Masters of the Universe: He-Man Occult Symbolism

Masters of the Universe (MOTU) features many characters and settings that depict occult symbolism. Occult symbolism was prevalent in the 1980’s through many cartoon series such as Thundercats (e.g. Mumm-Ra, mythological Sword of Omen powers, etc.), G.I. Joe (e.g. Cobra, Cobra Commander, etc.) and others. The occult symbolism is found through mythical creatures, magical super powers and spells, astrological projection, and other topics I will point out further down in this article.

MOTU was birthed from a world similar to Conan the Barbarian, see “Mastering the Universe: He-Man and the Rise and Fall of a Billion-Dollar Idea” book by Roger Sweet and David Wecker. Conan features a storyline of the hero fighting against an occult group that worships a snake god-Set. Set was an Egyptian god of darkness who bestowed great powers in his followers. The occult group features shape shifting reptilians, and in the spin-off cartoon series, Conan the Adventurer,  Conan would fight them and send them back to their dimension (David Icke claims this to be the fourth dimension which is undetectable to humans due to the reptilian genetic engineering). Without digressing too far into Conan, I’ll just leave it at that, snake worship, reptilian shape shifters, so on and so on.

For the rest of the occult symbolism found in He-Man and MOTU, please pickup my book: A Grand Unified Conspiracy Theory: The Illuminati, Ancient Aliens and Pop Culture. I cover all of the images you see below in the Appendix. I’ll leave the images up for cross reference.







  1. Agent X says

    thumbs up my friend. keep waking these people up. the Drakonians will defeat themselves. stay awake brothers and sisters.

  2. Marvin says

    Why did they have to produce such satanic cartoons like this for? Skeletor even his name looks demonic. I’m sure the people who made this cartoon would be going to hell when they are dead. God would not be pleased with the men and women who did the drawings,animation,voices,etc. People who make and mass-produce the demonic “he” man and the socalled masters of the “Universe” probably wont be going to heaven unless they repent of making something as evil as this or any other evil cartoons such as My little pony. God is not pleased with cartoons like this, it does not honour Jesus. God was suppose to be called the Master of the Universe. Saying I am the “power” is a Satanic lie thats from the occult.

  3. ChristiansAreDirt says

    Oh no one more dumb shitty christian article about “occult” symbols blah blah blah fucking blah.
    I can’t see any “illuminati” symbols in the He-Man pics and there arn’t any similarities with the “illuminati” pics that are shown here at all. But seeing that is above the head of a true christian, of course :) All christian dirt people need to do the world a favour and die. I spit my nasal mucus in the face of every christian and on your donkey fucked “GOD” fugly Jesus cripple retard. If there weren’t laws I would slit all christians that cross my path Christians are dirt and shouldn’t be allowed to exist at all. All you need to do is to bleed out while getting kicked to death Christians perish Christians the rest of the world is spitting on you !!!

    • ChristiansMustBurn says

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  4. Joy Mayberry says

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  5. ChristiansMustBurn says

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