat. But in my defense, these old NES games were way more difficult than today’s game where you can simply save the game’s progress wherever you felt. I don’t remember if Bionic Commando had the option to save at certain points or not, I just remember it was hard as hell.

Anyhow, this game revolved around the hero, Ladd Spencer who was transhumant-ish with his bionic grappling gun/arm that could extend and retract to move him around. Jumping was not an option in this game, so navigating was half of the battle. Ladd was trying to save Super Joe from an earlier video game called Commando from the enemy state called the Empire.

The Japanese version of the game featured swastikas because their Empire government was a neo-Nazi outfit. Interestingly enough, the American version swapped it out for a bird, similar to a phoenix or eagle.



8. Assassin’s Creed

Assassin’s Creed is a large series of games about a guy who descends from a lineage of assassins. He is abducted by the Knights Templar and forced to try to help them retrieve artifacts that hold the power to control mankind and bring humanity together. This supports the one consciousness revolution idea, perhaps what could happen on December 21st, 2012. There’s part of the story revolving around devastating solar flares and pre-human beings who have tried to interbreed with humanity. They produced hybrids with special powers, similar to Icke’s idea of reptilian/human hybrids who he claims were created to control humanity.

Illuminati connection for Assassin’s Creed:


7. Turok Dinosaur Hunter

Turok is a first person shooter for the Nintendo 64 where the main character is a Native American who can travel through time. Each Turok warrior must protect a barrier between Earth and this “lost” land where primitive creatures roam. These creatures consist of aliens and dinosaurs. It also features an alien artifact that an evil cyborg enemy attempts to gain control of to rule the universe.

The game series continues on to hold similar stories of reptilian-like aliens, time travel through portals, and powerful weapons. A common theme is the lack of an existence of time. These themes are commonly held by David Icke-isms also, because he is always speaking on how time is an illusion and we are deceived into viewing it as linear in nature. Alien megaliths and powerful energy fields are another topic covered on Ancient Aliens also.



6. The X-Files

This game was from the Playstation 1 system back in 1999. It was played like an interactive movie where the player would point and click on different clues to solve puzzles and move the agent (Craig Willmore-NOT Mulder or Scully) through an investigation of the disappearance of Agents Mulder and Scully. What’s cool about this game was the actual filming in Seattle of the actors from the television series. The plot of the game is part of the mythology of X-Files (the good part of the show) and has ties to aliens taking over the bodies of humans. The game is supposed to have taken place during season three of the show.

If I’m not mistaken, there were three or four discs for this game, and you would have to load each one up at the proper time. The gameplay was somewhat difficult considering how basic it truly was. When you clicked on the wrong door by accident you’d have to sit through the subsequent film from that click. The game itself isn’t all that great, but the nostalgia of the 90’s and the X-Files mythology arc make it count.


Making of X-Files the game:


5. El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron

This 2011 game features a character named Enoch who must seek fallen angels to prevent an apocalyptic flood from destroying humanity.  Enoch was inspired by the actual Book of Enoch which isn’t official biblical material by every religion, but some Orthodox Christian groups do subscribe to it. Enoch was the great grandfather of Noah and he discussed the angels who created the Nephilim (The Watchers). The Watchers interact with humans in the Book of Enoch and they proceed to create the Nephilim which are the sons of God and daughters of men, as described in the book of Genesis, 6:4. There is much disagreement as to this interpretation, but feel free to read up on it, in my opinion there is some kind of extra terrestrial link there. Zecharia Sitchin claimed that the Nephilim came from Planet X, or Nibiru, as part of his alien astronaut theory, based on Sumerian texts.

In El Shaddai, they depict the Nephilim as humanoid blob creatures at the Tower of Babel. Enoch must destroy them by purifying the souls of the Watchers that created them.


Here’s a great video that explains the game well and gives you a walkthrough:


4. Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider is a wildly successful franchise based on an archaeologist named Lara Croft. The original Playstation One (and Sega Saturn) game came out in 1996 and allowed the player to control Croft as she searched for ancient artifacts and relics, similar to Indiana Jones. It was cool because you had to solve puzzles and fight against a shadowy elite group that were searching for the same artifacts. Some of the artifacts had alien origins, reminiscent of the crystal skulls seen on the fourth Indiana Jones film and Ancient Aliens series. Later on in the series she even finds the tomb of Egyptian God Set and collects pieces of Horus’ armor to fight him in locations such as the Valley of the Kings and Temple of Karnak. Set and Horus are gods which are spoken about in several of the ancient cultures and texts in different forms.

The only beef I had with the game was the horrendous gameplay the first one had. The camera would swing around violently at the worst times it seemed, but being able to travel about in these lands and search for ancient artifacts is worth it.


Tomb Raider Temple of Horus:


3. Mega Man

Another game that I’ve previously written about in my transhumanism article, Mega Man is a series of video games that goes back to the 1980’s from the Nintendo days. Not only was this game ridiculously difficult, but it featured an android as its main character. This protagonist was created in a lab and converted to a battle robot. He has a cannon attached to his arm with an ability to upload knowledge of new attacks after defeating the boss that possessed them. Later in the game franchise, Nintendo modified Mega Man to become Mega Man X, an android with free will over his actions, thoughts and feelings. Robots that were built to replicate Mega Man X, called Reploids, have the ability to shape shift and also have free will. Even later on in the game series, the lines between Reploids and humans blurs due to the humans being augmented with robotic parts, and all beings are now referred to as Humanoids.



2. Super Mario Bros

That’s right; the world’s highest selling video game for over 20 years has some sort of link to all of the garbage I sift through on my website. The story revolves around two plumber brothers, Mario and Luigi, who go through the Mushroom Kingdom to rescue the Princess Toadstool from the enemy Bowser.

Bowser’s enemy forces include mutant turtles called Koopa Troopas, which were created based on the Kappa legend from Japan. Kappa is a salamander, reptilian humanoid creature that is known to kill children. There are similar tales in Germany, Finland, and Scotland about these water dwelling reptilians. More reptilian humanoids in the game include the main enemy, Bowser. In the second Super Mario Bros. there is a main enemy boss called Wart who is a frog-like monster. David Icke is most famous for his reptilian Illuminati theories where he suggests that there are humanoid alien/reptilians that exist and shape shift in and out of our earthly dimension.


Here’s a clip from the awful ’80’s movie with some subtle reptilian stuff:


1. Bioshock

Bioshock is easily my favorite series of games. As of this writing, they are working on the third installment, Bioshock Infinite which will be similar to the first two games. The first two games feature a storyline in an underwater world where people are able to genetically alter themselves via plasmid injections (e.g. telekinesis, fire, etc.). This is reminiscent to the theory of aliens manipulating our genetic forms into what human species they desired. The jump from homo sapiens to homo sapiens sapiens has arguably had a missing link that some ancient alien theorists suggest could be explained by a manual genetic manipulation of our DNA. The game also has aspects of MK Ultra, as there is a character that has forms of triggered brainwashing unbeknownst to them. One of the writer’s of the game, Ken Levine admits that the utopia environment of the game was inspired by George Orwell’s 1984.

One of the coolest themes of the game is the political aspect behind it. The reason there are people living in this underwater world called Rapture is due to a man named Andrew Ryan’s vision. He discusses his philosophy throughout the game which could possibly be pieced together as one of libertarianism mixed with the worst parts of greedy capitalism (he’s anti-big government and anti-religion sort of).

He uses a term of interest, “Great Chain” and you can see it throughout the background images also. He uses this to describe how industry and the economy unite the people together (capitalism) because they need to work and pay taxes back to the government in order to provide upkeep and services for the population, so they are all tied together via this “chain.” This “Great Chain,” I believe, could be related to Aristotle and Plato’s “great chain of being” concept that defines a hierarchal structure of all life that God created. The chain connects everything in life together in a chain, from God in the heavens, all the way down to the dirt and minerals of the earth. Perhaps this analogy is telling us that Andrew Ryan is the God of Rapture and he is supporting the manipulation of all of its inhabitants.


I believe in no God, no invisible man in the sky. But there is something more powerful than each of us, a combination of our efforts, a Great Chain of industry that unites us. But it is only when we struggle in our own interest that the chain pulls society in the right direction. The chain is too powerful and too mysterious for any government to guide. Any man who tells you different either has his hand in your pocket, or a pistol to your neck.

―Andrew Ryan


To any length, it’s a great game with an interesting story and the ambience of Rapture is simply addictive and allows the game to hold a solid replay value. Its story gives it more importance than a simple point and shoot action game and you can give yourself various endings depending on how you decide to traverse the game.

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  1. The XBOX symbol in itself is Illuminati. They own XBOX and Playstation. You’ll have to read The Nephilim Agenda and The Nephilim Resurgence by Randy DeMain. It gives lists of every Illuminati owned company. Came across your article doing a web search..good stuff! I have, at the bottom of my news website, Randy DeMain’s books and the photos are linked. Check them out when you have time. Again, thanks..and I thought you would be interested to know that.

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  2. I’m surprised that Metal Gear Solid Franchise did not make the list!!! All of the stuff loaded in that game really makes you wonder. It was the one that really open my eyes to the Illuminati.

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    • I heard someone paid someone a lot of money to keep the TV on Mk ultra, I have heard god himself, crazy, but he told someone stand down from power and he will forgive them of their sin, but they wouldn’t so God told someone to kill, god live 100% but I don’t agree with him, but they is big brother going on and a part of it is google they are spying on everyone

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  3. I think you left out a few games like the secret world for instance. It has altered my whole perspective of the game. At first I thought it was just like an action filled game that involved the imagination of what the illuminati is or could be, but I believe the game has lessons to teach, the question is are peoples eyes open willing to see? and are they willing to listen. Out of all the games I play, The secret world is by far my favorite game. It involves strategy and intelligence, like truly! It makes you question every little detail of your existence, the existence of god and the bible. Like no joke there’s quest’s on that game where you actually use the bible to solve part of riddle to continue your quest! I suggest that you guys try it! Lastly, I wanted to add, If you know little about the illuminati and you’re posting things that you find out little by little, I’d advise you to stop. Some events will take place and I can’t give you a specific date but I do know it will with be within the next couple of months or the next year coming. They’re determined to keep their secrets, secrets. So don’t go searching for answers that you think you want because once you find them, there’s no taking it back.

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    • That’s bull… if you know spiritual law (the law of karma, of evolution, of soul) you are free to do whatever you want, don’t try to scare people just because you don’t have a clue how things work.}

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      • Just because we have the freewill to do as we want doesn’t mean it’s good for us. I am a Christian and see various symbols in many of the things I used to enjoy doing. I urge everyone who hasn’t accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior to do so before it’s too late. The great tribulation is nearly here open your eyes to the truth. Accept Jesus before it’s too late.

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  4. As well there’s a game I use to play, it’s more addictive than you think it’d be but wizards 101. It has a lot of illuminati symbolism

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  5. i think illuminati rocks and i think its cool I LOVE IT

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  6. Yeah you’re right about videogames just being tools of the agenda. They program people from young ages to not think twice when what comes comes.

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  7. you are all massively retarded. video games dont cause people to kill….fucking tards……have people not been murdering and raping since man first walked. dont be naive. humans now days love to blame everything else and use the most retarded ecusses of all time…”the guns are killing people” not the people using the guns… video games actually teach you cognitive thinking, puzzle solving skills ect….its the floride in the water that makes you a mindless drone who never questions.! its your obsession with celebs like kardashians is why you are morons. open your eyes, they created religion to control all of the stupid people and its been going on for a very long time. we will never be rid of it as long as retards are aloud to breed and keep creating more little morons. I BLAME YOU ALL FOR NOT STANDING YOUR GROUND AND NOT BEING A SLAVE TO THE “elite”. but you are all so confortable in your little bubbles of selfrighteousness and ego, you dont notice the guy carefully positioning himself right behind you to insert his “dominance” right in your dumb ass.

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    • Faith+1 you sound like a dumbass saying all that for you to even comment on this mean you had to been looking up the illuminati before you judge look in the mirror you fucking retard

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    • Right on with h Kardashian piece, and the footnote is priceless

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  9. Actually Assassin’s Creed (at least up to III) is anti-illuminati

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