Illuminati and Satanic Symbolism in Lil Wayne ft Big Sean- “My Homies Still” Video

This post got messy; but here’s how it lays out. The original post was intended to show Illuminati symbolism in the video.  Some time later the Aurora shooting happened and I updated the post with new information as it popped up. The updates are along the top items, and the original video break down is below:

UPDATE: This video came out before the Aurora CO Batman shootings, and there is one scene near the end of this video that depicts a movie theater full of skeletons. They focus on one frame in particular several times in the video before expanding out to the entire theater (at which point the viewer finds the theater is packed with skeletons). What is interesting is that the one frame they show the most has the twelve skeletons in it (twelve being significant because there were twelve deaths in the Batman shooting). Could this be slightly predictive programming? Were the Illuminati trying to tell us what was going to happen (not “us,” but other people in “the know” that could understand a subtle message like this and what it means)? The shooter could’ve been programmed, MK Ultra style and unleashed to fulfill this sick sacrifice for the Illuminati. Read more on the Batman shooting and MK Ultra here:

Also, at a different website that is observing similar Aurora/Lil Wayne similarities, they’ve found another spot of the video where a gas canister is let off:

ANOTHER UPDATE: 26JULY: Shout out to Bee for bringing to my attention the unmistakeable image of Batman AND Joker on this video!! This is for real getting too damn weird! Bee spotted the 5Pointz graffiti from NYC and sho’ nuff it’s mosdef Batman and Joker. The significance of this is that the shooter told the police that he was the Joker when they arrested him. Unbelievable, peep this:

3:34 into the video, check the left side of the screen (Lil Wayne’s right side, UNMISTAKEABLE 5Pointz logo):

And the actual shot of 5Pointz in NYC and you can see there is a Batman and Joker graffiti art at the bottom left of the building:

Another mention; shout out to shawn for the comment/info about Five Points. There is a rough section of Denver called Five Points that is about nine miles from Aurora, CO. This could be yet another link to this image found in the background of the Lil Wayne video. It was known as the “Harlem of the West”, read more about Five Points in Denver at wiki:,_Denver


Beginning of original post with the video analysis (posted before all of this Colorado Batman stuff):

For those of you who are new to this website, I just thought I’d let you know my feelings on this whole Illuminati/musician stuff. I don’t believe that musicians are even invited into the Illuminati, but at most they are offered deals with the devils and allow Illuminati insiders to influence the creative direction of their songs and videos. This video in particular is one in which I think they could’ve implanted all of this stuff as a form of predictive programming, or a hidden message for other informed insiders.

I almost didn’t try to dissect this video because on the first run through of it I thought it was just silly. The lyrics don’t present any kind of nefarious new world order plot, but if you put all of the weird images together you’ll get a much different story. The video is at the end of this post, after all of my ranting.

The video opens up and there is a shot of the front of the house. I’m going to be digging at first here, so bear (or bare??…) with me. There’s a frame sitting around the porch light, a right angle square. Reminiscent of Freemasonry, but nothing too crazy, I don’t know if I even count that one. The house number is 393, not sure what that means, but 9-3=6, so if you any of you guys are numerology experts please chime in. I can’t imagine anything isn’t in this video without a purpose. Please take notice to that pinata that sits right over top of the 393, we’ll see the pinata elsewhere…


Next, we got Weezy rocking a necklace with a cube charm. The cube could potentially be a part of the whole Saturn-cube worship that we find almost everywhere (see the Saturn Worship: A Beginner’s Guide for more). This is a much longer subject, I’ll just post some images for now.

You can pick up my book that details the Saturn Worship and also the Illuminati infiltration of the music industry:



This visual repeats throughout; it could just be an interesting video effect, but it also could be more Saturn worship, as they accentuate the rings around Saturn. Kind of a stretch on this one, but here it is.

Big Sean shows off a nice little pyramid ring on his right hand, and I’m not sure what’s on the left hand ring, it appears to be an owl, more Ba’al/Moloch worship, similar to what we see in Drake’s newest stuff (see more from Drake’s HYFR video here:

Got that Baphomet symbolism, and here is where we see that same pinata again that was by the 393 numbers on the house. Can’t be a coincidence.

Right after we see the Baphomet, we have another set of devil horns.

Then we go inside the house and see some decapitated heads. That top middle one flashes by and you can see an all-seeing eye in her mouth.

Everyone’s around the table, a bowl full of all seeing eyes up front, and pagan head garb for everyone else. The lamb is a symbol for satanic worship also.

Another video effect we see throughout-reflections and mirror images. An Illuminati/Satanic thing. They invert everything, like a cross for example.

Another quick, subtle one if you don’t frame by frame it. Lil Wayne has a hat of a pyramid with an illuminated all seeing eye up top.

Then they wrap the video up with a ton of skeletons, of which the skull and bones is obviously a freemason symbol.

And here’s the video:

You can read more on Nicki Minaj’s Starships Saturn worship cube here:

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  1. At 0:22 seconds he says “I gotta put that patch on my third eye…slick rick”, take note that Nicki Minaj refers to this in her super bass video if your familiar with that.

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    • slick rick is a rapper who wears an eye patch. your third eye could be a number of things including a dmt reference

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    • holms was so messed up that i think all he did was answer his phone in the cinema, open a fire door and sit on his car bommed out his mind. who came in the opened door is another question. how he got to his car even after doing that, if he did, is beyond me. and naturally people in the states have guns and could stockpile weaponary, because its their right? what about fps russia, i bet he stockpiled a fare ammount. legally. like any scapegoat criminal, if he is, merely used as an example to push political agenda. and it works because no one questions the motives of a criminal. they are just bad… no rational… no reason… he just did. case closed

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    • I’m responding to your reference to the number 393 on the house.well the piñata is covering the 9 to make the number 33 which is a DIRECT reference to free masonry.There is 33 degrees in the free Manson ranking system,and 33 is also their most coveted number.Also the main Masonic loge in Washington D.C is 33 feet tall and has 33 pillars around its perimeter.

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  2. Can you solve the riddle of the 12 dead skeletons… is it true they died by gunfire?

    Tell them about those “gas canisters” going off… like tear gas/smoke screen?

    If patsies are pawns… their handlers have them on a leash, no?

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    • Fantastic observation, I will update this post and the Batman post with this find, I believe I’ve got a decent enough theory behind it. If you think otherwise please submit your ideas, I love reading insightful comments.

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      • ooohh my god wat si this … i no that one there will alll be gone in the name of jesus

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      • We are attempts are futile you will succumb to our absolute rule under Enoch.Exothea is rising,and will consume your entities for the sacrifice of the whole.We are the fatalist to the new order.Give up now and purge you freedoms,save your families for the legion of Enoch will devour the world and allow the new order to progress.

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  3. There is alot more Lil Wayne eyes turn green demonic possessed at 2:31, Demon/bat fling to window At 3:37-8, at the beginning there is a trashcan that is sprayed with X’s X=24th letter in alphabet in video connection with century movie theater look at a pic of the movie theater and you’ll see neon light X’s three in front. 2+4 = 6 three times 666. 24×3 = 72 the date of killings 072012 you see the 72 and the 12 is for 12 dead.. Aurora area code 720…. You see the picture…… Satanic/false flag/illuminati

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  4. @ 2:18 Wanye is raping about tear drops while smoke bombs are going off in the back ground, Holmes used tear gas

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  5. I also noticed that you can see a small image at 3:33 of what looks like Batman. It’s above and to the left of Lil Wayne. It’s difficult to catch, but it’s definitely there.

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  6. @ 3:27 its bis seans hand bro..

    pay attention moron..

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  7. If you play the song backwards it says during the hook “praise to Mohamed”…”in the the theater”. In the making of the video Birdman said ” all these dead bodies, killed with a shottie”. In the song “Pop that” the previous song just released Lil Wayne warned us when he said “I’m a beast off the leash”.

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  9. I also notice the heads on the way looked like they are on drugs dazed being controlled…..just like the accued shooter looked whn he appeared in court……

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  10. 3:28 during the chorus almost right before the theatre scene there is a bat that flys into the window as Waynes singing go stupid. Weird shit man

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  11. Oh wow! At 3:34 I was stepping it up frame-by-frame and down by Wayne’s shorts, spray painted on a building is absolutely Batman! I don’t think its a stretch, I think its absolutely Batman!

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  12. The Graffiti that says 5Pointz on the wall is from NYC. Directly below that, if you look at real photos off the web is a HUGE mural of Batman, just google image “5POINTZ BATMAN” and look at the images. It’s not only Batman. It’s the JOKERS huge face. oh man, this just officially blew my mind. scary stuff.

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  13. Listen to what he says at 0.14 he says “semi-automatic no click click” was he referring to the shooters weapon jamming?

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  14. regardless of all this symbolism, weezy is such a phony ass Odd Future wannabe now it’s sickening. what a clown.

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  15. FYI….not sure that it’s relevant, but if indeed that “5 points” graffiti is in the video, its not just a batman connection but also a denver connection. “5 Points” is the “hood” in Denver, Aurora being Denvers eastern suburb. never quite understood why this dude was living in aurora if he was a med school student at university of colorado, because that university is in boulder which is quite a far commute from aurora. and much of aurora is a heavy gangland.

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  18. …the first shall be the last, and the last shall be the first ~ the dog and owner switch places…

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  19. That’s why this kind of music is forbidden to enjoy listening to in ISLAM
    & Allah (God) is all knower of all things !! Btw good work against Dajjal that’s what we muslim call him the One Eyed Liar . If the Antheists knew of Dajjal – Media or Science & the universe and abot the cubical shape Kaaba the scared holy place fr Muslims they would definetly belive in God

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  20. As for Ufo Which arn’t really Aliens but “Jinns” also mentioned in Bible I think Anyway the Ufo’s are nothing but Man- Made only done to distract people from the truth as I said Dajjal is a one eyed liar he’s blinded in the Right Eye internally he;s false Messiah meaning He will pretend to be God by claiming himself Jesus First . Please don’t fall into his deception be aware because when the Holy Masjid Al- Aqsa which is in Palestine falls that’s when he will rise in his human form , Sounds like a movie but is infact a bitter thruth . The real Jesus (peace and blessing be upon him) will NEVER CLAIM himself to be the GOD !!!

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  21. notice the pinata makes the 393 into “33″ …as in 33rd degree freemason? havent seen this anywhere but i noticed it.

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  22. At 3:28 the reflection makes it look like theres a bat flying towards the window!

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  23. The 9 in the house number is kind of blocked from view by the piniata making it appear as 3 3, that’s got to be on purpose.

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  24. There’s also a square and compass at 3:26 in between the two mirrored images of lil wayne caused by the diamond pattern and mirror effect.

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  25. I dont ni anything about this shit but why does lilwayne have to be in this :n this / and i no another raper in this kid ink in his song nevergave a fuck he does that wierd eye thing that nicki
    minja always does

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    • If u go on netflix and look up lilwayne takeover they talk about how he is like out of this
      World and he thinks his from mars?i dont no if that says anything…

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  26. Theze guyz will do just abwt anythng 4 publicity…Even if it involvez kissin another man and still claim that you r str8.LOL

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  27. so the lill wayne vid there is the 3 classes of houses lower middle and upper class on the rings do you think this means something

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  28. 393 are multiples of 6! 393 is basically 666. It’s like the beginning of that Lil Jon song “Get Low” and the first lyric is “three six nine, damn she fine”.. 369, multiples of 6. It’s used all the time and it’s always some muddle of the numbers 3, 6 and 9. Well anyway yeah that’s what I researched or whatever!!!

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    • 393 is not a multiple of 6. Neither is 3. Or 9. Or 369. Wrong on every last statement in your comment. You literally have no clue what you are saying, Isac.

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  29. I am really inspired with your writing abilities and also with the format for your weblog. Is this a paid theme or did you modify it your self? Anyway stay up the nice quality writing, it’s rare to see a nice blog like this one these days..

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    • ds people or crazy i believe in god satan is not finnah controll my life prayin for you poeple:) all smiles

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  30. the clouds while the whole spinning thing is going on ..idk but yu shuld deff look bkuz i think i see a face..maybe even 2..also i hav a few ideas and thoughts myself and i really need sum1 to help trying to figure this out i believe we can stop it if we figure it out..BUT WE DONT HAVE MUCH TIME!!!

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  31. Hey don’t you think in the age of information most people are wise the the illuminati and its symbolism so much so that they capitalise on its use of hidden meanings and signs. This is a great way to saturate the public eye with illuminati specific imagery whilst promoting more publicity through controversy and keeping a conspiracy driven fan base interested whilst raking in the money. Think about it!!!

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  32. Let me say, people believe ANYTHING they see online. Why would you think that the illuminate would accept blacks? I could see you guys thinking about the screaming heavy metal bands being illuminate, but why blacks? And why would the illuminate be warning us about something so small as a Colorado shooting? Maybe someone could enlighten me on the things I stated.

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  34. idiots, Batman has NOTHING to do with freemasonry, and illuminati has no been around for centuries! Dont get caught up in the hype. Yes there are symbols in videos, 75% of them put them there for people like you and the FREE buzz you penis heads create, and the other 25% are just trying to communicate with people like me.

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  35. I love to bee one of you I wants too rich and famous I wants to join your ministry

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  36. Please how can I join I wants to bee rich and famous

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  37. The pink elephant is symbolic as well, your can google pink elephants and the illumination and read about it yourself. It’s a symbol of demons disguised as angels.

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