Illuminati symbolism in Beyonce ft. Jay-Z ‘Drunk in Love’ video


Beyonce dropped a new album on the low and is killing it on the sales charts. At the time of this writing (the morning of 18DEC2013) she sold close to a million copies already, which is more than Katy Perry’s and Lady Gaga’s efforts combined. On the album she has all 17 music videos, and the first full video hit the ‘Tube already. And already I’m seeing some Illuminati symbolism (or some paranoia- you be the judge). Here goes…

She does a few shots where her hair and/or hand cover the one eye. I typically try to overlook this type of stuff because it’s fairly dismissible, but I’ll toss it on here and you can see what you think:


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Beyonce Drunk In Love All Seeing Eye 2

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Beyonce Drunk In Love All Seeing Eye


Her VEVO channel even features an image that has the one hair draped over one eye, hell, it even says “Music to your eyes”:


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Beyonce VEVO All Seeing Eye

For the noobs the All Seeing Eye is a symbol for the Illuminati for a variety of reasons. The one I prefer to use is the occult beliefs that have been held close to their cold little hearts since the time of the ancient Egyptians (and further back I’m sure). That belief is that the eye is symbolic of the Eye of Horus (as seen on the dollar bill). This ties into Aleister Crowley and his introduction of the Aeon of Horus. He communicated with a demon in Egypt who claimed to be communicating via the deity Horus. The preceding Aeon of Osiris was one in which Set (aka Satan) was considered evil. This was supposedly a misconception because Satan is the true form of illumination, and calling it evil was only a way of concealing how holy Satan truly is. It was a way of suppressing our desire to seek our true inner-selves and to look to an external god for power. This concept is conveyed through the eye (e.g. opening the Eye of Shiva, the Eye of Set, the All Seeing Eye) because it absorbs all of the light that the solar deity Horus projects.

I go into further detail on the importance of the All Seeing Eye in the Decoding Illuminati Symbolism: The All Seeing Eye and 666 Hand Gesture post:



Whether you want to believe that these were literally angels, giants, reptilians, or the offspring of Seth & Cain; the point is that the concept of a big eye in the sky watching over us is a common thread, lying subtlety below the radar to the uninitiated. The ancient Egyptians had the Eye of Horus, which is also known as the Eye of Ra. This ‘wedjat’ is a symbol of life because in Egyptian mythology, the god Horus had his moon eye torn out by Set, only to have Thoth invoke magic spells of the falcon to restore it (I could segue into the falcon being symbolism of the American eagle or the phoenix, but I’ll save that for another time). The Eye of Horus would continue to be used as a symbol of a protective amulet, including its use on the tombs of Egyptians to assist in the afterlife. Here’s the Eye of Horus in the post about the Illuminati symbolism behind Katy Perry & Juicy J’s video for Dark Horse


It’s a deep, dark, and twisted ride when you start exploring this concept, but most of you are probably here because you wanted to see some devil horns on Beyonce or whatever, so I’ll reference you to check out my book A Grand Unified Conspiracy Theory: The Illuminati, Ancient Aliens, and Pop Culture because it makes more sense when you explore conspiracy theories at the macro level:



Beyonce also has an inverted pyramid on her necklace, which is symbolism of the female goddess. The male energy is symbolized through an upright pyramid, while this inverted pyramid could either be the sacred feminine or just an inversion of a symbol that devil worshippers enjoy so much (e.g. inverted crosses). I’ve got an entire post dedicated to Decoding Illuminati Symbolism: Triangles, Pyramids, and the Sun.


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Beyonce Drunk In Love pyramid 3


Thanks to a message I received via Facebook by MH; here’s another triangle she does at around 5:06 with her arms, this one upright:

Beyoncé   Drunk in Love triangle pyramid



She also comes out with a trophy that features what appears to be a beauty queen (or maybe the goddess Semiramis?…) and it also has an inverted pyramid on it:


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Beyonce Drunk In Love pyramid


Here’s a closer look at the pyramid and I’ve outlined it for clarity:


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Beyonce Drunk In Love pyramid 2

That inverted pyramid idea was discussed in Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code book at the Louvre in Paris with the symbol being a reference to the Chalice and ties into the bloodline of Christ. An earlier writer made similar claims that the pyramid is a Masonic temple with Rosicrucian symbolism for the Seal of Solomon. This seal gave King Solomon the ability to control demons, spirits, and animals through magic. It is also similar to the Star of David with the male triangle and inverted female triangle; indicative of ‘life:’


Seal of Solomon


Here’s the ‘money-shot’ of the video where they both incorporate the hand gestures of the Illuminati with Beyonce doing the horns of Moloch (aka Mano Cornuto) and Jay-Z doing the ‘666’ hand gesture:


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Beyonce Drunk In Love Moloch 666 hand


UPDATE 20DEC2013: ^This image got lifted and put on NYDailyNews . Of course it’s not referenced as Illuminati symbolism; but that’s still pretty ‘big-time-mainstream’ that someone over there actually visited this website :)


The Moloch stuff is explained in further detail in my post about Occult & Illuminati holiday traditions:

Leprechauns were originally evil, demonic creatures that could wreak havoc on everything in their path (like in the film of the same name). Their power was held in their shillelagh rod/staff, which is a perversion of Aaron’s rod that had powers from God. The shillelagh is also believed to be a symbol for Moloch, the horned god. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon had a temple of Nimrod (with the single or double horns; represented as aka Moloch) where sacrifices were given, as referred to in 2nd Kings 23:10:

He also defiled Topheth, which is in the valley of the son of Hinnom, that no man might make his son or his daughter pass through the fire for Molech.

They believed that Moloch would give them financial blessings if they sacrificed their children, and this is believed to continue to this day, as is evident by the startling number of missing children around the world at any given time. A study from 1999 reported that approximately 800,000 children are missing every year in America. 800,000 is an astoundingly high number, that’s about 16,000 per state (if distributed evenly).

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Occult Holiday Moloch

We’ve seen the devil horns all over the place, and most people know that it is fairly synonymous with being evil or devilish, or perhaps just “rock n’ roll”, but they don’t understand the true meaning behind (the Illuminati do though; hence the reason we see it out of place so often). For example…

Illuminati Girl group Fifth Harmony; NOT rock n’ roll:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Fifth Harmony Illuminati vow of silence Moloch 3

…politicians; NOT rock n’ roll:


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Saturn18

Alicia Keys; NOT rock n’ roll:



They lyrics he spits as we see this shot with her doing the Moloch horns are:

Talking ’bout you be repping that 3rd, wanna see all that shit that I heard

Is he talking about the third eye (the Egyptians believed it to be the pineal gland)? Actually he’s not; he is referencing the 3rd ward of Houston, where Beyonce is from. BUT he does this during that particular show, so… I’m just sayin.

What’s most disturbing about this song/video are the lyrics. I’m not gonna take credit for this, but would rather point you to that discusses Jay-Z’s rap lyrics:

“I am Ike Turner…Baby know I don’t play. Now eat the cake, Anna Mae. Said Eat the Cake, Anna Mae”. Beyoncé mouthing the words behind him, smiling.

For those of you who, unlike me, are not obsessed with Tina Turner and did not watch the film of her life story – What’s Love Got To Do With It – almost 100 times, this line is from that film. Tina Turner, real name Anna Mae Bullock, has just released her own music single and two kids come up to her at a diner asking for her autograph. Not her husband Ike’s. Ike is jealous. He tells her to “eat the cake” so they can celebrate her new and independent success. She doesn’t want any. He says “Eat the cake, Anna Mae” and when she refuses, he stands up, shoves it in her mouth and across her face. Her friend and backing vocalist tries to stop him. Ike threatens her, beats her and she runs away shouting to Tina Turner, “You are dead if you stay with him.”

It’s one of the most humiliating scenes in a film that charts the continuous rape and beating by a jealous and violent husband of his wife; a wife who goes on to become one of the biggest music icons, rock’n’roll icons, female icons, black female icons, and icons of recovery from domestic abuse, of the 20 century.

So. I just don’t get it. I hear ‘it’s just rap music’. But it’s not. There’s a lot of non-violent rap music out there. So why do it?

I’ll tell you why they do it; ‘cuz they’re disturbed in the head. They plant these messages subconsciously. Violence, rape, murder; it’s all there in the entertainment industry. Hitler ran through Germany with parades of over 30,000 Nazi Swastikas, and you better believe he had an agenda that found its way into the German people’s psyche because of it. The Illuminati get off on negative, low density energy (as per David Icke’s reptilian conspiracy theory). He claims that the reptilians absorb this energy as a form of sustenance so they can use it to travel interdimensionally.

Here’s the video (explicit lyrics):


UPDATE 08JAN2014: I posted an article about Beyonce and the conspiracy theory that she is replacing Jesus as ‘Beysus’.



  1. laila says

    You are so desperate to find something and tie it to something, you’re scrambling. She out did you. No let me put it like this she slayed you.

    • ECGR says

      Do you think your beloved “Queen Beysus” (as you idolators call her) would defend you if the situation were reversed? All she and other so called “pop-culture-icons” care about is $$$$ and you brainwashed followers blindly line their pockets and follow them blindly like sheep. Look at the world around you- the negativity is being forced down your throat and you swallow, begging for more. Abominations are “acceptable” because the media makes them seem “commonplace”. I truly feel for you and those like you… sad :(

      • dee says

        If we didn’t know what eat the cake anna mae meant before this article we wouldn’t know otherwise so how is it brain washing. U illuminati believers r so thick and multiplying

      • mimi says

        i can’t believe how blind brainwashed and duped people are. they can’t see the dark satanic themes. and this wasn’t even a song. its all trash. there is no talent whatsoever. Beyoncé couldn’t care about making music for positive purposes like trying to make the world a better place. She is a satanic possessed person with her husband. People its time to wake up and stop living in your little bubble dream land. I absolutely detest that woman.

      • dani says

        Many people are and will remain WILLFULLY ignorant when the truth is right in front of them. Lucipher himself dwells in Beyonve, Jay and many others. I pray they and their blind followers wake up before it is too late.

    • Yallarestupid says

      People really are CRAZY!! I’m sure someone can find lots of “illuminati Symbols” in EVERYTHING! The thing that really annoyed me was the photo with the so called horns or whatever…Beyoncé is from HOUSTON and that’s what ALL, including myself, hold up to represent this Texas city! People should really get a life! Who has time to sit and evaluate the ENTIRE video and find all of these illuminati assumptions. On top of that people talk about others worshiping her and it seems to me like the people who write articles like this are the FIRST in line to open the Bey Bible! Y’all are petty!

      • says

        Your touchy defense for a total stranger is what’s petty. Touchy :). She doesn’t care whether you’re from Houston to Timbuctoo. You’re here shutting down obvious signs in attempt to protect the sugar coated reputation of an artisan whose wealth will never be shared with you. Instead of calling people stupid, stabilize your being. That includes spirit, soul and mind. She’s found her stability, you’re still picking petty fights on the fence. Get stable and stop playing attorney to the adversary.

      • says

        Seriously my pre virgin and unborn mind would be like get a life and stop the poppycock with this Illuminati. I know someone personally who was on another level after habitual drug overdosage and watched videos of Bee and guess what she saw. Demons..yes she saw those spirits because evil recognises evil. She would crazily point out and ask if we see what she sees.So if you think the Illuminati hype is garbage why don’t you test yourself and get a personal encounter.

    • mad ppl wake up says

      Honestly ppl I believe in dis ,yol all blind if yol leave comments lyk wat yol leaving I dnt knw y yol bother reading.WAKE UP PPL if yol dnt 1 day yol will wish yol did,so snd reply but knw dat this msg this lady is trina gv 2 yol is damn right true ,only smart ppl will knw!!!!!!!

      • Cloudki says

        Ppl are used to things they can only see therefore magick and unseen things sound like fairy tales to them.
        I don’t judge ppl I only call it as I see it.

    • Rondo says

      You are so paranoid! She can do whatever and you will always find some absurd symbols of devil -.-
      Deal with it-she is queen and one of the moooost fair “celebrity”

    • new believer says

      Well what i think is crazy is the thing i was looking for that resembles the Illuminati wasn’t even in any of the examples they gave and they had alot more that I didn’t even know about!… how about the pyramid she draws with her arms at 5:06??? I noticed it just watching the video one time and looked it up and now there’s more evidence supporting it. and what about bush and obama? are they fucking rock stars? are they both from Houston fuck even if they were they arn’t throwing up fucking bull horns it’s occult rich powerful people evil bullshit.

    • mr john says

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    • Candi says

      I noticed in this song and in other rap/pop song they say the word surfboard in random out of places moments in the song such as Only in lil waynes part. Does this sound some way backwards or something else because it is just so random.

  2. Anon says

    Lalla-Don’t belittle the author just because you are either too dumb or too afraid to face the truth about these pop icons. The question I always ask is why would Pop artists or politicians care about us other than the $$$ we generate for them? At the end of the day it dosen’t take a rocket scientist to see that these people have all the money and we dont have any and they are coming to a point where they just want us all out of the way. Why would politicians want to sit around and listen to a bunch of whiney americans when they can just exterminate them? They place beyonce and others in the spotlight as a distraction. Case in point-Paul walkers death was sensationalized to distract from the fact that the Obamacare wesbsite is still a POS. Lalla, if you arent going to be educated about the issues at hand that is your business but don’t belittle others because they dont live in a blissful ignorance like you. Remember hon, beyonce doesn’t even know who the fuck u are. And she doesn’t care either…..

    • Anon says

      You are so desperate to hold onto your false reality and your precious illusions, that in the end it will be you who is slayed……quite literally by the powers that be.

      • morningstar says

        ARE WE HUMANS SO WEAK AND DUMB IF THERE IS A SANTANIC SYMBOL ON MONEY WHY WORk TO earn it , if you truly believe this then you basically accepted the mark of the beast ..right…its really weird you people spend so much time identifying the illuminati and do nothing to stop them………………..

  3. KnowledgeBorn says

    Actually, my interpretation of “Talking ’bout you be repping that 3rd” is a reference to the Masons. The highest degree is 33rd(and 1/3).
    As for the sheeple, who think you’re reaching… why is it that after these “entertainers” know they are being accused of being/having association with illuminati would they keep throwing up Baphomet, and sending hidden(to some)messages to the Masons and the illuminati? Even if you did it to stir controversy, it doesn’t jibe with your proclamation of your allegiance to Christ.
    Codex Magica is a book everyone should read. If you aren’t symbol literate, that constitutes a form of being illiterate.

  4. Illuminati Enthusiast says

    I love the Illuminati. I was really hoping to join their club so I can help rule the world and roll around in money laughing my arse off, but then also deciding that billions upon billions isn’t enough and plotting further dastardly plans to carry on taking money from the little guy. I want, as all evil doers want, a third heated swimming pool – this time filled with champagne. Just because I’m absolutely barking mad and evil and that’s what all evil people want. There’s never enough champagne filled swimming pools.
    I keep throwing up order signs so they’ll notice me and get whatever message I think I’m supposed to be sending with them, but people only mistake them for the ‘okay’ sign, the ‘rock an roll’ devil horns or triangles being simply what they are – a really common basic shape that always pops up by mistake – BUT OF COURSE I’M USING IT TO SHOW AN ILLUMINATI GANG SIGN, it’s the all seeing eye, the pyramid of doom – even if ‘inverted’ that’s obviously just to better hide it’s true meaning – EVEN THOUGH I WANTED IT TO BE SEEN BY PEOPLE BECAUSE I WANT EVERYONE TO KNOW ABOUT MY EVIL INTENTIONS LIKE A BLOODY BOND VILLAIN BECAUSE I REALLY ADMIRE THEM EVEN THOUGH THEY NEVER QUITE MANAGE TO EXECUTE THEIR PLAN IN ALL THE TIME THEY’VE HAD. How long have the Illuminati had? Or is their plan already in place? Is that why life sucks? I want in to the elite clan!

    By the way I’m being sarcastic. This is moronic. Way to actually DRAW ON an INVERTED triangle where there wasn’t one. Way to reference Dan Brown’s work of FICTION that is about ridiculous conspiracy. I don’t even think Ian Mckellen would see all the signs you do – because what is their MEANING? Apart from just showing people like you that they exist and they’re taking the piss out of us by advertising their existence in pop songs. Is it supposed to be subliminal messages to control us? Because I don’t think it’s that easy to be hypnotised by a hand sign. Seriously what do they gain by doing that? I just want to logically understand..

    What are their intentions and why advertise their existence in popular culture – or if it’s just to communicate what are they communicating with one sign? And should I be wary of ALL triangles because they are all signs of the illuminate? Whether they’re upsidedown or not? Should I throw out my Playstation controllers and triangular cheese slices away?

    • Item says

      All the ppl saying this is bullsh!t need to wake up. The second coming is upon us. Wake up and research these celebrities that u idolise dnt care about u or ur problems all they want is for u to worship them and reject god. It’s time for action and we need it soon!!!!

  5. says

    Not watched the video yet.But all i will not watch the video either.This is part of the illuminati to brainwash us by this symbols.Thats why i keep off .Its better listening to MP3.

  6. laila says

    I Loooooooooov Beyonce been with the queen since the days of Destiny’s child. She is more than my favourite, Beysus gives me life. My goodness we are not worthy of this beautiful Goddess. She inspires me to be better and aspire to be human excellence. I bought from itunes and I bought the hardcopy not one but 10 yes, I want her to succeed and stick to your faces haters. Seethe, haters, seethe. I am so proud of her as a woman, and as a black person and. And I’m not in the USA I live in South Africa, the Queen has absolute world domination. Bow Down. She is highly respected in all parts of the world. Amen Queen Beyonce, Hail the Queen we are not worthy. I love her and only death will do us apart all you haters can continue to hate. I love Beyonce so much.

    • Nesherz says

      There is a room waiting for you in the psych ward. Go now! Just go! You are foolish and I feel somewhat sad for you. You don’t see how stupid you look and blind to how deranged and delusional you are. The term hater is so played. Please stop. It’s also a pitiful comeback for those stating their opinion. Though you may not like it, stfu and get over it. Love your dear Beyonce to pieces but don’t dare bring your childish rant to anyone who doesn’t feel the same as you do. Queen world ruler and dominator? Gtfoh! Bow down? To who? For what? Ha! Beyonce is a mere mortal and human being like the rest of us. I think not boo!

  7. Laila says

    And I just want to add this, everytime you insult her I will compliment her twice as much, everytime you put her down her greatness will be vindicated, and those with pure hearts will exalt her twice as much. Your paranoir and beliefs don’t phase me. Beyonce will continue to rise and conquer as she has proved. And I know you white hating on black success. Bow Down you filth. Beyonce is beyond being a star, icon, legend, she is a movement and she has stood the test of time, she will go down in history because she is GREAT. And future generations will envy us for having lived in her era. Beyonce is amazing. No one will remember you. Black people will rise forever and ever. And Blue Ivy she is going to be a damn star you won’t know how to fucken handle it.

    • nesherz says

      This is one of the most pitiful comments I’ve ever seen.

      For starters, stop with the race thing. I’m black and you’re making us look bad.

      You say no one will remember that person but failed to include yourself in the statement. You speak as though you’re not in that same boat as the others with the things you say. No one will remember you. And what makes it worse is that your actions won’t be remembered by the very person you’re doing it for. Heck, she doesn’t know you’re doing it now. Beyonce won’t acknowledgeyou, you will not get a golden lace front, you will not get a cookie, thank you or a hand clap for your efforts. So answer this for me. What are you getting out of this? Do you go to bed smiling thinking you’ve saved the day?  

      Beyonce is a star but isn’t legendary. Of course you stans feel that way though. Cut out the beyond a star and icon bs. She’s mediocre singer. Her performances are repetitive and predictable. I am happy she finally switched up her style with the new album. She’s an idea thief. But calls it being inspired lol. True enough some of her songs are good. But she doesn’t have classics. As far as standing the test of time, she is forced onto us. She won’t go away as most would hope she would. Trust! (you are thinking I’m a hater, lol). Miss me with your wild response it won’t phase me. You’ll probably put together the assumptions that I’m ugly, jealous, poor, envious, in typical beyhive insect fashion. But it’s all a reach. That is all you can do. Beyonce will go down in history for having her “pregnant” belly fold in half on tv. Lol.

      But you’ll tell me she was with child because you were in the corner watching as she and jigga had intercourse. You were present at the delivery and suctioned Blue’s mouth as she made her way down the birth canal. Lol.
      You’re going to use pictures with her in a white bikini with a full stomach from eating as your proof. Bah bah sheep!

    • Chris says

      Can you foolish people not see the change in her ? She has sold her soul and is a fucking empty husk now. Sorry but you cannot get so big globally by hard work and talent, your living in fantasy land .

  8. Laila says

    You are saying I’m going to accuse you of being a hater, jealous… Well that’s because you know you are. I’m making black people lokk bad? In front of who? White people? I’m trying to impress them at all. What do I get from supporting Beyonce? Absolute Joy! Seeing a black woman succeed gives me absolute pleasure. I didn’t claim I would be remembered, I’m asking to be. Beyonce doesn’t know, yes I didn’t claim she does, and I will probably never meet her, but I will continue to support her music and ALL she does, absolutely. Legendary, of course yes she is. She was the lead singer of the best selling female group of ALL TIME, more than the Supremes, TLC, Spice girls… They even received a diamond award for that accomplishment. Besides your mission to destroy her, play her down, spread venom about her. What has you pressed the most is that no matter how you try, she still succeeds, no matter what hate you spew, she still has many hardcore supporters. You work day in and day out, watching her videos to find something to attack her about, you even visit other sites to find fellow haters. You spend soooo much of your time worried about her, writing about her, you care about her, obviously you care more about her failure more than anything. But you still care. And it irritates the shit out of you seeing people support and defend her while you try your might to have everyone turn against her. Sorry it won’t happen. It won’t happen. No matter what argument you bring forth, she will still sell more than your fave. How can Beyonce force herself on you? When you are the one writing about her. How did Beyonce force her album on you when she didn’t even promote it? Did she ring you up and say buy it? Or did she tell HER FANS on HER PAGE that she had a new album? Did she say watch her video, analyze it and write a whole piece about it? Her exctly did she force herself on you. When you are the one writing about her actions, on your blog, analyzing her, arguing about her, you seem to know a lot about her for someone who would like to be indifferent towards her. You must have gone and searched for her performances like you do her music and video to analyze her talent yet claim she is forced on you. She is legendary and yes she has haters, but it doesn’t take anything away from her. You are so worried about whether she knows me trying to stop me from caring about her, well you sure want her to know you since you think that is important.

    • says

      Yall are hilarious on here. I have nothing against Beyonce I do not know what she worships, I am not the almighty Judge. But as for bowing to her I think not. I Bow to no-one but my father in heaven, yes I do have honorable repect for people, as for Beyonce she just a performer not a God.I have more respect for a soldier fighting for this country or the many people who have put their life on the line and died to make it possible for her to get up on stage to perform. Martin Luther King did not have money or anything hence if I choose anyone to be like, or honor it would be him.

    • Nesherz says

      You’re making every black person that happens across this post look bad. It’s sickening. I told you to miss me with the hater and jealous label. Try a different assumption or something jeez. And who is trying to destroy her? No, don’t answer that because I can only speak for myself when I say it’s not I. You have your head so far up her crotch that any opposing opinion someone has sends you into a psycho frenzy. I don’t study her vids and whatever else your rant was about (I had to skim over it), take all that rambling elsewhere. As far as Beyoncé being forced. It isn’t in the literal sense jackass. But she’s everywhere. Kudos to her team because they succeeded at having her front in center, around every corner, every station, perm box, and popsicle stick.
      Please reply with less bs filler and delusional whining next time. Thanks!

    • BowOnlyToJehovah says

      Fist of all am Black and bitch You Must Be CRAZY! Have you no regard or respect for God. The bible said “sacred sacrifice should only be redered to God” and “you should not worship any other God but him” (humans included). Are you putting a mere mortal in front of Jehovah almighty. Would u stand up and defend God like u do Beyonce… I’m thinking not. What your doing right now is exactly what Beyonce and her demons, by extension the Devil would like u to do… that is… worship them. And without even regonizing it you are idolising and worshiping her which is a disrespect to God. Beyonce may not know u, but God does and when judgement comes You and YOU ALONE has to aswer to him. Stupid Bitch

  9. Laila says

    My post has a lot of grammar errors writing to fast and didn’t bother to check. I meant I’m not trying or asking to be remembered…

  10. Laila says

    The USA is not the world and the world is not the USA. Martin Luther King is a USA political icon, he didn’t do anything for me he had no influence in my life, I just know of him but he is in no way my hero, that is why MLK will never have the same worldly influence that Beyonce has, in case you missed it I live in South Africa, Beyonce has World dominance her influence stretches far and wide on all continents of the world. When you people go on about people being sheep for buying a musicians album, I take it you are advocating that all music should be boycotted people should not buy any music because many will never meet the artist. People buy music because they like the music, so they can dance at their parties, music is played at weddings, sing along while driving… You will never be able to stop people from wanting to listen to music, from radio stations playing music, people requesting music, people attending concerts… Music is the sound track to many people’s lives, now if you only buy music of the artists you have met that’s your thing. But for you to have thought you could dim Beyonce’s star, for you to believe you can actually stop people from buying her music was ridiculous, if anything it blew up in your faces, you upped her ratings, and she has sold more, made history and broken more records on so many levels. Music is part of many people’s lives, if you hate it fine, but you will NEVER stop the rest of us from entertaining ourselves to whatever music we choose to listen to, and while Beyonce is the most appealing of them all we will purchase her music by the numbers as you must know by now judging from her sales. Beyonce is not planning on stopping anytime soon, and the rest of us aren’t going to boycott her music because it will make you any happier. Beyonce is at the TOP and she is going to remain there. In her own words from Destiny’s Child Survivor – “I’m a survivor, I’m going to make it, I will survive keep on surviving… You thought I wouldn’t sell without you sold my millions… You thought it would be over by now but it won’t stop, you thought I would self-destruct but I’m winning, even in my years to come I’m still going to be here.” Let that marinate, let it sink in real deep. Beyonce is a World Icon, supported by people of all races, from all continents, who speak different languages, of different belief systems. And she is in good company turning to the words of Beysus it says in the book of survivor verse 13 – if I surround myself with positive things I will gain prosperity.

    • Nesherz says

      D E L U S I O N A L! OMG! I don’t know whether to laugh or be afraid.(I think its the latter) And you were serious with this. I can’t with you sir/madam.

      The fuckery is strong with this one! (backs away before the utter ignorance and sheer stupidity rubs off on me).

      • jane doe says

        “(backs away before the utter ignorance and sheer stupidity rubs off on me)” That’s what I’m doing with your post….. I guess for you ignorance is bliss, right?

    • says

      Wow. Another touchy defender. Yes, she has upped her sales, yes, she is shining brighter and brighter because of this attention. And yes, she has also upped the degree of the fiery flames of the abyss that await her. Let’s see if she’ll be a survivor then. You’re as duped as sheep. Grow up, beef up your mind and get the damn blindfold off already man, seriously. There’s too many of you sleeping fools walking around.

    • hanna says


      I will not approach you with sarcasm or attack you as it is uncalled for and we should be able to talk to each other without such attacks. But did you seriously just compare Martin Luther King, the man who freed the afro-Americans and who sacrificed his own life to ensure basic human civil rights to his people to Beyonce a popular singer/entertainer, whose latest song was performed in a sexy bodystocking with her ass exposed while singing ‘drunk in love’ explicit lyrics about sex (worthy to be a role mode??))? I find that so offensive and I don’t have to be black to think that. It’s just common sense. The two are incomparable. Michael jackson was/is an icon in entertainment but as far as people calling beyonce a role model? Come on. I understand you like her but on one hand you cite pride being black that a black woman is successful. Honestly you don’t see the achievement of MLK because you don’t relate to it it all happened in USA? Everybody I have met from South Africa knows about Apartheid and a true lgend icon is Mandela. Quite similar to MLK. Yet you dismiss him. You need to evaluate your stance as I think you need to read up on history. I am not American but MLK is a hero to me. A man who made it possible that afro-Americans could enjoy same godgiven rights as the whites. I find it so wrong and so objectionable that you belittle political social achievements in favour of entertainment – incomparable and the latter will never reach that league. I wouldn’t mind seeing beyonce at a concert but from enjoying music to bowing down? No. I will only bow down to my creator, God. The entertainment of today is bizarre. The stars even those who actually have a voice like beyobce are busy taking their clothes off. I remember a time when grammys could be watched even by kids. Many parents objected to Beyonces sexy explicit performance. I didn’t know what surfboard meant but now I do, unfortunately. At the end of day, she is pulling a Miley Cyrus stunt. And both women are beautiful and talented so I don’t see the reason to undress, wear thongs, leotards etc. Madonna already shocked back in her days. Today’s it seems to be a commonplace. I would urge you to read history and not compare oranges and apple’s as it does make you look bad. Enjoy beyonce, bow down to her, build an alter for her in your home, but don’t tell others to do the same. It makes no sense. Like you I too was sceptical of these illuminati conspiracy comments below every damn video on youtube. It was annoying and I too thought why devote time to nitpick at these videos. Today I am less sceptical, but I also don’t believe everything as some of it just misplaced/exaggerated and majority are repeating each other to the extent its become a fashion to see hidden messages and symbols. But something is definetely not right. Just look at the way music developed over the last 6 years. I think of the world differently than 1-2 years ago. Things, many, are not what they seem. It just makes you wonder. That’s all. Beyonce is an entertainer with her music, stripper pokes, sexy underwear “costumes” and explicit sex lyrics – that’s it. She is no MLK, Mandela, mother Theresa or Ghandi. Never will be. Out of her league.

  11. Laila says

    The USA is not the world and the world is not USA. MLK Jr is a USA political icon, I know of him but he has had no influence in my life, in case you missed it I live in South Africa. Beyonce is a World icon, her WORLDLY influence is real. People from ALL continents listen to her music, people of differenT races, people of different belief systems who speak different languages. You will not destroy the music industry. People don’t buy music solely to meet that particular artist. We buy music because we enjoy it, it is the soundtrack to our lives, we listen to music while driving, we play music at weddings, parties, funeral, we dance, sing along. You will not stop radio and tv stations from playing music, you won’t stop people from requesting their favourite songs, you stop people from buying which ever artist they like, from attending concerts. Insulting people because their buy music won’t stop anyone from buying any music of their choice, but well you have never purchased any sort of music cause you wouldn’t want to contribute to any artist’s pocket cause that is for sheep. People will continue to buy Beyonce’s music as you may have witnessed with her new released album. And let us turn to the old testament Destiny’s Child, to the book of Survivor, verse 3 – you thought I wouldn’t sell, I’m selling millions, you thought it would be over by now but I’m on top, you thought I would self-destruct but I’m still here even in years to come, I’m still going to be here, I’m a survivor, I will survive keep on surviving. So said Queen Beysus.

    • Heaven says

      Omw!!! *horrified* I’m from SA… Laila needs to take her meds, we aren’t all morons… And its now wonder B is so successful- who wouldn’t be if each fan buys 10 records- haha – wonder what the world would be like if these crazy Lucufarians used all their time and energy for GOD’s work instead… Anyway, Laila, ur beloved Bey is the reason you’ll end up burning in hell… Peace out peeplz

  12. Kefa says

    Leila, on MLK, you are so wrong. He’s a world icon and has as much wordly influence as Nelson Mandela, if you like. As for Beyonce, well, I don’t know what you smoke/drink.

  13. Ana says

    Haha! People are crazy!
    I hope I never come across people like this and if I do I will quickly cross the street to the other side.

    Love God, our creator. And be very afraid of the demon’s work.

    This people you are calling legends are working on a bigger plan to enslave humanity.
    But anyway its up to you if you want to burn in hell for eternity.

    I don’t so that’s why I choose to stay away from the devil’s work and devil worshipers like BEYONCE AND JAY-Z!

  14. jenny says

    Its not about the money it they are all ready rich it is about getting souls for there master the devil think about how much money they already have they want your souls wake up people

  15. Sarah says

    You forgot about the line “If you’re scared call that Reverend”… obviously this is a message to Christians that if her music and sex hype scare you, to call the reverend and retreat into the Lord, which means she obviously knows it demonic.

  16. daNielle says

    I was thinking about the part when Jay Z says “eat the cake, Anna Mae” and basically labels himself as Ike and Beyonce as Tina. We all have heard and seen the symbolism that Beyonce is under Monarch Mind Control (MK-Ultra)… What if this is a reference to prove it and point out the Jay-Z really is her handler, meaning he controls her. That would explain why she is smiling when he says it and even mouths it.

  17. Ren says

    I just have to say… maybe studying all this Illuminati stuff is what is wanted of you. Studying all these symbols, reading about evil people and rituals, translating historic times into everything about the devil, focusing on trying to show the world evil celebrities… you’re pretty much showing the world evil by re-explaining it so much.

    Why not just ignore it and concentrate on your own life, the pleasant things in it? I love Beyoncé and all but let those idiots that worship ANY person spend their life doing just that. I think all this Illuminati stuff is their problem, and should have nothing to do with me, even if I listen to their music. I dance to this music, I don’t sacrifice the kids I worked with to them.

    I don’t plan to be ignorant to what is said about occults and Illuminati and devil worship (knowledge is power better not to be ignorant), but I choose not to spend my life trying to find symbols and shyt like that. I have better things to do than worry about sick politcians and brainwashed celebs. I will continue to throw up my rock and roll or “I love you” sign language gesture or my “it’s a-okay” hand gesture and live life without paranoia. Which most of you have.

  18. BELIEVER says

    I have read all comments left for this article and i have one simple question for all the people saying thats its all made up. celebrities are always up in arms when another celebrity copies a beat or even a move that they had made and/or invented or whatever. Why then are they never calling each other out when all of them are clearly doing the same motions when doing the symbols that are associated with the illuminati? why doesnt Katy perry fight kesha nad rihanna and Beyonce for doing her one eye move if it is just a dance move? why would celebs just decide that having the eye tattoed and all over their videos is what’s in? do they like have the same choreographer who insists on the one eye and the devil horns or are they reading from the same ‘how to do a number one video’ book?

    The truth is, if you do not find any of these wierd then you are ignorant or scared of facing the truth. we all love music so no direct hate to the musicians. but think about this, Lucipher was the angel with the most melodious voice in heaven. It has been written that his voice could produce 7 notes at the same time. so, if he was a music afficionado, why then would he resist using music, something he is extremely good in, to influence people to sin?

    if you read the bible, there is only hot or cold when it comes to matters of the are either a believer or you are not. lukewarmth is not to be torelated but the devil wants us all to be lukewarm christians. yea we go to church but we think some things are ok like adultery, worship of money and wealth,etc, which are lifestyles potrayed in these music videos very widely.

    make your own choices and pray and guide your children towards the truth. my people perish because of lack of knowledge. do not let yourself perish.

  19. Curious says

    I fully, 100% believe these pop stars are all in a secret society – whatever name that society may have (Illuminati, Freemasons, etc.). But I am not 100% sold on the satanic rituals theories. If you think of the Freemasons at a basic level, they give members certain privileges in life. E.g. if you are a member and do a secret handshake at a job interview to an interviewer who also happens to be in the Freemasons, you will get the job over other non-Masonic interviewees. Or, if as a member you need to go abroad to study anything, someone at your local Freemasons group could fix you up with an all expenses paid trip abroad to cover these costs. The list of privileges is endless and you offer something to other members in return. It basically makes you richer – the elite looking after the elite. Get things for free. The rest of us would not get that job or would have to fork out thousands for the flights, course fees, etc. to study abroad.

    So I do wonder if the Illuminati of TODAY is just another version of Freemasonry for the super rich, celebrity and most powerful in this world. E.g. those in the Illuminati get all the radio airtime, tv airtime and certain privileges in general, which makes everyone in this secret society richer overall.

    I do agree that they make references to devils and what-not in music videos and I am sure everyone in the secret society will understand what these symbols mean. I feel this is just their version of a secret handshake – a message to others in the Illuminati that “hey, I am one of you – give me privileges”.

    I only just discovered your website yesterday and after reading about the Illuminati for a few years now, I think your website is by far the best I have seen for picking up on hidden messages in music videos, etc. And I do think it is important to reference information from the older Illuminati information that has been read in books (1800’s etc.), BUT don’t you think all that stuff is in the past?

    I think it’s just another supercharged form of capitalism/gloabalisation. Capitalism has gone mad since the 1980’s. The gap between rich and poor bigger than ever.

    However I am disturbed at how sexual these young performers have become. Music lyrics are disgusting these days as well as the imagery. I dont remember the singers name who sings about, “so if you come a little closer and you suck real slow…blow my whistle baby whistle baby…and let me go!”. I heard an 8 year old boy singing this once – just not right. Apparently when Myley Cyrus was Hannah Montana, even the Hannah Montana shows were very raunchy…too raunchy for the kids watching them.

    I cant get my head around why the Illuminati want to turn everyone into sex crazed loons. Look at Beyonce, she used to be very clean cut singing about being an independent woman. Now she is Mrs Carters wife and is just a sexual object.

    Maybe they are doing this to keep women vulnerable and men in power?

    Just all thoughts and gut instinct reactions. I am not 100% against the idea of satanic rituals, but I really cant see this still being the case in this day and age.

  20. James Anderson says

    I am giving a testimony of how i become rich and famous today… i was deeply strangled up by poverty and i had no body to help me, and also i search for help from different corners but to no avail… i see people around me getting rich but to me i was so ashamed of my self so i met a man on my way he was very rich and he was a doctor so he told me something and i think over it though out the day so the next day i looked up and i keep repeating what he said to me.

    ” if you want to get rich quick and be famous” you need to cross your heart and do what is in your mind

    so i tried all i could in other for me to do as he said so later on i told my fellow friend about this same thing then my friend was interested in my suggestions so i decided to look in the internet and i found an email address of this great fraternity( so we decided to contact them and unfortunately we did as they instruct us to do and later they told us to get some requirements and all the rest… so this initiation took us just a week and later on the great fraternity gave us $7,000,000.00 to start up our lives…. and now am testifying that if in any case you want to join any great fraternity all you need to do is for you to contact them because they are legitimate and they do as what they instructed them to do okay so email them now at ( or call +91-9582785746

  21. William says

    To show that this is an Illuminati backed Satanic order, we only need look at the “Sasha Fierce” cover, with Beyonce wearing a Baphomet/Baal/Moloch/Rain Man motorcycle on her chest. This was not a new invention, as it was used in “Last Action Hero” from 1993 starring Arnold Schwarzenagger. At @ the 28 minute point a truck crashes through a building, and a screaming model is adorned with the SAME iconic motorcycle of Baphomet. This is a full 20 years prior, and Beyonce was a child when this movie came out There is a Satanic agenda that Hollywood is deeply entrenched with the Illuminati. People better wake up from this nightmare, before they find themselves slaves to something else!


  22. newengland says

    These two are playing with fire. He calls himself JOVA (as in Jehovah) and now she’s Baesus. The evil one rewards you with material things at first, then takes what he gave and your soul. Pray for them people. Amen!

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