More Nicki Minaj Illuminati News and New Starships Video

Nicki Minaj is one of the more popularly theorized “Illuminati” members (as I always state; these musicians are not members of the Illuminati, they are merely pawns at best). She is on the new B.o.B. Strange Clouds album that’s dropping May 1st. One of the songs, “Out of my Mind” features Minaj and she spits the lyrics: “You know I graduated summa cum laude/ That’s why they thinkin’ I’m Illuminati”

Either she’s just addressing the issue, or prolonging the speculation to fuel album sales.

See a breakdown of the symbolism found in the Out of My Mind video here:

And here’s her newest video- Starships. It’s got some Ancient Alien type themes with the Hawaiian native types being visited by a UFO. Not much “Illuminati” symbolism, but plenty of that booty to keep my interests:

Commenter ‘yamy’ posted about the cube, so here it is (good catch):

And here it is later in the video in black, similar to the Saturn Worship cubes:

The cube is symbolic of Saturn and Saturn worship. This is a whole ‘nother can of worms, you can read more on Saturn worship here in the Lil Wayne/Big Sean ‘My Homies Still’ video breakdown:

And here’s info on Illuminati connections to music by yours truly:

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  1. There is symbolism in this video… The pyramids in the video are done like how beyonce had them in run the world. They are putting it out there to see if people are gonna pick up on it or not. Rethink some of the lyrics and see if you can find out what they really mean of her songs. I feel bad for her she sold her soul to be famous.

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  2. The only symbolism I saw was the checkboard tattoo on one of the guys but I think the fact that Nicki was a hologram projected by a ufo is something of importance.

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  3. There is an all seeing eye towards the end of the video check 00:23.

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  4. Did anyone notice the volcano erupting in the backround at about 1.19?

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  5. i dont care what anybody say nicki minaj isnt illumunti so stop hating P.O.W.

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    • yeaa brena sweet hart the facts are right there

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    • I agwee wif u brena nicki is not its just bCoz they hate her now they suspecting

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  6. Two of the most powerful secret Chiefs of the Illuminati were Ludwig I
    of Bavaria and Anna Sprengel, Countess of Landsfeldt whose careful
    planning not only created several branches of secret societies that were
    laid out in a manner where the plans of the Order could spread naturally
    to those who would be fit – but certain esoteric secrets could be
    preserved and not lost in the event the heads of the Order were
    compromised by the unworthy. Having other esoteric societies that were
    used as buffer to the original Hierarchy began to work perfectly. The
    secret Chiefs of the Illuminati were completely safe and secret and
    could virtually rule the world unhindered and invisible.

    Yet today the Illuminati is far more powerful than in their day, indeed.
    For the conspiracy theorists went so far overboard with their theories
    that intelligence agents assumed the entire affair was made up by people
    who were delusional. This has been to the advantage of the Illuminati
    who can spread quicker and those who discover them are simply ignored as
    “conspiracy theorists” who cannot be taken seriously.

    As for the United States of America the Illuminati has no war going on
    with its Government, and the only real objection (with dire vengeance)
    that has occurred is when John F. Kennedy made his speech against secret
    societies. If he hadn’t done this, well, the situation in the US would
    be different today.

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  7. I dnt know wat 2 think anymore This is all bullshit

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  8. I dnt know wat 2 think this stuff is bullshit period!!!…:(:(

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  9. why the fuck you people are criticising like me? go get something else to fucking do!!!!! mothercon’t bitchess

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    • u guys dont be stupid do what u think is right not what yo fukin mind is tellin u

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  10. Hey i slowed the video down and Im not exactly sure but it looks kinda like a satanic creature that I took a picture in the video tell me what you think and also allot of UFO type object its pretty corrupted just saying and this is all a thought so let me know what you think…actually Idk how to upload pictures to this I just found this site but its at 3:19-3:20-3:21 message me or email me and ill send you the picture :3 but it has horns on it and has 6 flames around it to…

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  11. What really KILLS me about people, is how ignorant they choose to be. It is one thing to be ignorant but another to Choos to be! Lets just thiink about this for a moment… All videos are created as we know, if you are not apart of any related ideas or illuminati idealism, why have these images depicted in your videos/album cover/ TV shows/ Tv commercials. It is not a coincidence that all these videos are sharing illuminati symbolism that most songs are making reference to the sky, birds, sun, mountains. See before you can say it is B.S you have to understand the language. That is really all this is.. another language. Once you understand the language you can hear it and see it right away. It is those that Choose not to do their own homework and remain ignorant that will say it is B.S or it is just Publicity. Remember a conspiracy theory may just be a theory but at the end of the day a theory only exist because somewhere truth was given to make it exist….. feel free to contact me

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    • Agreed….Well said… 🙂

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    • Wooow. Let me help u nderstand what those references truly mean, and not what people say they are.
      So get ur symbolisms correct before u wrote a long comment, trying to sound intelligent when u really are just another person on the bandwagon.

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  12. I’ve learn a few good stuff here. Definitely value bookmarking for revisiting. I wonder how so much effort you set to create such a excellent informative website.

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  13. Nicki minaj is illuminat all singers r if u rewind song than u,ll hear . They r trying to blind u people . It,s time u people woke up and here u guyz r singing with and here u also worshiping illuminati with out u even noticing. Singers r so desprite 4 fame that they,ll sell there soul 4 fame and fortune . Rihanna is another illuminati lisyen to the song disturbia and if u still don,t get it write the words down. Wake up people. U all going down if u don’t wake up don,t do it 4 me do it 4 yourself so save your soul .

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  14. do wats right not what is right not wat u enjoy

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  15. The Kaaba is not worshipped. Muslims pray towards it because it is the house of Allah ( Arabic word for God). Same God that Jewish and Christians worship. Or is it because some Christians worship Jesus when Jesus and God are two totally different people. Im Muslim….. and I live in Philadelphia,Pennsylvania.

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  16. although I honestly don’t see any symbolism in the video (though I’m very well aware of everything that has to do with symbolism, etc.) except for the pyramid shaped things in the background at the end but other than that I saw nothing or I probably missed something.

    but her cover album for pink friday: roman reloaded she has lines drawn across her right eye which could possibly be symbolism…but her deluxe version of that album has her left eye exposed, (her hair is covering her right eye) and she also has the eye of Horus drawn too, that to me is obvious symbolism.

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  17. Guys. Also important to note that theaz a part nicki draws tha hand symbol satanists use. Slow it down towards the end where the pic looks like film.its realy short tho

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  18. if you guys dont belive that then thats on you #god bless

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  19. Wake Up! All we need is global awareness, not for you to shut these illuminates down. ignorance is no longer an excuse. dont get caught up in their plans, read up on the genius behind Kony 2012, and the aftershock of the devilry involved. we are just pawns, but let us be well informed pawns, do not allow yourself to continue consuming this garbage. Do not be a slave to the system, we are all more intelligent, and have access to research. So do it!

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  20. I too am muslim and u have no right to imply tht the kaaba is part of some satanic worshiping!!
    Tht statement ought to be remove frm ths site!!

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    • This website is to explore ideas. I don’t believe 100% of the theories I’m confronted with, in fact several of them contradict my beliefs. We have to acknowledge there are tons of views on the nature of reality and decide whether it reinforces our beliefs or if it gives us new ones. I never seek to offend anyone from any religion. Read the Saturn Worship post for more on my feelings of this:

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  21. I’m impressed, I must say. Rarely do I encounter a blog that’s both educative and interesting, and let me tell you, you’ve hit the nail on the head. The issue is something that not enough folks are speaking intelligently about. Now i’m very happy that I came across this during my hunt for something regarding this.

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