Illuminati symbolism in Kreayshawn “Go Hard” Music video

Female rapper, Kreayshawn, hit my radar as a potential new recruit for placement of subliminal and other Illuminati images when she was with 2 Chainz back here on the Murder video:


2chainz room


She’s back with a new video called Go Hard (La La La); which I have to admit is dumb as hell but equally catchy. I spotted a couple of similarities to her old video with the checkered masonic floor (how many of these black and white checkered floors are there in the world??):



You’ll also see this in that 2 Chainz/Kreayshawn Murder video:

2chainz floor



And then we’ve got the two unmistakeable parallels between this video and Lil Wayne’s My Homies Still video (see the full breakdown of that plus the Batman shooter symbolism found in it here:

Kreayshawn has several eyeballs…

…and Lil Wayne has a bowl full of them as well:

Kreayshawn has mad dancing plushies in her video…

…and so does Young Weezy baby:


Looks like Keayshawn is in the Illumina-La-La-La-ti. Ugh that was a bad joke; that’s my attempt to be like Mark Dice.

Here’s the video:


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  1. Your first problem is watching the video, who the F**K is Kreayshawn.

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