Illuminati symbolism in ‘Monsters University’ film

The newest installment of the Disney Pixar project of Monsters films is Monsters University. I’ll go ahead and state the obvious, but the main character (and Monsters logos) all feature the one all seeing eye (aka Eye of Horus):

MonstersInc IWWatcher


But let’s get a bit off the status quo stuff for conspiracy theorists and take a look at more subtle symbolism. Now mind you, this is only from the trailer, I haven’t even seen the film yet. Watching the trailer carefully we can see some symbolism for the 9/11 attacks. It starts with the message of “Before they were incorporated…” which arguably could be referring to the terrorist cells forming up as a new entity, or possibly a sub-division of the Illuminati:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Monsters University 2

In the very next shot we see the monsters adjusting a painting that says ‘SEPTEMBER’ underneath it:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Monsters University 1

This is yet another leap you’ll have to take with me, but what if they are referring to September from 2001 (9/11)? I believe it possible since the first Monsters Inc. film was released in 2001 (in November; not September). I know it’s a stretch, but give me two more images…

So the next frame tells us they were educated, which refers to the terrorist cells educating themselves to fly planes perhaps:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Monsters University 3

And finally, the last piece of this puzzle is in one of the frames that goes buzzing by in the trailer, where we see a child’s room with a painting in the background of two planes (again, this is the 9/11 stuff) and also one of a two-headed horse. The two-headed horse is representative of Gemini, which is symbolism of Illuminati.

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Monsters University 4

The Gemini twins were represented by the twin towers, and we see the twin pillars concept as a Freemason reference to Jachin and Boaz (see the Beginner’s Guide to Saturn Worship):

Twin towers represent Saturn, the Freemasons believed that the entrance of sacred and mysterious places should be guarded with two pillars. The towers are seen throughout various cultures and are frequently referenced as Hercules pillars. Solomon’s Temple featured the two towers Boaz and Jachin and this tradition was followed through the secret societies to display these twin towers/pillars as a show of who is in charge.


To add insult to injury we see the one all seeing eye at the bottom of the frame.

Ok, now that is out of the way, what else do we have? We have plenty of symbolism referring to pyramids, which is an Illuminati reference to the Giza Pyramids of Egypt, and also representative of the structure of society, which the elites at the top and sheeple forming the wide base:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Monsters University 11

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Monsters University 10

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Monsters University 6

We’ve also got the obvious devil horns, which are representative of Moloch, the bull god that the Canaanites worshipped and sacrificed children to. Almost all of the characters have the horns, how appropriate to have in a child’s film:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Monsters University 7

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Monsters University 8

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Monsters University 9

We see the horns as symbolism for Moloch in ancient cultures that tie into Saturn Worship with Father Time…

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Saturn1

…and also in American political circles and Wall St…

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Saturn18

…and other films, such as Hostel where the torturers dress up in similar garb to pay homage to sacrifices…


…and also Dexter where the labyrinth killer Speltzer wears the helmet before he kills:


The horns are also featured on the college seal and fraternity logo:

MonstersInc IWWatcher2

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Monsters University 12

Here’s another weird idea I’ll float out there and see if any of you can elaborate on it, maybe come up with something better.

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Monsters University 5

The character’s locker is number 362, which is the Julian Date for Dec. 28th. I’ll assume we’re talking about 2001 again, and performing a quick Wiki cross reference the only thing that jumps out is that Demi Lovato’s half sister, Madison De La Garza, was born on that day. Is she in the Illuminati? No idea, but Demi might be:

Another idea; the character’s name is Mike Wazowski, which sounds pretty Jewish to me. I’m not implying that Jewish people are in the Illuminati, nor there is anything wrong with it, but perhaps the film makers do. I’m not a believer in documents like the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, I think they are a forgery; but the conspiracy theorists generally point out stuff like this, so I’ll also float it. The disclaimer on this one is that I don’t believe Jews are behind any kind of agenda. If there was something going on, I’m with David Icke in the idea that the Illuminati are using the Jewish people to their own gain with manipulation.

MonstersInc IWWatcher3

Here’s a clip that is fitting of the Illuminati and Big Brother from the first film, she says “I’m watching you Wazowski, always watching…”

And finally, here’s a shot of the classical cult’ish secret society hood and robe that we see with groups such as the Skull & Bones:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Monsters University 13

Here’s the trailers, take a look:

UPDATE 28JUN2013: I got a great piece of insight from Facebook (big ups M.H.) that told me that the first Monster Inc film featured a plot about scaring children to obtain energy. This falls right in line with what David Icke talks about with his concepts of energy being sustenance to these Illuminati types. That is the true reason they sacrifice and abuse children (he claims), is because the shape shifters need that energy to shift dimensions. It’s wild, but a theory none the less.


  1. Ali says

    Shit great work bro I just watched this film today and I noticed the symbolism straight away that is contained all throughout the movie, but I never noticed the plane and 2 headed horse drawings and a couple other things, the whole premise of the movie seemed very disturbing to me aswell scaring kids to power the world :S wtf

      • Elizabeth Lizardo says

        I am sorry, I have not watched this movie (or intend to), so I am not familiar with their names — lol but on the short video where the Librarian tells the “one Eyed guy” she is watching, Do you notice him drawing a “6” with his finger on the pile of folders?

    • Jason Dobbs says

      I’ve always noticed the pictures on the wall, with the planes flying towards a picture of the earth, with a blob that looks like North America and the 2 headed horse, but you missed the last part of it.

      The border of the alphabet that runs around the top of the room. The pictures fall under the letters “i and k” The 9th and 11th letters.

  2. Nargomond Esconse says

    I have another huge piece of information you missed with this film! Here you go: there are these people called ‘filmmakers’ that make things called ‘films’ for the purpose of ‘entertainment’.

    • Leo AntiIlluminati says

      How blinded you are by your entertainment. Poor sod. Catch a wakeup, you have been programmed to think that. Be entertained until it is just too late to say, “wait a minute, everywhere there’s the same symbols, hey I saw this in a disney film, must be good, I’ll follow it.” Down the rabbit hole – all the way to the burning lake of fire you’ll go. The time is now to realize something has got you by the balls, mate.

  3. ddj57 says

    Im somewhat new to symbolism but those pictures in the kids room with the planes and the two headed horse. Why would they put this in the movie, whats the point of having the conscious or subconscious mind see this. It seems like all it will attract is attention of conspiracy theorist, so whats the point ? Why do it?

  4. tkneezy says

    mike, the one eye saying we are all of one mind, mine i will tell you what to do and how to do it, leading the ‘monsters’ to use misdirection in order to get their way, also the one eye winning in the end by cheating which i think represents how the elite came to be at the top also the kids seeing the monster but not being scared because it doesn’t appear scary just like how we see the threat in our faces and think nothing of it because it’s disguised to appear as something we shouldn’t fear, the single eye being the ‘mastermind’ behind the whole operation but the demonic like school president is above it as is satan which she clearly resembles as well as mike and sully starting from the very bottom and working their way to the top at the end just like the illuminati did and are now in control

  5. Charlie says

    Hi, just realised something that may already be elsewhere.
    I noticed that the doorway, when loaded into the docking station (ready to be walked through to go to the human world), is in the correct proportions for a triangle, with the red ‘all seeing eye’ at the top (notice they also zoom in to the lamp / ‘eye’ regularly).
    Hope it makes sense :)

  6. Leo AntiIlluminati says

    Hey! I watched the movie last night and saw all these and other secret messages. i just spent my time trying to figure out what is said on the LP player before they scare the adult humans in the cabin. I used Adobe Audition as always. I found out what the message is and it isn’t even reversed. It is definitely “hare krishna, ohmmm” then the little doll says “rama” which is supposed to sound like MAMA. Thanks for your input above. Be ever vigilant. Best of luck to you for the end of days. Hope to meet you on the other side. Regards, Leo Antilluminati.

    • SeekingClarity says

      Fascinating! What do you think the significance of this is? Are the illuminati wanting to target Hare Krishnas or they are not scared by the ‘all seeing eye’?

      • Leo AntiIlluminati says

        I’m not sure but if you really want to go into it start with THE BEATLES. They had that hit song, and they were members of the Illuminati, also they were followers of Alister Crowley. I suppose that is where it stems from – “Do what thou wilt is the whole of the law”. I’m not too clued up with the Krishna movement, but I know enough to know that it is not Christian… Thanks for your comment, good luck finding the answers – and remember to share them. Regards, Leo AntiIlluminati

  7. says

    December 28th may have other significance. Taken from the website: December 28th is a day children may not have enjoyed in Medieval times. December 28th is “Holy Innocents Day” or “Childermass Day”. This is the day when King Herod ordered that all children under two years of age be killed. In some European towns it was the custom for a boy to be given charge of a town for one day after being made a bishop for just December 28th. In Medieval England, children were reminded of Herod’s cruelty by being beaten. December 28th was seen by many then as a day of bad luck. No-one would get married on that day; no-one would start a building on that day and Edward IV refused to be crowned on that day.

    Not many know this old medieval custom.

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