Duran Duran Union of the Snake Illuminati and Reptilian Symbolism

Duran Duran released a song in the ’80s called The Union of the Snake and it raised many questions. It was actually quite controversial (or so the 80s on 8 DJ on Sirius said). I searched around and found a quote from the band about the meaning of the song:

1984 interview with Duran Duran and Simon LeBon was asked this:
Q: “What about the song ‘Union of the Snake’?
A: “I’ll tell ya. The union of the snake is the union of the snake and the man. The snake symbolizes a kind of subconscious power force or strength, and the song is really about the fears of the subconscious mind breaking through to the conscious mind.”

He outright tells you its occult meaning right there. This stuff coincides with David Icke’s discussion on the power of implanting messages into the subconscious and how they can play out it in the Matrix “real world.” The union is the hybridization of reptilian alien beings and the elite human bloodlines of Illuminati. The post that I found the quote above from was a forum thread, and they proceeded to say it was a political statement. That’s pretty ignorant, the guy says it openly and clearly that it’s esoteric knowledge.


Check out the single’s album cover, all seeing eye:


In the video Union of the Snake it features the guys from the band being tracked by a reptilian being across the desert.



And then out of nowhere, a lady in red shows them to a cube shaped elevator (heavy Saturn symbolism with the color red and the cube; although I’m sure every elevator has a cube shape, so that part of the argument is weak).



She leads him underground into what appears to be the lair for these reptilian/human hybrids and we see tattered, abused children. This is part of Icke’s message; these Illuminati types abuse children to ‘feed’ the reptilian fourth dimensional Illuminati beings. The fear and emotion set off by these pre-pubescent children is the ultimate feast for these ‘aliens.’ These reptilian beings have been discussed in Ancient Aliens and even the Bible. The Bible even discusses the abuse and sacrifice of children to the god Ba’al, (the same owl figure seen in Bohemian Grove).



There is also a jester wearing the masonic imagery of a checkered outfit juggling for whatever reason.



Once the character gets down there, a malevolent being is seen and one of the abused children tries to make a run for it and you see the reptilians chase him. The character and the child escape via the cube/elevator and we see them crawling back through the desert. Sparks and showers of flames come from the Heavens and we see the character take a look at them and simply pass out. He comes to the next morning and all he sees is the scepter that the malevolent being underground had, and then hops a ride with a Native American.



The video ends here, with several unanswered questions. There are questions because it’s not meant to be understood by the masses, it’s simply symbolism meant for the initiated to understand, not the layman. Check out the lyrics and see if you can make any sense out of them:

Telegram force and ready
I knew this was a big mistake
There’sa fine line drawing
My senses together
And I think it’s about to break

If I listen close I can hear them singers
Voices in your body coming through on the radio
The Union of the Snake is on the climb
Moving up it’s gonna race it’s gonna break
Through the borderline

Nightshades on a warning
Give me strength at least give me a light
Give me anything even sympathy
There’s a chance you could be right

The Union of the Snake is on the climb
It’s gonna race it’s gonna break
Gonna move up to the borderline


If you’re looking for more 80′s Illuminati symbolism, check out my post about Eurythmics’ Sweet Dreams music video.



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  1. And what about the pale horse at the end…..

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  2. It’s also about the Ouroborous, an alchemical symbol of the Self, and raising the Kundalini.



    And re: the lyrics, nightshade is a deeply magical plant, and the line about ‘give me a light’ could be a reference to Illumination. I also think the line about the ‘voices in your body coming through on the radio’ refers to a state of heightened consciousness of the archetypal collective unconscious when the inner and outer worlds start synchronistically interacting on a much more stimulated and unified level than normal.

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    • A rolling stone is worth two in the bush, thanks to this areltic.

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