Batman shooting theory shuts Narrows school down

Batman Map

The shootings in Aurora and Sandy Hook have been theorized to be connected to the Batman: Dark Knight Rises film because both of the terms appear briefly in the background shots of the film. This idea has been circulating around conspiracy theory websites mainly, but now it appears that a school is taking precautions regarding […]

Jay-Z working on Great Gatsby score

Jay-Z and Jeymes Samuel from the Bullitts are collaborating on the score/soundtrack for the upcoming (May 2013) film, The Great Gatsby. Huffington Post has slightly more info, but that’s about it. The film looks good, has Leo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, Isla Fisher and others. Nick Carraway, a Midwesterner now living on Long Island, finds himself […]

Ancient Aliens’ Philip Coppens passes away


In terrible news, Philip Coppens from the Ancient Aliens series just passed away. According to he was hospitalized a few weeks back for a rare cancer but now seems to have passed on to the next life. Philip’s wife, Kathleen McGowan, also confirmed the news on her Facebook page. “My eternal beloved, my grail […]

More Batman Dark Knight and Sandy Hook symbolism


Alex Jones and the Infowars team found several more odd links to this odd Batman/Sandy Hook thing. Some are a stretch (like the 322 and the Masons) but a lot of them are interesting. Hit the link for all of the info and explanations:

Elongated alien skull found in Mexico


Well, depending on who you ask, I suppose. This elongated skull was found south of Sonora, Mexico and many are quick to claim it as extraterrestrial. Most likely it’s just part of the elongated skulls found typically in the ancient societies. Ancient Aliens covers this and claims that it could be a DNA manipulated hybrid […]

Rep. Mike Harris blames Israelis for school shooting

Now this is some wild ‘ish here, but this former candidate for governor of Arizona, Mike Hall went on a news show on PressTV in Iran (see the video clip below-taken slightly out of context, but it seems legit) and claimed that Israel had connections with the school shootings in Sandy Hook- Newtown, Connecticut. I’m […]

Sandy Hook Illuminati symbolism in Batman Dark Knight film


UPDATE 16JUN2013: I just posted about even more symbolism, found in the Daniel Craig film, Dream House. I really didn’t want to dig in on conspiracy theories with this Sandy Hook, CT school tragedy, but now someone managed to find the name ‘Sandy Hook’ on a map in the film Batman: Dark Knight Rises. I’ve […]

Connecticut school shootings and the Hunger Games

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Hunger Games Nazi symbolism

I mentioned the CT Sandy Hook school shootings when it happened and kind of just said it seemed inappropriate to mention any sort of conspiracy theory link. I’m not quite ready to point a finger anywhere, but I did in fact read something on David Icke’s website (that linked to about an utterly amazing […]

PSY’s raps about killing Americans

Rapper PSY (the South Korean pop star that raps the Gangnam Style song) apparently has a severely violent anti-American history in his rap songs. I’m not taking a political stance and saying that I’m pro or anti PSY now, I just found it interesting; especially since PSY has been embraced by us in America, including […]

Connecticut school shooting

The Connecticut school shooting where 20 young children and six adults were killed leaves all of us wondering what would drive the shooter to do such a thing. I explored the subject of brainwashing and MK Ultra in the Colorado shooting, and this Connecticut shooting is sure to draw similar accusations from some of the […]

San Fran and NYC have similar UFO sightings

DailyMail posted about a pair of similar UFO sightings (both caught on video) that were six days apart from each other in San Francisco and New York City. The UFOs have a triangular formation, as seen in the grainy stills of the video. The triangle shaped UFO lights seem the most plausible, based on past […]

Duchess Kate phone prank conspiracy theory

In the now-infamous Duchess Kate and Cambridge hoax prank phone call situation, we have yet another mysterious death surrounding the royal family. The other death occured at the beginning of 2012 at the royal family’s home in Sandringham, where human remains were found on the royal family’s property. The Sandringham case just fell off of […]