Illuminati symbolism in Jessie J ‘Its My Party’ music video

Jessie J just dropped another video, this one is called It’s My Party and its got the symbolism of Illuminati buried in it. First off, I’d like your help in identifying what/who is on this shirt she is wearing? It appears to be a religious saint of some kind with a halo around her/his head, but it’s tough to say. If you know please comment it out.

IlluminatiWatcher Jessie J Its my Party 1_1

First, we’ve got a wink. But on this website it’s never just a wink, it’s just another symbol representative of the all seeing eye, or one Eye of Horus (it’s all related to Aleister Crowley; I’ll explain more in a comprehensive post I’m writing up about him but it’ll be a few weeks until I post so keep checking back):

IlluminatiWatcher Jessie J Its my Party 3

And then I’ve found a few of the ’666′ hand gestures caught throughout the video:

IlluminatiWatcher Jessie J Its my Party 1

And another:

IlluminatiWatcher Jessie J Its my Party 2

Could it all be a coincidence? Sure. But it’s not. Take a look at some other ’666′ers. First up is Jessie J herself giving us a two-fer of the 666 and eye thing:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom jessie 11

And your boy Drake:

drake 666

Odd Future:



beyonce 666


lil wayne 666

There’s ton more, hit the Google if you want to see it.

UPDATE 21NOV2013: I’ve got posts for Jessie J’s Thunder and Wild Illuminati symbolism as well.

Here’s the video:

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  1. Hi! I saw one creepy girl with 2 eyes in her hair.

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  2. Its Virgin Mary, And I’ll have you know that what you think is evil it truly isn’t. ever hear the expression seek and you shall find. She is the star that leads us to Jesus. So that Illuminati stunt your talking about…I suggest you do you homework. We don’t call anyone to Jesus like you normal church push you to do. He calls but not many hear it TRULY..and when he calls all you want to do is sing because his love is so great. I tell you the truth. the path to light is through darkness.

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