Illuminati Connections to Music

The general opinion regarding musicians and their “induction” into the Illuminati is tragically incorrect. These artists themselves aren’t actually IN the Illuminati, they are merely pawns FOR them. The deal is that they sign over particular creative rights in exchange for the publicity and access required to become a sensational star. They sign up with the Illuminati to become famous quickly, because Illuminati members have infiltrated and remain a ubiquitous force in the entertainment industry. Sure, some artists can become successful without “selling their soul” to the system, but if you want that fast and easy rise to fame you just sign up. The pact doesn’t seem like an overt giving-up of rights, so most artists don’t see a problem with it. It just means that when the Illuminati tells you to do something, you have to do it. They don’t make the artists sacrifice goats, but they might tell them to rap about murder, place subliminal messages in their songs, or support whatever agenda they’re trying to push.

Michael Jackson, Katy Perry, Bob Dylan, all admitting to it in plain sight.

David Chappelle explains what is going on in Hollywood:
This is why rap music has been infiltrated more heavily than other genres, as of recently. The Illuminati can put these negative messages into music that already has a “pass” for providing negative images of horror, drugs, and death. The Illuminati wants these negative images because they want the world to be in a low density vibration.

For the rest of the Illuminati Connections to Music, please pickup my book: A Grand Unified Conspiracy Theory: The Illuminati, Ancient Aliens and Pop Culture. I cover all of the images you see below and detail the full extent of the infiltration of the Illuminati into the music industry. I also have the full review of the banned documentary about the murder of Princess Diana Unlawful Killing.

 I’ll leave the rest of the videos and images here for reference to some of the topics I discuss in the book:



Corporations and other symbolism resembling the rings of Saturn:

LDS Mormon Temple with Saturn stones on it. LDS founder Joseph Smith was a high level Mason, and the inside of the temple grounds you’ll see tons of inverted pentagrams and pagan symbols.

Saturn’s north pole is found (by NASA’s Voyager mission in the ‘80s) to have a wind created pattern of a six sided hexagram which is believed to correspond to the hexagram Star of David…

…meanwhile the south pole has an all seeing eye formation.


Entertainment industry features the cube all over the place if you look for it.

Star Trek, Avengers, and Transformers:

This film series sums it up pretty well on the cover:

And various artistic cubes are found all over the globe:


Lauryn Hill sums it up at the 5:14 mark in this speech:


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  1. Nice Work Man, Illuminati Murderin Scum, Heath Ledger And Bob Marley just To Name Two

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  2. shut up bloody motherfuckers…….hell with ur illuminati things……..hw dare u say smthng about islam and r holy makkah sharief…..remove the pic of holy place from this fucking page……hell wthlucifer n the so called all seeing eye…..

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  3. Agree with tamy. How is the islam kaabaa a sign of illuminati? ISLAM are the OPPOSITE OF SATANIC WORSHIPPERS. They worship Allah.

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    • Tamy and moonshine; David Icke makes the correlation between the black cube and the Kabba as being a secret sign of Saturn. The rings around the planet are akin to the people walking in circles around the Kabba. I don’t believe that Muslims are worshiping Satan, but the theory is that these reptilian shape shifters are hijacking the energy of prayer and faith and using it for Satanic purposes.

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  4. There is No such thing as Hijacking Energy of prayer . why dont you juzz admit it ? you want to include Muslims in this illuminate propaganda circle of yours , wait or maybe you’re the Illuminati itself , you can fool errybody else but not the Muslims ,

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  5. Allah is Satan. Muslims however are unaware of this. Once you realize this the Muslim symbolism and beliefs are easier to understand.

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  7. not only that.when you go to that place,all of your sins are forgiven,so why do u say it is satanic

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  9. ma friend ,even though u r a might.dont be sillly to capacity to call allah satan bcz he created u

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  13. I want to sell my soul to the evil one

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