Media creatively edits out Sandy Hook hecklers from news (and several other news outlets) posted about this controversial little bit that MSNBC pulled to edit some heckling. There was a father of a victim speaking when pro-gun activists began replying to a seemingly rhetorical questions and MSNBC edited it out. Watch the video and see for yourself, I’m not sure what purpose it […]

Bulgarian assassination attempt caught on video

Unbelievable video clip of a man trying to assassinate a Bulgarian politician live on stage during a speech. The Young Turks covered and even translated some of the Turkish language being spoken. He addresses a possible conspiracy theory related to it, but I don’t know anything about Bulgarian politics so I’m gonna keep my mouth […]

Beyonce responds to pregnancy conspiracy theory

In the February edition of GQ, Beyonce responds to the theory that she was never pregnant: “I felt like I kind of had to protect my mother, because when people made up the silliest rumor about me not really being pregnant, she was there when I went through all of those things. And my sister. […]

Charles Manson set on fire in prison


Manson is rumored to have been set on fire, (I say “rumor” because I only see the one website reporting on it). There’s not much more beyond that as far as details go, I’ll post more when I see it.  

Lone Star College shooting adds to gun control conspiracy

I’m not a real big fan or believer in the Sandy Hook conspiracy, in fact, the only thing that I do question about those shootings was the “SANDY HOOK” placement in the Batman: Dark Knight film (which was the premiere in Colorado that had an active shooter also; very odd coincidence). So now we’ve got […]

Sandy Hook “comprehensive” answer guide

truther_overview-620x412 posted a debunk of virtually all of the conspiracy theories surrounding the Sandy Hook shootings. I give them props for addressing it but some of the answers are far from investigative journalism. For example, when debunking the James Holmes attorney and Sandy Hook mom argument, says: “Not all women with brown hair are […]

Ray Kurzweil Transhumanism agenda to start robot apocalypse

I’m an avid follower of Ray Kurzweil (futurist, inventor, technological genius, etc.) and the fact that he’s been hired on by Google has been catching a ton of headlines. posted an article with the details of what his job will be there, and it doesn’t look good for humanity. He is going to be […]

MILLIONS of dead fish in Japan after UFO crash

A UFO crashed off the Okinawa coast by Japan back in December and there has been speculation that it is even a UFO. posted an article (I’m not sure where they got it; or the validity of it yet) about millions of dead fish that are a result of chemicals leaking from the UFO. […]

Palm Oil Documentary

Food is one the biggest and most provable conspiracy theories we face today. Compared to all the other theories that exist, food is one that we have silver bullets lying all around us. I will be highlighting this topic more in future posts. Palm Oil is being used by the food industry to replace the […]