Kendrick Lamar “Swimming Pools (Drank)” Illuminati Symbolism

Kendrick Lamar is one of the up and comer rappers, and he’s sporting some Illuminati pyramid necklaces, hanging out in a circle of illuminated pyramids, and showing off is new clothing line, “TDE” (Top Dawg Entertainment) which has plenty o’ symbolism of all seeing eyes and such on them.

You can find the clothing line here:

Here’s the video “Swimming Pools (Drank)”:

Also peep the Illuminati Connections to Music post for more on the subject:

UPDATE: Lamar was interviewed by Truth Is Scary TV and he touches on the Illuminati (and seems to believe in it and also be against it somehow, and he also drops some knowledge on how the power structure is really set up):

TIS catches up to Rapper, Kendrick Lamar as he talks nutrition, why he doesn’t vote, why the present doesn’t have power, how we are puppets, and a few questions he won’t answer.


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  3. this is so fucking stupid……

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  4. I want to join the fallen angels, coz I hate being judged

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    • Boy jesus is alive and well i am not sayin i am a saint but just believe in him and u can be saved from all the bad of this world boy the devil is he to kill and destroy think about it

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      • Kendrik boy u r doing a great music, da prblm is ur tone sucks y dnt u bite frm the verbal halograme

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