Obama’s shape shifting alien bodyguard caught on video

Another questionable video but I’m still gonna post it. The graininess of the footage makes me skeptic, but the deep seeded paranoia inside of me wants to believe-lol. The claim is that this guy is shape shifting at a speech in Israel. Take a look and see what you think: The original footage is from […]

David Icke’s Moon Matrix Theory Explained

David Icke’s “Moon Matrix” theory is the point where people believe he has tipped into straight up madness. Anyone who has followed Icke’s progression of theories knows that he has transitioned into deeper and deeper levels of understanding, and if you’ve made it past his reptilian-shape shifting material, then the moon matrix stuff shouldn’t be […]

Avengers, Chitauri, and David Icke – Illuminati Symbolism

I haven’t seen The Avengers, but in my normal traversing of the internet I came across an article on Henry Makow (http://www.henrymakow.com/aspen_avengers.html) that talks on the film and its Illuminati symbolism. The article claims that the Hulk is representative of the Illuminati somehow, and it goes on through some fairly weak comparisons, in my opinion. […]