French Montana Drops Knowledge on Illuminati

French Montana has been all over the hip hop news with rumors of Illuminati affiliation through his lyrics and symbolism. In an interview recently he talked on it, making some real sense out of it:

“The secret societies is the people that’s rich,” Montana offered. “They hang around with each other. That’s the bottom line…they’re people that have the same thing to lose. I feel like that’s the Illuminati. Even if the Illuminati is real, why wouldn’t you want to be a part of something that’s controlling more money? You gave your soul to the streets already, and the streets ain’t give you nothing but bullet wounds and stab wounds. You lost your homies already. So why wouldn’t you want to be part of an organization that would make you millions and billions?”

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  1. He didn’t make no sense. Illuminati is devil worshipers dumb f*&^$. That’s the differences. I still choose the streets over that sh*&, at least I’m not gon burn in hell. F*&^ the illuminati and French fat sloppy lookin a**.

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  2. And this is not knowledge. Change the title. This is more dumb for the dumb.

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