Ill Bill Talks on Mike Tyson Rapping and Grimey Awards

I’m left to assume it’s the boxer Mike Tyson, but I can’t seem to find a ton on this??… I guess Tyson is trying his hand at rapping?… I did learn that Mike Tyson is at the beginning of Ice-T’s New Jack Hustler video though, see if you spot him at the beginning. Watching that video is like a breath of old and fresh air, I love that golden age of gangsta rap, damn. Also, don’t forget that La...

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The (R)evolution of Immortal Technique Documentary

Documentary featuring political/conspiracy theorist rapper Immortal Technique has a documentary coming out this summer in 2012. Here’s the trailer, featuring Chuck D, Ice-T, Woody Harrelson, Dr. Cornel West, etc. It will feature his travels to Afghanistan and politikin’ with the rebels and such to point out the error in their ways: And here’s a brand new interview with Immortal from...

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