Princess Diana Conspiracy Theory Documentary Update

A film that was to analyze and possibly expose some secrets behind Princess Di’s death has been overcome by the various “powers that be” and isn’t going to make it to the shelves. The documentary, called “Unlawful Killing” needed some special kind of insurance before they could show it. For one reason or another, this insurance wasn’t able to be obtained (nothing peculiar, I’m sure…) so they’re just not going to release. Sounds sketchy? It is.

Unlawful Killing has/had a website, it’s also gone down. The film exists, it’s out there, good luck finding it.

Here’s a different documentary until we can watch Unlawful Killing legally. The film is online if you look hard enough, I’ve been shut down too many times for posting it so they win that battle.

David Icke goes into the theory, with some resounding clarity. It all has to do with occult symbolism. I’ll throw a video with Icke talking on it at the end. He goes further into it on his full length presentations.

The £2.5 million film had been bankrolled by Dodi’s father Mohamed Al Fayed, who has always claimed the deaths were not an accident.

Lawyers had warned there are 87 contentious allegations that would have to be cut before a British screening and although there were plans to release it in the US in August to coincide with the 15th anniversary of the deaths, the insurance was needed to protect the European offices of the distributors.

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