Joe Rogan ‘Question Everything’ show in the works

Joe Rogan is working on starting up a television show on SyFy called ‘Question Everything.’ I’ll update with more if/when I find out more.

UPDATE 28MAR2013: Bill Burr was on Joe Rogan’s podcast and Rogan mentioned the show but said that he won’t be able to talk about it much more. Peep the jump for more on that podcast:


Q: Anything new in the works?
A: Question Everything, my tentative show for the Syfy Channel, is based on mysteries that a lot of people seem to get obsessed with from Big Foot to UFO’s, ghosts, psychics and strange fringe subjects.
Comedians give their take on it – believers and nonbelievers – and put some of these ideas to bed.



    • joseph carrilho says

      I watched Joe’s show about; Bigfoot, chemtrails, & geoengineering. I am VERY disappointed!!! I guess the “fiction” part of ‘Sy-Fy’ should have been a clue.
      Joe displayed a ‘scoffing’ attitude about chemtrails, and the “THEORISTS” who try to inform the rest of the world. LOOK UP JOE. You ought to watch the film “Why in the World Are They Spraying.”
      Has Joe Rogan been bought off or scared out? I have seen quite a few clips of Joe and he seemed to be quite smart & aware. Now he seems to have changed. Did someone cut to deep when shaving your head?

  1. forest rangel says

    Watched your show tonite. I think you will be good for those folks who continue to keep their heads in the sand. If you invite guess to come on your show to share their point of view need you disrespect them. In these times where people need true information as to what is going on here you continue to use very important information as a joke. Your mad you where not cast as curly on the three stooges or maybe your getting paid to bend over to cover up. Any way the truth has it’s way of coming out you will see or maybe continue to be one of those folks with you head in the ground. Not interested in watching your show.

  2. sally says

    I have watched both episodes and if you are truly serious about answers and this not being another reality side show , why not interview real experts. If you want answers get ahold of Dr. Steven Greer he has all the respectable contacts concerning any topic. Time to reveal the truth not make a silly game out of it , in order to line your pocket with money . There are things taking place on planet earth that are beyond man’s comprehsion so a show like yours could help the average person digest such info. Life is stranger than sci-fi and a lot more interesting and scary.

  3. eric floyd says

    i like the’s nonbyus,looks for all possable answers.maybe there are things out there we don’t know humans think we’re so smart.well if you’ve ever been out to sea,there are a lot of things we haven’t discovered yet.that i am sure of.the universe is too vast to have seen it all.that’s pretty arragant to think we have.keep up the investigation.i’m waiting for joe to stumble on to a grow safe if you do.hard telling who or what might be watchen you.not to mention home made claymores.rock on.

  4. Ryan Smircich says


    I’m just a regular dude who wrestled d2 and teaches and coaches. Not looking for a handout. Just want to party in Vegas with you. No sad story. Ill pay my way. Just want to hang and talk UFC. Had to give it a shot.

    • joseph carrilho says

      Hey Ryan, this is from your email “Just want to party in Vegas with you.” I don’t know what this means. The only party that I am interested in at this time is as follows:
      There is to be a WORLDWIDE protest against Chem-trails & geoengineering on Sunday, August 25th. 2013. Check for local 
times & locations. This OUGHT to be very big!!! SHOW UP. 
In San Diego; at 11:00 by the fountain near the Ruben H. Fleet 
Science Center.
*** Watch the 1 Hr. 13 Min. film “Why in the World Are They Spraying.”
The BEST I’ve seen on this wickedly, disastrous ‘program.’
      IMPORTANT FILM: You Tube Aaron Russo’s “Mad As Hell’ and watch the ‘1 of 2’ and ‘2 of 2’ version (better audio). This is, bar none, the finest & most important film I have ever seen. Already seen it? I urge you to see it again. This is the best I can do. – Joe –

      • john colbey says

        why don’t you investigate the Gorman Ranch in Utah to complete just about everything your talking about from UFO’s to skinwalker werewolfs to paranormal activity. This might be the grand daddy of shows you ever have done. what do you got to lose, check it out !!!

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