French Montana Illuminati and Masonic Hint in Coke Boys 3 Intro

The video for the Intro track to the Coke Boys 3 mixtape dropped and there are two instances in which French drops what could be a hint of Illuminati slavery (video posted after my rant below).

French rose to stardom fairly quick after getting with Rick Ross and Diddy, perhaps he signed his soul over to the “devil” to get there (although let it be known I am a fan of Montana, I just think that sometimes these musicians have a hard time getting their music out there so they have to sell their soul to get the push behind them they need to make it big). So anyhow, French drops a line of note, which I’ve accentuated in the video at 1:01 in:

“Ross and Diddy got a n*gga all illuminated.”

But you can see he rotates his hands in a way that indicates they either got his “gears” in his mind to turn as to how to make the money and fame (by selling his soul), or by confusing his mental. Either way, this seems like a clear nod to Illuminati.

The second point is kind of weak, I’ll admit. But I’m digging here on this one so follow along. At 1:20 he says “see me now” and his fingers appear to either be just making that universal expression for searching (which in all honesty it probably is), or his fingers appear to make the masonic gesture.


IlluminatiWatcherDotcom French Montana See me now

This “M” gesture is also called the Triad Claw in circles of Illuminati symbolism theorists:


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  1. 2 PAC pade me half a mill two. say this to the world I’m hear in spane me and some powerful business people or coming for east cost rappers who or in the illuminate taking them off the map like mob deep French Montana bad boy records jay z beyonce gunit nas. you will see this in 2013 you will see and understand what I’m talking about one more thing fuck presedent bush and god bless all my fans aka kill illuminate I told my people I’m comeing back so hear I am aka 2 PAC shakur …

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    • We both sold our souls to satan I guess that’s why he still around …. Illuminati, mind soul an ya body tryna keep ya naah mean

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  2. But french montana’s a Morrocan Muslim, Muslims dont sell there souls

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    • No he’s not boo boo he’s a free mason

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  3. Ppl kills me. ..clearly dis nigga sold his sold..
    Satan is a deciever. Shit get real when you at the top. Ppl
    Are so navie.

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    • I feel bad for you….. Your 3rd eye isn’t open obviously ….. Catholicism stems from the illuminati and get power from those weaker in order to distract you from what there plan. They only made religion to lie to us and breathe chem trails all day while they mind control you

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  4. smfh some people jus dnt want to live a normal like da rest of us,some people jus wanna be at da top instead of standing at the top togather n rise as one ,n god will come get us all

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