Katy Perry Wide Awake Illuminati Symbolism Analysis

A youtuber breaks down the video and its Illuminati symbolism. I can see some of it, but most of it seems like a bit of a stretch.

UPDATE 07AUG2013: I’ve got more on Katy Perry than this video with an article about Illuminati/NSA symbolism in her new album “Prism.”


  1. Harmen says

    There’s a point missed in the analysis. This happens a lot in these kinds of videos. The women beats back the man, sending the message “i don’t need one”. It’s basically “breaking the family apart” (demonizing humanity). (family is something the illuminati despises). In other words, divide and conquer.

  2. Cody says

    That’s absolutely stretching it, what Harmen said. Even though it would have been a destruction of family, it represented more so the escape from co dependence from a potentially damaging relationship, notice how the “handler” was watching her during the interaction between the Prince Charming and her. This is an absolute stretch, taking the pieces of the puzzle and trying to make them fit is what is sad. No one else is mentioning the Christian symbolism that is derived from both the lyrics and the cinematography, while she is eating the strawberry, look on her wrist, directly on her body is a tattoo, a permanent, and everlasting mark on a human’s body, that said Jesus. Not to mention her overcoming these obstacles, I’m not giving my opinion to chastise the artist, or to say people who believe in the power of the illuminati is vast and coming to get you.

    I personally will not allow that fear to overcome me, the more you look for the illuminati, the more you create the illuminati. I know that no matter how strong people think the illuminati – our god, our creator, our Savior Jesus Christ is infinity stronger. But if the conspiracy is the only way to entertain yourselves, go on, feed into it. It’s exactly what they want, isn’t it?

  3. says

    I also think katy is a part of the illuminati group. There is a lot of illuminati symbolism in this video such as her earings in the beginning of the video, i really think this video is about monarch programing

    • says

      Well, actually, it’s not her fault, it’s the deamn fucking music industry the deamn producers [which are controlled by illuminaty :( ] made that video… an actually the whole musical industry is controlled by the illuminati.. that’s the truth.. 😐 And it’s not only Katy, OK.. am saying the WHOLE musical industry, so that means that most of the singers are controlled by duh illuminaty..
      Well some of them are free, but not famous.. oh… just watch the movie – “The truth of the musical industry”
      .. and than you’ll understand for what I’m talking about, OK.. :)
      Maybe you know this things, but I’m just saying.. 😉

      ~d(-_-)b~ <- mind control 😀

  4. nomthi says

    She is definitely illuminati,she is saying she is wide awake ,she was in the dark.She starts off by eating a fruit,remember in the bible when Eve ate the forbidden fruit which Satan claimed it was the apple of wisdom,the fruit Katty ate represents that forbidden fruit.After eating the fruit that child appears n she has powers and controls thinks with her eyes,which shows mind control.

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