Conspiracy Theory Film About Dr. Martin Luther King’s Assassination

Hugh Jackman is will play lawyer and activist William Pepper in a film that alleges that James Earl Ray didn’t actually assassinate Dr. Martin Luther King. The film is title “Orders to Kill”

“What convinces Pepper of the convicted killer’s innocence is Ray’s rendition of the months leading up to the assassination and the obvious discrepancies between his story and the government’s official story,” Helyn Trickey wrote in her review of the book for CNN. “Pepper’s account of the months Ray spent in limbo, traveling across the country at the direction of a shadowy figure dubbed Raul, is reminiscent of film noir movies where the lead is caught in a web of deceit beyond his comprehension.

“Ray believed, according to Pepper, that he was helping to run firearms across the Canadian and Mexican borders in exchange for legitimate traveling papers. Instead, Pepper contends, Ray was handpicked to take the fall in a larger-than-life plan to assassinate King.”

Pepper, who is now 74, believes that government interests wanted King killed because of his opposition to the Vietnam War. He is supported by Dexter King, who believes his father was assassinated by a Memphis police officer.

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