Jay-Z and Lebron James “Illuminati” Handshake

UPDATE #2 (26FEB2013): Now’s there’s a t-shirt Lebron wore that stoked the flames:


UPDATE: I’ve found a website that discusses this link further. It seems to link him with Jay-Z a lot, some occult praying, number six stuff, etc.  So perhaps I stand corrected?… So disregard my skepticism below from my original older post, because true to form, this conspiracy theory sounds ridiculous at first but perhaps there’s more behind it than I originally thought…


Original Post (June 2012):

Pssssyyyche, there’s no real Illuminati handshake, but rumors are floating around the web that this happened the other night after James’ game.

Now, truth be told, I am a white man and I am somewhat of an amateur conspiracy-theorist. When I see stuff like this, it kind of embarrasses me to be both, because this is so ridiculously stupid. This handshake has no “Illuminati” or “Masonic” attributes to it at all, so please, for the love of God, stop making something out of nothing. I’m going to post this just for the sake of topic and to give the readers of the website some more clear definition of where my border of sanity lies. A lot of these other bloggers sensationalize crap like this, so just know I’m not condoning this as anything.


Video of LeBron’s prayer ritual which he apparently does every game and throws up the pyramid and the number six hand gesture:

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