Paul Walker death conspiracy theories

The actor Paul Walker died on November 30th and it didn’t take long for conspiracy theories to float to the surface of the web. Here are some of the ideas out there…

There are claims that his film history shows ties to the secret societies, and therefore the Illuminati. He was in the Fast and Furious import car films, which shares the same name as the ATF “Operation Fast and Furious” where there was a cover-up in the secretive op to trade guns with the Mexican cartel in order to track guns and theoretically arrest high ranking members of the Cartel.

Walker was also in The Skulls which was about the Skull and Bones secret society at Yale. The Skull and Bones has ties with the right wing politicians, including members of the PNAC like Robert Kagan, and high profilers such as President George W. Bush (and also Democrat John Kerry; just to be fair).

This ties into the Fox Broadcasting Company’s Family Guy TV show. Fox is the noted right wing 24/7 news media channel, and their ties include pretty much anybody in the right wing side of politics. The talking points get repeated from the news shows on Fox, and then get repeated by the politicians.

So how does this tie to Paul Walker? The beloved dog on Family Guy, Brian, just died last week (Nov. 24th); just six days prior to Paul Walker. Paul Walker’s character on Fast and Furious was Brian O’Conner. Also, the reason the public found out about the ATF “Operation Fast and Furious” was because ATF agent Briant Terry was killed during one of the operation’s transactions. That’s three “Brian’s.”


I’m not saying this means anything at all, just relaying the conspiracy theory that’s out there. You can see the six degrees of separation between the politicians, Skull and Bones, Fox News, and Paul Walker exist, but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything. Check out the one- All Seeing Eye symbolism found on the first film’s poster:

fast and furious paul walker illuminati one all seeing eye


Another conspiracy is the classic “remote controlled car” theory that some nefarious agency did this through a drone-like interface. The idea stems from one of the many posts on the GodLikeProductions forums that claims Walker was killed because he dug too deep and uncovered something he shouldn’t have. This Youtube video compares it to the similar early death of investigative journalist Michael Hastings:

Walker was on his way to his Reach Out Worldwide charity event (or coming from, apparently), and supposedly he was on the “Illuminati” radar. Here’s that GodLikeProductions post:

Paul Walker and his friend were killed shortly after they discovered a conspiracy to supply victims of Typhon Haiyan with a prototype permanent birth control drug hidden in medicinal supplies and food aid. They had a damning recording and they were on their way to rendezvous with an ally who would have helped them get in touch with the right people. Turns out they were betrayed and someone rigged their car’s breaks to malfunction after a certain speed. Now that the loose end has been tied up, and the recording destroyed, the people responsible have nothing to fear as this will become another “conspiracy theory” no one will take seriously.

Here is the website that this theory seems to derive from, but it is from 1996 (and it seems to have already been ‘exposed’). Here’s

A former official with the Philippine government’s population control organization has released an official medical report affirming that Filipina women were injected with sterilizing agents without their knowledge or consent. Antonio (Sonny) de los Reyes served from 1978 to 1982 in a number of Pilipino population control agencies. He was in Toronto recently to attend meetings of a Catholic charismatic prayer group. Mr. De los Reyes, 52, served as executive director of the Commission on Population, the body coordinating the Philippine government’s population policy. He was forced out after criticizing the government for targeting the poor in its population control efforts.

Although reinstated in 1986, De los Reyes refused to go back to his old position and instead devoted his life to speaking out against anti-population schemes. Today, de los Reyes is national president of the Council of Philippine Laity. The council came to international attention when it uncovered evidence of a widespread sterilization program aimed at young Filipina women. Advertised as a national vaccination effort, the program involved the lacing of anti-tetanus toxoids with a sterilizing chemical known as HCG. Thousands of Filipino women between the ages of 15 and 45 were inoculated by the tainted vaccines. Only through the efforts of Catholic church organizations was the tainted vaccine brought to public attention.

Some other theories on GLP bring up some interesting questions regarding the physics behind this crash. Take a look at what this forum is saying:

So here we go. This is the same car Paul Walker was killed in that had also been involved in an ultra high speed crash with fatalities.

Now the final photo of the car shows it against a tree that is only about 6 inches in diameter and the tree is totally undamaged. Cars don’t hit 6 inch trees at what would have had to have been 150 mph and not damage the tree, there would not be a tree. As one member said, if you don’t believe this, take your car and go try yourself at 30 mph.

I don’t particularly agree with this one either because the car seems to have just come to a stop at the 6″ diameter tree, and the news reports that the car he was in actually hit a light pole. Here’s Asiantown’s image of a Ferrari after it hit a pole, showing us that these lightweight fiberglass ridden cars are susceptible to this type of aftermath:

ferrari crash


Some are claiming he was a huge proponent and investor in Bitcoin (with the unsubstantiated claim that he invested over $40M; which the Bitcoin has its own ties to the underground Silk Road or Deep Web with assassins trading Bitcoins and services), others say it was an Obama directed drone strike (hence the reason the car is blown to bits), and others claim it will forever change the Google search results for “Fast and Furious”, thereby taking the exposure off of the ATF Operation under the same name.

Some point out that he was an LDS Mormon and tie that into the Freemasons and Skull and Bones. Wherever the truth lies, it is sad to lose one of the celebrities that appeared to be a good guy  through his charity work and all of the various personal experiences I’ve read that others had with him.

RIP Paul Walker.


paul walker


UPDATE 02DEC2013: LibertyDigest ran a piece that compares Michael Hastings against Paul Walker. More interesting, it talks about the fact that Hastings died in a car accident right before he was set to release an expose, while Paul Walker’s film series for Fast and Furious had a storyline that revealed too much. Check it out:

Rumors have circulated that at various times in the past 12 years, members of the filming crew, and even the actors and actresses involved in the making of the “Fast and Furious” series were given warnings of dark nature about revealing too much about the creation of C.I.A. “black money” through the story line of the movies. Similar threats were made to the directors and cast of the “X Files” show in the early 1990′s and the creators of the show were actually forced to change the story line in order to avoid being pulled from the air by the FCC. The information they were disclosing had more to do with the U.S. Government’s ‘Project Blue Book‘ but the threats were taken seriously and the story line was changed.

It’s no secret to anyone who pays attention to what is really going on that the C.I.A. uses “black money” or secret funds that do not need to be accounted for, to fund secret wars and other various projects of interest, such as assassinations and Government takeovers around the world. One of the key places in which the C.I.A. is able to obtain “black money” is through the illegal drug trade. Many argue this is why marijuana is still outlawed in the U.S. – for the sole purpose of the Government’s ability to seize everything from personal property to the bank assets of anyone caught with a joint. The money garnered from those assets is then eligible to be used as C.I.A. “black money” and can go toward any various project the group deems fit.

Many have speculated that the reason the war in Afghanistan is never going to end is because the C.I.A. is generating so much “black money” from the poppy industry. The majority of the money from world-wide heroine sales originates from the poppy fields of Afghanistan, and while the U.S. is in control in Afghanistan, they control the poppy industry. Oil profits generally need to be accounted for. Poppy profits do not- hence “black money” for the C.I.A. The story line in the “Fast and Furious” also revealed a lot of information about the drug trade in other parts of the world as well as the outrageous sums of money generated from the chop shop high-end car business. The movies weren’t just about racing stolen cars. They showed a much bigger picture of corruption inside Government and Government agencies, and it was a bigger picture that certain Government interests did not want shown.

Also, here is a debunking of the drone strike (by Prison Planet) that talks about how this is a distraction to kick around conspiracy theories that are absurd (like this one):

  UPDATE 10DEC2013: Another theory involves the Central American drug cartel known as the Cocaine Cowboys. From

One of the places that Rodas and the charity frequented was El Salvador. Known locally as “El Caminito;” which translates to “the little highway,” the country uses their US built super highway to move product. Since the American dollar is the local currency, laundering dirty money is also a speciality in El Salvador. Central American drug cartels are notoriously violent. Back in the 1980s when the “cocaine cowboys” first hit Miami and Southern Florida along with Texas and other parts of America, law enforcement officials were shocked at the amount of violence that these Columbian coke dealers meted out. El Salvador is used by Columbia for distribution as well cleaning their dirty money. Since Rodas spent quite a bit of time in Central America, he could easily have been approached by cartel bosses looking for a legitimate business to “wash” their cash. What better place to hide illicit gains than by burying it in a charity. Paul Walker’s friend and fellow business man, despite his not being as well known as Walker, was reportedly just as nice and straight up as his Fast & Furious pal. He would surely have turned the drug bosses down. Considering the “overblown” theatrical way that drug cartel bosses make a point; machine gunning a crowd full of women and children to get their target for example; a bomb, or rpg, used on a red sports car would be on-par with their overly violent ways. This could have been their reaction to Rodas turning down their proposal.

And, Tila Tequila has her own conspiracy about it as well.

UPDATE 13DEC2013: I’ve got some bit on that school shooting in Arapahoe as well (the shooter had something about Paul Walker on his Facebook).

UPDATE 15JUL2014: There was an episode of Tom & Jerry that depicts Hollywood and the entertainment industry with the occult/Illuminati ties. Not only is it strange to have such themes on a children’s cartoon, but the title of the episode is “The Fast and Furry” which is just another link between all of these things.





  1. Aaron says

    filled with misinformation, spelling errors and false facts. Walker was on his way to his Reach Out Worldwide charity event, and supposedly he was on the “Illuminati” radar.” Ummm no he just LEFT that event and was street racing as eyewitness and surveillance video shows… cars have BRAKES not BREAKS. If your going to speculate and spread opinion please do so with facts and proper spelling. Sources help with credibility. Of which, I see none. Unless you are an accident recon specialist, don’t speculate on the damage to a living tree until you see the actual area where a pole was th 1st point of impact and the tree was secondary. Good grief. They were street racing, they were acting like idiots. As a former NASCAR licensed Driver, I am appalled at such behaviors off track by ANYONE associated with Motorsports. Thank god no bystanders were harmed. And now 2 families have lost a Daddy, Brother, Son, Uncle.

    • Myra Jones says

      Walk the talk.. Quote: “If your going to speculate and “… it’s “you’re”
      Quote: “Thank god no bystanders were harmed. And now 2 families have lost a Daddy, Brother, Son, Uncle.”
      Wrong grammar.
      Make sure you get your own spelling right, even if it is just one little mistake.. it makes you look like an ass when you’re preaching to others about it.
      Further more, how did you got your facts right? By watching the news? Did you do some resource of your own? Are you an accident recon specialist? Or do you just know everything because you are a former NASCAR licensed Driver?

      • Just an FYI says

        “Further more, how did you got your facts right?” How did you get your facts right? Get, not got. Get it? Got it? Good!

      • *cough* says

        Walk the talk (see what I just did there?), “Did you do some resource of your own?”. Did you mean ‘research’? Furthermore y’all have to stop being paranoid, as if the government gives a fuck what you think.

    • Grammar Police says

      What a loser you are Aaron. You harp on about spelling. It’s “you’re”, not your. Grammar 101, my child.

  2. newfie says

    interestingly the porsche carrera is noted for having the 911 in it’s name,also check the moon phase for that date,it’s the black moon of death,the same thing happened on a black moon to john lennon,princess diana,tupac and biggie,even the titanic was sunk on a black moon,the u.s. bombed japan on a black moon after the full moon bombing of pearl harbor,check the latest mass shootings as well done on a black moon of death,aurora and sandy hook wtf, for those who did’nt know when he was 33 yrs old he began seeing his current girlfriend who was 16 at the time,make no wonder some folks like disel did’nt see eye to eye

    • says

      When I read that: “,,,interestingly the porsche carrera is noted for having the 911″ I said aloud “WO f***kin shit!!’. THEN I went to Google images to verify it, and in a section under a RED model I see it is the 911.

      Now, hmmm. Ya know I was dragged into conspiracy theory when the 9/11 attacks smashed me in the face (seeing them on the news), and I started seeing connected patterns on other bloody events, and also occult clues which connected them and architecture, and times of speeches, etc etc etc. WHEN the Sandy Hook ‘massacre’ happened, I at first for quite a while resisted looking into it and was outraged that people were bringing it into the domain of conspiracy because of it involving little children. BUT when I recently really started looking close I see the same old evil shit I have been seeing with other of their false flags–especially when surveillance camera apparently suddenly dont work OR the FBI claims they show the evidence but will not let the public see them!
      So my point is that IF–you people who are quick to condemn people looking into the Paul Walker and friend ‘accident’–cannot see the utter weirdness and insanity of Sandy Hook and 9/11 etc etc. The holes, and lies,and sadism, etc–HOW can you just accept THIS as being ‘just an accident’? Get me? How can you NOT want to investigate this? Why do you just give up even WANTING to look into it? Can you not have a kind of neutral position where you collect clues and abide in a state of not-knowingness. Of course you may lean one way or another, but to willy nilly still try and keep a critical investgative ongoing interest. Your arrogant debunking is AS bad as complete gullibility to ONE line of inquiry and/or conclusion. It is the flip side. Rather you should understand the insanity we are having to deal with in this world—the mindset that could even think of doing a JFK, a 9/11, a Sandy Hook, etc etc etc and NOT underestimate what these evil people are capable of.

      • littleangel911 says

        Great reply, I too had my head in sand but these things have not felt right, the more I see, the more Truth is stranger then fiction, God, I hope said all that correctly, I don’t need the grammar police jumping down my throat!

  3. David phillip says

    So much bitching about spelling mistakes it distracts the point he was killed for knowing too much about the NWO sterilization that the Philippines government later admitted to.. Further more a, thin tree will break if a car smashes into it over 30mph. Just saying….

  4. samuel says

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  5. nick says

    lol … y’all r funny aruging over spelling. . . made my day. regardless of spelling his point was proven. so many hidden things people r blind too….

  6. travis says

    I think the government is just hiding it up its carpet this is hard evidence someone needs to find him so we can finish the franchise and live the rest of his life but till then R.I.P

  7. travis says

    Paul walker is alive and we need to figure out why they are bidding this from us why ask questions tikll it gets to the president

  8. travis says

    Listen to fast and furious 6 sound track its bacicly all about his death so say but not nvm just listen to it it says I never feared death or dyein only now god can judge me now listen

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