Dave Chappelle Africa conspiracy theory video

ConspiracyHQ’s Rob Daven posted an interview with Mr. Gates from Haterazzi.com where Mr. Gates talks about Chappelle’s fast rise to stardom and the conspiracy theory around him dipping out of the states. He argues that Chappelle was told to tone down some his controversial humor, and Chappelle refused. Then the “Illuminati” (my interpretation) put their muscle in and scared the shit out of him, and he rolled over to Africa. Mr. Gates points out that Chappelle could have his choice of any network for a new television show due to the popularity of his show, but he was warned by the Illuminati to lay down on it. The theory is that Chappelle was told by Oprah and others to tone down his racial humor, and Chappelle refused, as he alludes to in the comedy sketch at the end of this video.

Did you ever wonder why Dave Chappelle up and fled to Africa leaving behind a $50 Million contract? Hear what the rumour mill in Hollywood had to say about his sudden departure.

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