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I posted about Facebook’s Zuckerberg and his hypothetical ties with the global elitists (see, but after some discussion on David Icke’s forum (I posted the article there also) I heard rumors Zuckerberg was tied into a Bilderberg meeting in 2011.

I lightly scoured the internet, but couldn’t find any reputable sources to validate this. I did, however, find that has an article about this year’s Bilderberg meeting and it speculates that Marco Rubio will be chosen as Romney’s running mate. Getting to the point at hand, it also appears that the guest list includes one of the four co-founders of Facebook. Although it’s not Zuckerberg himself, it is Chris Hughes. Another tie in is that one of the first major investors into Facebook will be attending- Peter Thiel. One more piece of the puzzle could arguably be Google Chief Executive Eric Schmidt. I say this because I also posted in that original Facebook article how Zuckerberg attended the CTY along side one of Google’s co-founders. Here’s an excerpt:

More recent guest lists have been heavy on politically active techies, including Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes and Google Chief Executive Eric Schmidt — both of whom have assisted Obama — and Peter Thiel, who co-founded PayPal and was the first major investor in Facebook. He has donated $125,000 to the Bilderberg nonprofit and contributed $2.6 million to a super PAC supporting Ron Paul’s bid for the GOP presidential nomination.

Facebook aside, keep a mental note about Marco Rubio; we’ll see if he in fact comes out as Romney’s running mate for the 2012 elections.

UPDATE: Looks like is on the case. This video posts a short segment on the IPO “Pump and Dump” scandal (start it around 1:40 to skip the b.s.). They say they’ve got a whole Bilderberg/Facebook article on the site somewhere too.

UPDATE to the UPDATE: Found the article (I guess it’s a video). Talks about Facebook’s data mining being the real worth here.

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