Giorgio Tsoukalos Tattoo

To finish off my trifecta of Giorgio posts, I found this awesome tat of G:


  1. Alyssa Simmons says

    Hello, I was just searching on Google about ancient aliens, and saw this photo on the images….this is my friend Dave Bozemen of Spring Texas’ tattoo…done by Ty Harris, just to let you know! I appreciate you putting this up, i think its an amazing piece too!! He told us he was getting it, but we didn’t believe him…..and now he has G on his calf! We all love Giorgio so much, as well as ancient aliens!! ^.^

  2. Mike says

    What a dumbass. Why in the world would you get a man from a tv show tattooed on you? I swear white people do some of the dumbest shit ever. I find him to be an interesting character, and I love AA aswell, but this was over doing it big time.

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