Hurricane Sandy and HAARP

Hurricane Sandy is making its way up the East Coast and the conspiracy theories are starting up. HAARP has long been believed to be the shadow government’s way of manipulating the weather, and this is being rumored to be another instance of it. I’ve been working on a HAARP post that was technical in nature, but I’m not fully done with it. In light of the Hurricane Sandy, here is the short and early version of it (scroll past all of it to find some videos of recent Hurricane Sandy HAARP claims circulating-including Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory HAARP episode):

In light of the worst weather and storms in centuries, one could suppose it was climate change effects, or some point to HAARP. But are the conspiracy theorists crazy for believing this? It sounds sensational, but no, they aren’t crazy; HAARP is very much capable of controlling the weather.

There are many credible pieces of evidence to point to in order to support this weather/HAARP link. In the ‘Conspiracy Theory’ show, Ventura and physicist Brooks Agnew shows us they can move a cloud in a chamber. In 1997, Secretary of Defense William Cohen gave a speech in which he warned of terrorist causes climate alterations and earthquakes:

“Others are engaging even in an eco- type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves.”

The idea of earthquakes being created is explained by Dr. Begich on Coast to Coast AM. He said that the quakes can be generated by using the earth’s energy. Micro-quakes constantly happen along fault lines, and when there is no energy releasing along that fault line, that’s when there’s a problem because it’s building it up now. HAARP produces a little energy to release a giant amount of energy (e.g. an earthquake) like a bullet primer or bomb.

The other big conspiracy theory related to HAARP is the ability for mind control. This takes a bit more digging to understand.

HAARP’s actual website FAQ shows their two broad missions:

  1. The study of basic natural processes that occur in the ionosphere under the natural but much stronger influence of solar interaction. This includes studying how the natural ionosphere affects radio signals with the goal of developing techniques that may be available for mitigating these effects to improve the reliability and/or the performance of communication and navigation systems.
  2. Development of technology to use effects produced through ionospheric interactions. One example of this is learning how to generate new signals in the ELF range for the real application of subsurface communications

So what do these mean? First we must understand what the ionosphere is. The ionosphere is part of the upper atmosphere that is ionized by solar high frequency electromagnetic radiation (ultraviolet and x-ray radiation). It exists between 50 to 300 miles above sea level and resides higher than any function we associate with (e.g. flying in an airplane, hot air balloon, etc). The atmosphere is thin enough here to allow it to ionize. It is referred to as “ionized” because it has excess electrons that give it a negative electrical charge (the protons and electrons are not in balance-this is how electricity works). This ionized is by definition considered plasma. The ionization of the plasma depends on the energy being displaced by the Sun. More sunspot activity equals more radiation, which equals more ionosphere activity.

Basically put, the ionosphere is large mirror that can reflect signals so that you can send energy to other points on the globe.

The most understood use of the ionosphere is with the AM radio. AM Radio waves originate at a transmitter antenna at the radio station, then bounce off of the ionosphere (referred to as Skywave) and into the receiving antenna. These waves can be degraded during geomagnetic storms or ionosphere disturbances, when the signal gets scrambled up into the ionosphere instead of cleanly reflecting off of it. The sunlit side of earth has more charged ions and therefore more dense, and it degrades AM signal, that’s why the night time provides clearer and much further away signals.

AM radios can transmit using only a certain rating of power as determined by their license. For instance, AM radio stations will be able to transmit using anywhere from 250 to 50,000 watts of power. The transmitter used by HAARP uses 3,600,000 watts. That’s up to 14,400 times the power used at an AM radio station.

So this begs the question, “What is HAARP doing with all of that power?”

Now let’s break them down individually from the most nefarious viewpoints possible:

HAARP can generate ELF, even though they claim they use techniques that keep the signal in the tens of pT range and around 2 kHz. ELF could be used to communicate to submarines. Submarines can’t receive electromagnetic communications due to being in seawater, so ELF could be used to provide instructions. There are possible side effects to exposure to ELF that have not been fully substantiated, but there are several studies that call it into question. For example, one study found that exposure to ELF from electricians who work with power lines were linked to higher suicide rates (ELF emits from the power lines that run through the neighborhoods at 50-60 Hz, I’m sure it’s fine though, nothing to worry about).

There is also a study into the ELF emitted from power lines and the health effects of them. Its findings claim that there is very weak connection between the two, but it does state that associations between childhood leukemia and chronic lymphocytic leukemia were made for occupationally exposed adults.

David Icke claims that HAARP produces frequencies which could be considered thoughts/emotions/moods. They project these into our brains because the frequencies are the same. Brainwave frequencies are in fact 4-100 Hz, where as the HAARP admits they have the capability of producing ELF which has a frequency range of 3-300 Hz, which does cover this same brain frequency range. This leads us to investigate what exactly a “thought” is. A thought is an electrochemical signal passed from one neuron to the next inside of the brain. An EEG (Electroencephalogram) records the electrical activity of the brain and the signaling between the neurons, this is how we know what the frequency of the brainwaves is (4-100 Hz). So as we’ve proven here, the frequency of brainwaves can in fact be replicated by the HAARP facility. Could HAARP possibly attach thoughts or emotions to these frequencies and affect our own thoughts? We do know that our thoughts can be transmitted from our brains when they are outgoing, so to speak. Here are some examples:,8599,1841108,00.html

So how can we tell if it works in reverse? Can a thought be transmitted into our brains? Jesse Ventura’s show ‘Conspiracy Theory’ proves this works through an experiment with Dr. Nick Begich. Mind control happens at the low frequencies of 1-20Hz, because that is the frequency range of the human brain in alpha waves. The frequency following response (FFR) is a phenomenon that means the brain will try to follow the frequency it is presented. If HAARP presents a 7Hz wave, the brain will try to mimic that. This idea is discussed in the 1995 paper ‘Electromagnetic Induction of Fundamental Algorithims’ by MA Persinger. Persinger is an expert on the mind and he said that it is possible to create a signal that hyper-agitates people and creates anxiety. The media could work in conjunction with this to play on that anxiety and release fear based content to directly agitate the people’s anxiety. One can see that if you wanted to push through some sort of legislation, you could use fear and HAARP to do this (David Icke’s Problem-Reaction-Solution).

Overall, this short investigation into HAARP proves that some of the theory is plausible. Whether or not it can happen on a large scale is unknown by us, but the government surely knows since they could potentially be working this on that scale. Dr. Begich explained that the HAARP design has changed since the increase in computational power (following Moore’s Law and Ray Kurzweil’s exponential trend of technology), so the capabilities are unknown to citizens.

Infowars relates the storm to the elections:

And Alex Jones is sure to put something out that about it:

And some Faux News:

Here’s Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory on HAARP if you’re new the topic:

Coast to Coast AM even had a special show about it, and they offered a couple angles to look at it from:

In the first half of Monday’s show, four separate guests offered commentary and analysis on the superstorm, Hurricane Sandy, which hit landfall in New Jersey earlier in the evening. Researcher Nick Begich spoke about the technology of weather modification, and how weather control could be used as a weapon that has a kind of built-in ‘plausible deniability.’ While it’s possible a technology such as HAARP might have been involved with Hurricane Sandy, it would be impossible to say for certain without independent monitoring, he noted. Author Whitley Strieber discussed how the Arctic melt this summer was extraordinary, and this has led to warming waters and bringing the Gulf Stream further north, which contributes to extreme storms further north. He also compared the storm to the one he and Art Bell wrote about in their book The Coming Global Superstorm.

Next up, physicist and author Stan Deyo shared details about an intriguing coincidence. In 1997, a practice drill related to a huge hurricane hitting the Northeastern US was conducted, and they used the name Hurricane Sandy. Deyo also called attention to a HAARP signal status chart from October 28th, which showed an intense hotspot in the northeastern US, and offered preparedness tips. Prophecy expert John Hogue related the storm to the astrological event of Neptune returning to Pisces in 2012– Neptune is the ruler of floods and quakes, he noted. Hogue believes we are in the midst of a “climate cascade,” which may really be set into motion by 2016-2017.


  1. Olive Tree says

    I Had A Big Bowl of Vinegar Out On My Porch,No Major Storm Damage In Vineland,NJ
    Next Time People You Know What To Do: Big Bowls Of Vinegar!!!

  2. Mojo says

    Lately a large part of HAARP ( 62°23’33.64″N 145° 9’0.68″W) has been greyed out on Google Earth. So there is stuff there they don’t want you to see.
    Same crap regarding Molech the Owl (38° 27.893’N 122° 59.576’W) at Bohemian Grove – the entire lake has been greyed out! It’s the same on Bing Maps and a few other mapping services.
    But you can still see the detail at:

    But HAARP remains literally shrouded in mystery. That should be a real worry to anyone who has the capability of free thinking. A very small percentage of the population I’m afraid!

    • says

      Zig Brz. wrote in his book :Between 2 ages, the Techncratic era that it was planned to use weather instead of other weapons to kill people. He usually goes public with what is going on.I beleive him. ELFR was used as a propaganda vehicle in the Peace Movement. They were supposed to trigger a Trident sub that could blow up world and US fleet had 8. The whole Peace Movement was a stunt. .

  3. says

    Hi.. I majored in militaryintelligence and have been working with variuous secret factions for years. They donot necessarily need harp. In Japan they nuked to cause the tsunami,. ww3 has been fought and they call it the shadow war for now… I do not know everything, or much…. but I know that I personally was involved inthe thing in Japan, but I was told that was happening at the time. They compartmentalize a lot of intelligence so you only learn so much, and since I am read in eighty countries and influential in many circles for my past successes, and infamous for failures too…. but I am pissed at them for throwing me in jail affter all the work they did with and on me…. they have me if a Buffaklo Jail, if you do not know the parlance,. You can roam around your city, but try and leave and they jail you in a cell. I just came back online after a year off being interrogated over the doings of a cult my book waking up jesus started, so it has been a weird year inn the shadow war. Right now it is al knights and pirates with the knights goign out and slaughtering children at sandy hook and shit like that… being from a chicago family, they made me a pirate but I work with the police and am more law abiding than anyone I know… of course most my friends are body guards and assasins. I am putting up what Ilearned on facebook in a kindof see how much I can write before they give in to my demands or attack…. sort of thing. I have gained a lot of followers and they are running scared at the moment…. Imean, I was asked tohelp on a genocide that involvved over six billion people…. these people exist, yet there is a force fighting them. They have control over the open press so we do what we can, but they lose in history…

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