Romney, the Mormon church, and Freemasonry

I originally posted this back in October of 2012, but decided to update a few of the topics and include the latest Coast to Coast episode where they talk about the importance of bees in symbolism.

Henry Makow posted about Mitt Romney and the LDS Mormon church’s Freemasonry links. He cites a guy named Michael Hoffman as he goes through the untold story of the LDS church’s history.

He argues that LDS church founder, Joseph Smith, was actually assassinated because the LDS church he built was in competition with Freemasonry and violated the oath Freemasons take to secrecy. The LDS believe that Satan was Jesus’ brother and that he told Adam and Eve to fashion aprons from fig leaves to cover themselves in the Garden of Eden. These aprons are seen today in Freemasonry, and are a secret acknowledgement of Satan.


The LDS church has strong ties to Freemasonry if you take a look into it. VigilantCitizen has a nice write up on the Salt Lake City, Utah LDS Temple. There are images of inverted pentagrams, astrology, Egyptian symbolism, and other Pagan symbols all over the temple:



VC mentions the sun and earth stones found on the temple, but if you research the temple further you’ll see that there are Saturn stones near the top. The stones were intended to have rings around them, but the final version was left without. As I mentioned in another article discussing Saturn worship, this is the backbone to many deceptions in our world:


The Saturn worship uses the cube also, and there are cubes embedded all over the sidewalks in downtown Salt Lake City. Why are there cubes? I don’t know and I haven’t been able to determine why. If anyone knows why please comment.

sidewalk slc

cube worship

One more interesting note someone posted on Makow’s website is the fact that serial rapist murderer Ted Bundy was from Utah and was a Republican Mormon also. Some of the murders were done in occult fashion, leaving hints of Freemasonry and Mormonism behind.

UPDATE: To elaborate on the LDS and Freemasonry/Occult link; there was a guest on Coast to Coast AM discussing the importance of the symbol of the bee in the occult:

Ancient Bees & Rennes Hoax:

Second hour guest, editor-in-chief of The Heretic Magazine, Andrew Gough, discussed his work researching the lost traditions and symbolism celebrating the sacred honey bee in ancient cultures, as well as a hoax he uncovered at Rennes-le Chateau. The hoax involved a supposed discovery of a tomb in a cave in the South of France that included relics such as a parchment written by a priest from Rennes-le-Chateau. More on the hoax here. According to Gough, the ancient Egyptians venerated the honey bee, and had perfected the art of beekeeping as far as 2400 BC. He hypothesized that Atlantis was actually a civilization on Crete 3,000 years ago that served as “drug lords of the ancient world.” They successfully shipped and trading a drink they made from poppies and hallucinogenic honey to various regions throughout the world, he claimed.

The symbol for Utah is the beehive and the bee symbolism is prevalent all over the state:


Here’s that episode, you’ll have to get to the second hour of it for the part about the bees:

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  1. The cube represents the three dimensional space(cube) that we live in. More like trapped it

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  2. I’ve been independently researching “the great mystery” for a few years. I’m no closer to an answer than I was when I began really, but I’ll share a few things that I’ve picked up. I think the cube has something to do with “squaring the circle” whatever that really was intended to mean. I think it may very well have something to do with what is alluded to when people say we are in a matrix-like reality. A world within a world so-to-speak. I also think it is related to the symbolism represented by “corner” and “foundation” stones of Masonic lore. Building blocks, possibly atoms. Possibly something else. I am positive it is not a coincidence that the Kaaba is cube-shaped (and houses what is believed to be a meteorite, the black stone).

    Regarding the Borg of Star Trek and their cube-shaped craft along with bees, I am fairly convinced this has to do with hive-minded control mechanism that the establishment champions as “social” (insert whatever) as if it was a good thing. That’s why everybody around us is a zombie. They are “worker bees” who have given up individuality in favor of being on the same “wavelength” as the social group mentality. Socialism and communism are representative of “the great work” which remains unfinished, hopefully forever. Sometimes people unfairly lump Plato into this but I have to defend Plato. Plato said nothing material would compare to the heavenly, the best it could be was second best. Also, his republic was an experimental city-state. Socialism mixed with nationalism. In our time if you put those two words together you are a “Nazi” even though politically it implies a middle ground between the two competing ideologies which humanity is divided over due to the left-right paradigm rooted within our dual natures.

    Whatever the ultimate “source” of all this is, Saturn aka Cronus aka Illus and its modern followers who practice the ritual of “the cut” has something to do with it.

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  3. The Mormon church isn’t part of the illuminati. On the contrary, they’re against secret societies:

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