Colorado’s Batman Shooter and MK Ultra Brainwashing


In light of the recent tragedy in Colorado at the Batman shooting, I’d like to explore an unpopular, yet potential possibility for explanation of what happened. I posit that the shooter could be a victim of an MK Ultra style brainwash. I don’t believe this to be true, but for amusement purposes, let’s say it is. The suggestion that one can be brainwashed is explored by many conspiracy theorists and the idea behind is that a program is implanted into a person’s brain (not literally, just figuratively in the form of an idea) and then covered up from the person so they don’t even know it happened. It’s a compartmentalization that puts an idea into a small, blocked off section of the brain. A “trigger” is then provided that opens this little compartment and the person goes into a trance-like state and performs whatever action was implanted. This theory isn’t so far-fetched; it’s derived from the same principle of what happens in a traumatic, shocking event. You compartmentalize it and stuff it into a small corner of your brain because it’s too much for a person to handle at once. The event can resurface later in life from various “triggers.”

A classic sign of an MK Ultra victim is when people are interviewed and say things about how this was so unexpected, etc. Interviews with James Holme’s friends and neighbors say that it was unexpected, and surely his graduate student status wouldn’t show any signs of instability. They said he bought a ticket and sat down to watch the film, but later got up and did we he did. Perhaps there was a “trigger” in the Dark Knight film? He did, in fact just walk out of the theater and when confronted by the police (while he had guns in hand, mind you) he simply submitted. Doesn’t this strike anybody as odd?

One of the conspiracy theories behind the intent of doing such an event would be to push for more gun control laws. I’m not holding a position of whether or not gun control should be tightened up or controlled, but the conspiracy theory is that the lawmakers can push through gun control legislation much easier when a horrific event such as this happens. David Icke would say this a classic example of Problem-Reaction-Solution (if that’s indeed what happened here). The problem is covertly setup by the lawmakers (or whoever), the population reacts with fear and demanding protection, and the predefined solution is given (more legislation). As I’m watching CNN and making this post, the newscaster is talking about how movie theaters will be changing the way they allow people into the theaters because they don’t know how this guy slipped past them with four guns.

MK Ultra is a term used to refer to a covert C.I.A. ran research program that happened in the 1950’s until the ’70s. It tested American and Canadian citizens (unbeknownst to them) and their responses to drugs like LSD, chemicals, torture, etc. The idea for MK Ultra came from Operation Paperclip (an American Intel operation that recruited former Nazi war criminal scientists who had experience with torture and various psycho-analytical experiments). They wanted to develop a drug that could be used as a truth serum, and also to brainwash foreign leaders (for obvious reasons). There are several examples and theories around MK Ultra:

The film, Manchurian Candidate explores this theory of brainwash and control in which a supposed war hero gets brainwashed into assassinating a leader through the subconscious placement of a set of orders. This set of orders is implanted and compartmentalized away from his conscious thoughts. The Queen of Diamonds playing card is the trigger that forces him to play out his autonomous system of assassination, with no control or knowledge of his actions. In effect, he becomes a robot performing a routine with no control or memory of doing such.

Another example of a possible MK Ultra styled assassination is Sirhan Sirhan’s murder of Robert F. Kennedy. Sirhan (who is still alive and serving a life sentence), claims that he was in a hypnotic trance when he fired the weapon.

Sirhans’ lawyer, Lawrence Teeter, who had been trying since 1994 to have state and federal courts overturn the conviction, argued that his client was hypnotized and framed, possibly by a government conspiracy.[19][20] He was granted a June 30 hearing. During the hearing, Teeter referred to testimony from the original trial transcripts regarding a prosecution eyewitness to the attack, author George Plimpton, in which he said that Sirhan looked “enormously composed. He seemed—purged.” This statement coincided with the defense’s argument that Sirhan had shot Kennedy while in some kind of hypnotic trance.

Another notable figure who was a subject in the MK Ultra experiments was the serial bomber, the “Unabomber,” Ted Kaczynski.

The Jim Jones “Jonestown” mass suicide (909 people) in Guyana is rumored to be a test site for the program. I can see the plausibility because of the Cold War scare at the time and Jim Jones’ Communist political views he held.

I’ve been speaking for some time on David Icke and his theories, one of which is this grand unification, global interconnected web that pushes this overall conspiracy theory to various levels at all locations throughout the world. This MK Ultra program was just another example, since the research projects happened at various colleges, hospitals, prisons, and pharmaceutical companies. The MK Ultra files were destroyed in 1973 by the CIA Director in response to the Watergate crisis, and all of the details of the project were brought up through testimonies of those effected and what surviving documents that could be salvaged.

For more information you can look up Project CHATTER and Project ARTICHOKE/Project BLUEBIRD.

Check this video out (and watch Part Two also for Britney Spears’ breakdown, etc.):


And something else that is eery (yet could be construed as another piece in the predictive programming puzzle), there was a comic book from 1986 from the Batman Dark Knight Returns series that had a criminal who shot up a movie theater (albeit a porn movie theater):


And check out this conspiracy theorist’s video in which he says he’s been tracking the devil and how the Aurora shooting was planned by the Illuminati:


Alex Jones posted a video with some of his ideas that this was a staged, false flag event:


I posted about the new Lil Wayne/Big Sean music video “My Homies Still” with its Illuminati and Satanic symbolism. This video came out before the Aurora CO Batman shootings, and there is one scene near the end of this video that depicts a movie theater full of skeletons. They focus on one frame in particular several times in the video before expanding out to the entire theater (at which point the viewer finds the theater is packed with skeletons). What is interesting is that the one frame they show the most has the twelve skeletons in it (twelve being significant because there were twelve deaths in the Batman shooting). Could this be slightly predictive programming? Were the Illuminati trying to tell us what was going to happen (not “us,” but other people in “the know” that could understand a subtle message like this and what it means)? The shooter could’ve been programmed, MK Ultra style and unleashed to fulfill this sick sacrifice for the Illuminati.



Here is a screen capture of a gas canister going off; akin to how the shootings in Aurora went down:


And if you want to go really deep down the rabbit hole, check out this post about mind control.

Lastly, there was also this piece of predictive programming from Batman Dark Knight Rises that has an image of a map that says “Sandy Hook” on it.

Batman Sandy Hook



Strangely enough, we also saw the Sandy Hook predictive programming in Dream House:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Dream House Sandy Hook



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  1. dude there is definatley something weird going on its no conspiracy.. heath ledgers death.. now this.. i definatley beleive you man.. im only 19 and im smart enough to realize this.. everyones going to argue over gun control and blame the media for violent video games.. but there is some messed up government covert ops project going on or something.. by doing this it makes people afraid to go outside and do anything.. there going to create the society right out of the movie!

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    • It makes me happy to see other young people’s minds being freed. Keep doing your research and be weary…not everything you come across is true. But a lot of it is. We all have to wake up. Because they are taking us down in massive numbers. God Bless You.

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      • because of people like you the world cant see trought this courtin of lies and war

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  2. I thought exactly the same as you did re this shooting especially in such an occult place like Denver with that airport. It worries me that he was a good church going guy as a person who tried all sorts of ways to get me shut up tried my going to church to a potential terrorist but this is not allowed under the Mental Health Act in Australia so he and my lawyer (paid) off had to devise other ways but I survived. Sick world and also very sad. May the true killers rot in hell.

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  3. i met as man who was hypnotized. it’s not what you appear to think, but it’s very real. the man i knew went to a very select school in champaign il where the illuminati has a hold. They’ve got their fingers in all our potential great minds. unfortunately, i don’t think the man who did the shooting was hypnotized. I think he was part of the group and “doing his duty to it.” I think you got it in one on gun control, but i think it goes deeper then that. i think they want to cause disasters in public places so they can not only implement more control, but have an excuse to increase the watchful eyes…gotta beware those watchful eyes.

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  4. I think its two birds one stone, new gun laws and a means to end piracy

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  5. “Brainwashing” is very real. If you acknowledged hypnosis was so real that the majority of Americans were hypnotized without knowing it, then you would have to acknowledge that there is a remedy to that. To be free of hypnosis is indepence for oneself and from any other ungodly force. Anyway if any of that sounds right see

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  6. Hello,

    I would like to remind you of the research of the horror/thriller novelist Dean Koontz in his book FALSE MEMORY whereas he shared a discovery he made within his years in University. There where courses that thought Psychiatric’s how to do a ”Memory” Therapy. It was often done with Chinese/Japaneses ”reading them a short haiku” to ‘open’ the ‘programming’ of the hidden key/message/ or per example a ‘DOS’ message encoded within. Then to close them out of the encoding he would reread the Haiku and bring them back to normal. Without knowledge.

    Therefor, the psychiatric could just read the first line of a Haiku. or a similar ‘trigger’ word. And have this person at his bids and or imprinted command.

    Could this be something alike your ‘brainwashing’ Theory. Proven to work. Yet the few ‘public’ figures have proof. Look it up.

    We are

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  7. While I believe it’s completely possible for someone just to feel isolated by society and act out, I have mixed thoughts on this case. It worries me this kid was studying Neuroscience. Add to that all the pepole who say he is a nice and extraordinarily gifted person. I don’t know if there is something nefarious going on, but I find myself here a few days later wondering the same thing as many other people. And that is was this kid somehow brainwashed? I know it could be complete coincidence, but the guy was studying human behavior and why we do the things we do. Maybe is is psychotic and only wanted to prove that human behavior is inherently unpredictable. I’m not sure I can buy that there was a trigger in the movie or theater because he planned this for months, ordering supplies and booby trapping his apartment before he left, taking all the guns with him. But something happened to this guy where his reality was snapped. I would love to know if it is simply mental illness, a brain tumor (Charles Whitman had one in his Amygdala), or if he was somehow programmed to do it. Or maybe he is just an evil asshole. We may never know.

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  8. Search “The Assassin Derren Brown” on YouTube.

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    • I think sheep are more retarded !!!

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  9. You really need to be able to link this to twitter!

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