Illuminati symbolism of Princess Diana’s death in Selena Gomez ‘Slow Down’ video


Selena Gomez put out a new video for another single called Slow Down (she’s got another video I showed Illuminati symbolism on, called Come and Get It). This new video has her racing through Paris in a black Mercedes Benz, just like Princess Diana did on the night of her death. Princess Diana’s Benz was ’94 S280, while this one appears much older. Point is, there is a comparison to draw, and with a title of the video being Slow Down, it makes you wonder if there’s not a message in there. The timing of the video release coincides perfectly with the late Princess Diana’s grandchild being born, so there’s another peculiarity. Selena Gomez went on record saying that she studied Diana’s accent for her role in the 2011 film Monte Carlo. So there is a sloppy ass connection there as well. Nothing is really a coincidence in the world of conspiracy theory.

Hollywood and the entertainment industry just love draw reminders to Princess Diana, with Lady Gaga’s singing a song about it (see HERE), and Rihanna getting some predictive programming symbolism about it as well (see HERE).

Let’s take a look:

First we have a shot of the Eiffel Tower giving us the one source of Illumination (the Illuminati, of course):

IlluminatiWatcher Selena Gomez Slow Down 1

And here are a couple shots of the Benz:

IlluminatiWatcher Selena Gomez Slow Down 2

You can even see it go right through the Pont D’Alma tunnel (the one that Princess Diana was murdered in occult style by hitting the 13th pillar). Pont D’Alma literally translates as “passage of the moon goddess” so it’s no surprise the Illuminati would do the job there:

IlluminatiWatcher Selena Gomez Slow Down 3

Here’s some other shots of the tunnel as well, for comparison (not in Selena’s video though):

IlluminatiWatcher Selena Gomez Slow Down 4

IlluminatiWatcher Selena Gomez Slow Down 5

You can see that the Illuminati is affiliated with Princess Diana’s murder, since the new statue in front of the tunnel to “honor” Princess Diana is an illuminated torch sitting on a black pentagram:

IlluminatiWatcher Selena Gomez Slow Down 6

The whole story on Princess Diana is detailed in a unreleased documentary called Unlawful Killing that I review in my book A Grand Unified Conspiracy Theory: The Illuminati, Ancient Aliens and Pop Culture. I was fortunate enough to see the film for a brief window that it was online on a Russian youtube like site (which pulled it very quickly). The UK’s internet police even brought my website down for posting about it, that’s how controversial it is. Here’s a very brief snippet from my book about it:

The Merovingian dynasty worshipped the goddess Diana, and the murder of Princess Diana is a ritual sacrifice to the goddess Diana. To believe this, we must believe that the Merovingian dynasty secretly retained power up to present day, which isn’t too far of a stretch. If the British Royal Family can continue to hold a position of power over the citizens simply because they have a “superior” blood, perhaps France has Merovingian bloodlines in positions of power unknown to the citizens.

To further provide details that support Icke’s theory, we take a look at the scene of the crime. Icke asserts that symbolism is the key in any ritualistic murder. The Mercedes toting Princess Diana and others hit the 13th pillar. The number 13 is shown throughout all of ancient symbolism as a combination of 12 and 1 (ex: Zodiac, months in a calendar year, Jesus Christ and the 12 disciples, etc.). Taking a look at the location (remember, the Merovingian had an obsession with rituals and locations), we see the tunnel was called the ‘Pont D’Alma tunnel. Pont D’Alma means ‘passage of the moon goddess.’ In mythology, the goddess Diana literally means ‘goddess of the moon.’ On the night of the accident, the driver Henri Paul took a longer route from the Ritz Hotel towards Dodi Al-Fayed’s apartment, going out of their way to go through the Pont D’Alma tunnel. Supposedly Henri Paul was the victim of brainwashing MK ULTRA type “Trauma Based Mind Control” where an amnesic barrier is placed to prevent the victim from being overwhelmed by the experience occurring. An example is how in a car accident, the mind shuts down and the victim can’t remember what happened. Henri Paul was given a Manchurian-Candidate like trigger to conduct the program that he was given to run into that 13th pillar. Bodyguard Trevor Reese Jones put his seatbelt on just prior to entering the tunnel (bodyguards don’t wear seat belts, and there was a photo taken a minute earlier in which he is shown without a seatbelt).

Big ups to commenter Jenn for pointing out the obvious (that I overlooked). The name ‘Selena’ is actually the reference to the Greek moon goddess Selene. Diana was a moon goddess that was sacrificed in what is claimed a ritual, so there is a potential occult link there as well.

Selene moon goddess

Here’s the Selena Gomez video for Slow Down:


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  1. selena now shares the birthday of prince williams newborn baby…hmm. coincidence? i think not.

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  2. Does anybody else notice that the name Selena means “moon goddess” in Greek?
    …What does this mean?
    Is Sel Gomez gonna get killed too?! 😮

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    • Thanks Jenn, I can’t believe I didn’t catch that one! That’s why I love the website viewing community, you all help out so much 😉

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  3. Speaking of Pont D’Alma translating as “passage of the moon goddess”, the name “Diana’ is the Roman “goddess of the moon”.

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  4. Also, the Roman goddess Diana has a sacred festival day, the date being August 13th. Princess Diana died August 31.. blatant reverse mirroring no? Finally.. after August 31 (day of Diana’s death) there are:

    122 days left in the year (1/22 occult numerology reference)
    122= 1+2+2 or 1/2+2 or 1/4
    365= 3+6+5=14 or 1/4
    8+3+1 or 12 or 11/1 this is the same as 8+1+3 (referencing dates 8/31 and 8/13) 12 being occult number

    243: The number of Earth Days for the planet Venus to complete one Venetian day, one revolution
    A perfect totient number
    The largest 3-digit number that is a fifth power
    The sum of five consecutive prime numbers

    Sorry, I sort of study esoteric numerology as well as things you study and print.

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    • Maybe Selena will be killed?

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  5. I’m sorry but the translation of Pont D’Alma is the Bridge of the Soul.
    Love your site!

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    • Thanks Rute; glad you like the site. I looked up Alma on Wiki and it appears to have multiple meanings. One of them relates to mother (goddess) and another relate to water (moon=water because of the effect the moon has on the bodies of water). It says this:

      “The exact origin of the name Alma is debated, but it is most likely derived, in the female form,[6] from the Latin word almus, which means “kind”, “fostering”, or “nourishing”.[1] It has been most familiarized by its use in the term alma mater,[3] which means “fostering mother”,[7] or “nourishing mother”,[6] and in modern times is most associated with a collegiate hymn or song, or to encompass the years in which a student earned their degree. Also, the Arabic word for “the water” and “on the water” are el-ma and al-ma, respectively. It may also be of Greek derivation, where the word αλμη means “salt water””

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      • This is an amazing website! I recently started reading up on the Illuminati this year and this website, by far, is the most interesting one. Is there anywhere I could learn how to put numbers together like Ash did? That was quite impressive.

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  6. Also, doesn’t green/emeralds, like Selena’s earrings, mean mission accomplished? I thought I read somewhere that it does.

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  7. Do you still have access to this? We’re interested in this video. We have secure servers. I’ll check for a reply every 5 days at 12pm GMT as of 15/02/15. Do not include any personal details such as email address, simply reply to this comment and we’ll be in touch. Thanks, Team Anonymous.

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  8. Lets discuss the pineal gland. I am a srlf taught scholar lol on all things esoteric illuminati ancient alien reptilian matrix related. I’m currently working on a book regarding these things therefore I’ve been researching it for five years. the funny thing about it all is that I started as an urban fiction writer and then out of the blue all of this knowledge just emerged from with in me and I didn’t know how I knew these things but when I research these things I found my thoughts were indeed true which prompted me to write the book and I’m doing it from a different perspective, including other people thoughts and theories and questions along with my own research to do this one big collaboration of a book that will change the world I am a 36 year old college educated African American woman no one like myself has ever dreamed of doing anything like this. It will change the world

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    • I will be looking for your book when it hits the shelves. It’ll be interesting to see things from your perspective.

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  9. Does no one else realize both princess Diana and Selena Gomez are cancers? Both children of the moon. I have the same bday as princess Diana.

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  10. Princess Diana also died the day before the new moon…

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