Facebook Conspiracy Theory Evolves

Digging around the internet, you can see that Facebook has set some impressive numbers on their most recent Initial Public Offering (IPO). Most would attribute this to a successful business but I tend to take the more paranoid view of things. It all seems strange to me that Zuckerberg held onto Facebook for so long without selling it. Most people who would be offered millions of dollars for their website (myself included, I’d be willing to sell out if given a chance like that-sorry) would take it in a minute. Especially a social media site like Facebook. Remember Myspace? That was all the rage a few years back and now it’s just pedophilia turf. Things are constantly changing with technology and websites, so it’s only a matter of time until Facebook disappears also. So what would make Zuckerberg so sure that he should hold onto Facebook after being offered millions of dollars? I believe he was confronted by the elitist powers that be.

I’ve posted a link to the Facebook/C.I.A. conspiracy theory video that is on youtube (http://illuminatiwatcher.com/?p=1495), and it basically says that Facebook is in the business of spying on people and collecting data to sell to the C.I.A., governments, businesses, whoever. If Zuckerberg was told several years ago that the Illuminati will ensure that he’ll be handsomely rewarded if he follows their direction, than that is what would keep him from selling out. If you knew that there was a force as powerful as the Illuminati and they guaranteed that they would take care of you, there would be no risk involved in with riding it out a couple more years. Zuckerberg surely had the abilities to perform some risk assessments, and the only thing that would keep the risk to net worth value in agreeance to have him stick around would be the guarantee of a ridiculously large sum of money, backed by a sure-fire source; The Illuminati.

Zuckerberg has been “built” and created to follow the suit of the Illuminati. I wrote a post with details of his upbringing in the Center for Talented Youth alongside one of Google’s cofounders and Lady Gaga (http://illuminatiwatcher.com/?p=2344). Facebook’s support of the CISPA internet spying act, alongside his ‘okay’ of police subpoenas through your Facebook posts show that he is good with giving away any private information that you place on there (see http://illuminatiwatcher.com/?p=2237 and http://illuminatiwatcher.com/?p=1902). I use the term “private” very loosely; most aren’t too foolish to think that private information exists on the internet anymore.

The amount of money flying around Facebook is extremely disturbing to me, and when Illuminati frontmen like Bono from U2 are getting involved, you know there’s nothing good about it.

Another sketchy detail in the story is that the Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin has denounced his American citizenship in order to avoid paying the taxes on the huge sum of money he made off of the IPO.




  1. Locke says

    While I fully support and agree with your accusation of Facebook’s activities, I have a few questions/comments. Why is bono a frontmen in the illuminati? I believe in the illuminati, but I highly doubt it has anything to do with the celebrities we know. I here all the time of NBA players supposedly belonging to it. If there is any truth to the Illuminati its their secrecy and power. They are the people who own small governments in Africa. Who make every decision our country makes. Every person elected war we go to etc. But I highly doubt we know them by name. Zuckerberg is a giant cover. Whether or not his website was made with the intention they say, it no longer has the same innocent motif and if Zuckerberg wasn’t part of the conspiracy, then he was pushed away from the situaation with very little control of the matter.

    Also, the worst part of FB is the mobile app. Next time you go to update it, read the user agreement. It states in plain english that they have the power to see the images your camera is seeing at anytime. Use the audio recoder at any time. See who you call, when you call them, where your gps location is at all times…..You wonder why they’re making money. We are the product. Our control is being sold to the world’s highest bidders who I believe are not on Forbe’s list but much richer than that and much much more powerful.

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